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Mel Gibson agrees to plea deal on domestic violence charges, avoids jail [Updated]

Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson is expected to plead guilty to a misdemeanor count of domestic violence, a law enforcement source told The Times on Wednesday.

The plea would end a months-long investigation into whether Gibson struck ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

Officials have said that case is closely tied to another investigation into an extortion case involving Gibson and Grigorieva. Prosecutors are still considering that case.

Gibson and Grigorieva also are locked in a bitter custody dispute over their year-old daughter, Lucia.

The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the case is ongoing, said if Gibson does plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge, he would face counseling but no jail time.

The source said the plea could be announced as early as Wednesday.

[Updated at 11:13 a.m.: Gibson’s attorney, Blair Berk, released a statement saying Gibson wanted a quick resolution to the case for the sake of his children and because of the “personal price” he would pay with the media attention that the case would have drawn.

“Mel's priority throughout all of this has been that the best interests of his young daughter Lucia and the rest of his children be put first in any decisions made,” she said in the statement. “It is with only that in mind that he asked me to approach the District Attorney with a proposal that would bring all of this to an immediate end.”]

[Updated, 9:58 p.m.: Other sources close to the case say Gibson will actually plead no contest to the charges. A no contest plea has the same effect in criminal court as a guilty plea.]


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-- Jack Leonard

Photo: Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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Yeah, counseling. Brilliant!

Violence is never the way to solve anything. You'd think he'd know better. I hope they can normalize their relationship for the sake of the child.

Anybody else would have to serve time in lockup. Greed and extravagant wealth is indeed the root of evil.

Well, so much for his handling a gun in any of his movies or otherwise ever again; I hope someone thought that out!

This to all my ex-girlfriends, that thought Mel Gibson was so wonderful.

Twenty years ago I saw him on a set and the way he spoke to a not so attractive woman, insulting her.

They are just actors and some of them are idiots

No jail time? That is so wrong!!!

Hmmm...I have the perfect solution.

Stick Mel, Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan in a single cell with no windows, no furniture (except for a single toilet) and keep them there together for nine months...

Russian mail order brides always win.
Ka-Ching $$$
Oksana is laughing all the way to the bank.

There goes your custody battle.

American justice bought.

From what has been stated in previous articles, Mel Gibson open handed slapped Oksana Grigorieva after she ran over a multi-terraced lawn wildly waving the baby over her head. Mel Gibson flatly stated without any attempt to conceal that he did so because he was in fear the child would suffer from "shaken baby syndrome." If he pleads guilty to the domestic violence offense, then she should be held responsible for endangering the welfare of a child.
Domestic violence advocacy groups for women in California want nothing to do with this woman. Her tales have taken so many different turns that you need a road map to get back to the beginning of where she started speaking.
I hope Mel Gibson the best particularly if it tweaks the noses of those who have been so quick to judge him and his work in the past.

Is this not the same Mel Gibson who made such a big deal about his being a conservative Roman Catholic & his related film? Ah, we are all human; wonder what Mel did today - Ash Wednesday?

Hey manster sounds like you know wherof you speak - how is the grub in the 'bucket'?

There is a word in english that affects actual human beings, its called provocation. Never in these situations is it the naive angel versus devil scenario. Gibson should have known better indeed, he should never have got himself into the situation. The problem is way upstream. This is a symptom of realtionships based on the superficial.Simplistic does not cut it! It does let everyone with a personal beef to focus it though!

Bargained down to a misdemeanor? Celebrity justice. Well done Mr. DA.

Oksana Grigorieva, is mad because Mel wouldn't give into her money hungry greed so she fixed him good. Im am totally in favor of women's right and protecting women against domestic violence, but this is all about money$$$$

The bottom line IS the children and the effect this has on their integrity.
To ask an alcoholic to recieve counseling when he just about could read the principles and the bible backward is feeble.

His a lovely man when sober, especially to those that his contributed personal time and effort helping ; it's the chemical imbalance of the brain and servere allery that has caused his demise. His in serious need of re-education about his dis-ease and its horrific consequences. Good luck Mel please make it this your law - no one can have alcohol in the room , at a table with alcohol on it..a true friend would expect nothing more.

Mr. Gibson you may be close to God; I suggest you please trust in the purpose of your suffering. You have no option to ever raise your hand to a woman.

His friend Cooley gave him a sweet deal as he does all of friends that have money.

I wonder what we all would do if we had a girlfriend who wanted to rip us off and keep our daughters away from us? Just what did she say or do that required her being hit? My guess she deserved it if he did do it but, it does not make it right. It seems however that Mel is giving in and hurting his own integrity.

All of you who are saying that this is because he is a celeb are wrong. DA's make these deals all of the time. It goes down as a win for the DA and saves money for all not going to trial. They don't care about justice, the DA's just want the win on their record. They hold your kids from you to get the plea/win. Most people will plea just to get their life/kids back. We don't know what really happened that day, and it won't go to trial so all you arm chair jurors have no clue what might have really happened.

Mel Gibson - Should watch his own movie..."The Passion of Christ" figure it out Mel.

When will these older men ever learn. These young girls don't love you. They want and love men their own age.

Oksana and Mel would be wise to keep a goodly distance from each other for a decade or so.

When women are battered, no on should expect them to "normalize" their relationship with the batterer. No matter what set Mel into his rages, the physical and emotional boundary violations he perpetuated against Oksana were shocking. If she drives him into that kind of rage, he need to keep his distance. If he poses that kind of danger to Oksana, she needs to keep her distance. Whatever has gone wrong between these people, it's not "normal", and pretending it's normal doesn't make anyone safer.

Hey, it could be worse. He could be Charlie Sheen.

She's guilty of extortion in trying to plunder Gibson for all she can. Gibson is the fall guy in his outrages at criminality in his so-called wife. She should be investigated and possibly face jail or deportation.

I'm hoping someday we will pass a law making GOLD-DIGGING illegal.
Or at least make it officially recognized as a mental disorder, therefore to be considered in all cases like this.

I'm not saying Mel Gibson is perfect, but that woman is a professional con-woman, & used her womb to set herself up with a lifetime of monthly payments.

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