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No measurable radiation in Southern California from failed Japanese reactors, federal officials say


Federal officials with access to radiation monitoring said Friday they had not seen any signs of radioactivity in Southern California related to the Japanese nuclear crisis.

A United Nations forecast had predicted the radioactive plume from failed Japanese reactors would drift across the Pacific by Friday.

Forecasters explained the plume would lose radioactive force as it traveled and would probably not be detectable by the time it reached Southern California.

The projection made by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization in Vienna is based on patterns of Pacific winds and provided no information about actual radiation levels. It is likely to change if the weather shifts over the next few days.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency operates 124 air monitors across the nation that provide hourly readings of radiation levels. Twelve are 12 stationed in California, including Los Angeles, Riverside, Anaheim, San Bernardino and San Diego.


No increased radiation so far in Southern California

Q&A: Radiation risks and potassium iodide

-- Richard Winton

Map: Austria's Federal Ministry for Science and Research has released this map showing radioactive material from the disaster in Japan moving across the Pacific Ocean toward California.

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Why is the President of the United States clowning around on ESPN and dancing in Rio rather than camping out in the White House Situation Room with a team of experts to at the very least assess the situation (if necessary, independent of the Japanese government) and explain to the U.S. citizenry exactly what is going on?

It's more than obvious – and has been for several days - that the Japanese need help. The level of misinformation alone is a serious problem. But where is Comrade Barry? He can’t be bothered? He has March Madness? He’s on vacation in Rio? What?!

We have nuclear experts as well as military assets scattered all over the world not to mention tens of thousands of soldiers (aka live targets) in harm's way in Afghanistan but when we have a real threat to the United States, Clueless Comrade Barry thinks it time to party? This is insane.

His incompetent Surgeon General is out encouraging people to panic buy potassium iodine pills (which are quite dangerous) while the head of the NRC is saying that’s unnecessary. Help the Japanese? Clueless Comrade Barry can’t even get his own people on the same page. This is our “best and brightest”? Are you kidding me?

If there really is no radiation danger in California, Comrade Barry should postpone his vacation in Rio and find an excuse to spend the weekend in San Francisco or Los Angeles. Remember a few days after the terrorist attacks on the WTC, when President Bush flew to NYC, walked out in front of 50,000 baseball fans and threw out the first pitch in the American League playoff series? It’s called leadership.

Note to Marxist Democrats: There is more to serving as President of the United States than simply being half black and able to pronounce the words “ask” and “bath” correctly.

Note to Comrade Barry: Along with the perks of being President of the United States, come also a few responsibilities. If you're not up to the task, please resign, pursue your celebrity status full-time and let some responsible adult take over as Commander-in-Chief and Leader of the Free World.

Comrade Barry, you really are clueless, The Peter Principle in (Affirmative) Action.

@ Windfall:

You really want to compare leadership, or lack thereof, during times of crisis?

Katrina. Game over.

As far as 'best and brightest' goes, I'm sure your Pailin 2012 yard sign is ready to go.

And you really shouldn't trumpet Bush as a leader during 9/11, the man was a deer caught in headlights. If the U.S. military did not have contigency plans for attacks on US soil, Bush would have sh*t the bed.

Or alternatively, if he'd just read and acted on the briefing he recieved months in advance, he could have prevented 9/11 all together. But yeah, I know how important it was for him to be at his Crawford Ranch, being a real rancher and all.


Windbag... Throwing out the first pitch at a Yankee game is your idea of leadership? Okaaaaaaay. Does "Good job, Brownie" not ring a bell?? And Katrina happened in the US, not Japan, bubba.

We can only assume "Windfall" is disappointed that there isn't any radiation.

Windfall, obviously radiation hasnt nothing to do with your racist agenda. Nice respect for OUR US President. You are probably still upset with Japan over Pearl Harbor too. Can't wait for your next excuse for pointless rants.

Hey Windfall...I bet your beloved Sarah Palin would have the answer...if she knew where Japan was on the map that is.

Note to Windfall. Our president has magic machines called phones, internet, videoconferencing etc. If a president had to be in person for every event (0r non-event such as this), nothing wouldever get done. Its a global mobile world we live in, son, we multi-task now.

Dealing with Brazil is more critical than Libya or this non-issue of no radiation coming from Japan. Know why? Brazil has tons of oil and minerals and resources. Brazil is in the top 2 world exporters of beef,soybeans,oranges, many minerals, sugar, etc. Brazil has one of the most successful economies in the world right now, and their consumer market has expanded astronomically in the last 10 years, and their currency stabilized. i.e. they are going to be one of our most critical import/export partners. Our export economy needs Brazil badly. And guess who ignored Brazil, and stupidly tariffed their imports (which ended up benefiting Asia, Canada and Europe). Thats right, Dummy George W didnt notice a massive market opening up in Brazil for our exports or for our oil and resource needs. Thankfully, Obama is smart enough to recognize Brazil will be one of our most crucial partners for our resources and export markets. Thats why he's there versus panicking over hysteria around a radiation cloud that isnt coming to America

Marxist Democrats? Ha ha ha ha. Im still laughing. Read Marx, you nitwit. Good luck finding any Congressional Democrat (except possibly Barney Frank) even remotely in the same camp as Karl Marx.

Now let's all stop being hysterical, and keep in mind that we absorb more radiation in an x-ray at the hospital or a TSA screening than what is coming from Japan (according to several science reports this week).


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