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Michael Jackson case: Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team grows

Nareg_gourjian A Superior Court judge cleared Dr. Conrad Murray’s defense Friday to add a third member to his legal team.

Judge Michael Pastor said in a written decision that he had found “no real or potential conflict of interest” in allowing a Glendale attorney who had once worked for a lawyer representing Michael Jackson to defend the physician now accused in the pop singer’s death.

The attorney, Nareg Gourjian, was a junior associate in the firm of Geragos & Geragos seven years ago when lawyer Mark Geragos was Jackson’s criminal defense counsel.

Pastor’s ruling came a day after the judge held closed-door meetings with Geragos, Gourjian and Howard Weitzman, an attorney for Jackson’s estate.

“I’m pleased with the court’s finding,” Gourjian said.

Jury selection for Murray’s manslaughter trial gets underway later this month. He faces up to four years in prison if convicted. Jackson died of a drug overdose in June 2009.


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-- Harriet Ryan

Photo: Nareg Gourjian. Credit: Arleen Ng / AP

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May I ask politely and respectfully....
Please don't end your articles with this tag. That phrasing gives a different connotation than Michael Jackson deserves. It makes it sound like he was an addict, and that he it was HIS drug overdose.... when the autopsy results showed nothing but signs of a healthy 50 year old. A better summary line would be to say that Murray (who is the one on trial, not Michael) faces up to four years in prison for negligent homicide of administering propofol (or a mixture of sedatives) to the singer.

This smells. He couldn't find any other qualified attorney? Who's paying for murray's attorneys anyway?

Gourjian's website proudly listed his work with Geragos on the 2005 Jackson case until Murray wanted him; today, his website makes no reference to having worked on the 2005 Michal Jackson case. What are you trying to hide anyway? Of all the criminals (er lawyers) in LA, Murray chooses one who used to work for Michael Jackson and Pastor allows it? No peace, no justice in LA; glad I left.

I agree with Rita, Michael did not die of a 'DRUG OVERDOSE'. He died because a negligent, money hungry excuse for a doctor pumped him with enough propofol to kill an elephant. Stop the meme "drug overdose" without sufficient explanation that this was ruled a HOMICIDE, DEATH AT THE HANDS OF ANOTHER.

Follow the money. How can Murray afford another attorney since he is reportedly broke. Whoever is paying for all this paid to get rid of Michael. Who rescued Murray when his home was up for foreclosure. Who paid for his vacation and who is paying the $1500.00 month for this delay? Who is reaping the rewards of Michael's death. Maybe they want Murray guilty as the scapegoat and they can continue to prosper.

I am stunned! If this move is any indication of what will occur during the trial, I hold very little hope for a fair and just proceeding. And the media continues to begin or end their articles with wording that makes Mr. Jackson appear that he was drug addicted. The autopsy proves that he was a healthy 50-year-old man. His heart, kidneys and liver were normal with no evidence of damage due to drug abuse.

This case is about a doctor who shouldn't be "practicing?" medicine. He was so astoundingly negligent and ill-prepared to deal with the consequences of his actions. All we can hope for at this point is that in spite of adding this attorney to the defense, the jurors will have no difficulty whatsoever in convicting Murray and sentencing him to the maximum sentence of four years in prison.
What a pitiful punishment for taking from us a unique and never-to-be repeated genius humanitarian and consummate entertainer.

Michael Jackson was killed by profuse profol intoxication as stated in the official autopsy report. I sincerely hope this case is tried on fact rather than popular concensus. It seems to be getting off on a sadly familiar footing judging from the last sentence in this article. We will see how far the judicial process has evolved in L. A. and the media the world over. Seems some have forgotten who the victim here was.

this is not it

Ridiculous! Teddy Riley is right...this is all a smokescreen.

I couldn't have put this any better than Susan Trouts comment yesterday!!! Why oh why does this trial keep needing more time??? Its plain to see that this guy they refer to as a Doctor needs locking up!! They have enough evidence to clearly see that Conrad Murray grossly neglected his patient and had no idea how to help him when he most needed it. Instead the world lost an angel and 3 lovely children lost their daddy. There will never be another Michael Jackson. The man was a genius in every sense of the word. God bless you MJ

Just noticed the ending of the article - Jackson died of a drug overdose in June 2009. It should read Jackson died of a drug overdose administered by a doctor he hired to protect him and whom he trusted in June 2009.

This decision is clearly biased against Jackson smokescreen indeed.

It very well could be that Dr. Murray was negligent in his handling of the situation. And he certainly was not licensed to administer propofol. I believe Dr. Murray will ultimately be convicted on a lesser charge, will not do prison time, will keep his license and be forced to do charitable work for the uninsured.

Regarding Michael - love the man and his music. But there is no question HE was HIS OWN enabler. He truly was a drug addict and there is no way around it. When you are getting drugs under false names using your own employees it becomes very evident that there is a massive problem. And I don't think Mj allowed the proper people to intervene in his life. I believe Mj was adversly addicted to himself and his personna. Multiple surgeries attest to that. Once again, love the man and his music. His fortitude to stay at the top of the game is certainly admirable. Unfortunately for Mj this came at a great cost.
May his soul rest in peace.

@Mj you need to read the autopsy report, it clearly states Jackson was a relatively healthy man with healthy and normal heart, liver and kidney. In other words, there was no evidence of long term drug abuse or addiction. You have no idea why he had so many surgeries, nor is it your business, nor does it have any bearing on anything.

There was not enough evidence found to charge any doctor of over supplying him with drugs, there were no pain killers found in his home and certainly not in his body. So it is certainly not very evident that there was any problem other than Murray - you've been reading that media trash again haven't ya! Read the autopsy report, the media lie.

Finally Jackson hired Murray to protect and monitor him and to prevent exactly what happened. Jackson's main fault was trusting Murray.

Michael Jackson spent most of his adult life fending off erroneous and manipulated stories about him. He was bullied continuously, physically harassed by media that he couldn't enjoy the freedoms guaranteed him by the Constitution of these United States. His right to liberty was taken away and when he built a world that he could enjoy without harassment he was called "weird" . This is what WE allowed to happen to him in his lifetime. NOW in his death, the press will be allowed to spew lies with impunity.. there are no laws to protect the dead. The last line of this article says it all. The press will continue their malicious attack on this innocent man ..it is up to his 30 million supporters to stand up and decry it.

Please visit VindicateMJ website and arm yourself with facts regarding Michael, it's time we all stood up and stopped this bullying and abuse by the press.

We also must support Pro-MJ books that are now finally being published. pre order Joe Vogel's - The Man in the Music..

I'm not proclaiming Dr. Conrad Murray's innocense or guilt, however, I DO know that Dr. Conrad Murray must be prepared for the worst case senerio. He should be seeking a certified Prison Consultant that can answer those anxious questions about prison.
Contact: National Prison Coach


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