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Mel Gibson case went to prosecutors with no recommendation on possible charges


Mel Gibson and his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, will learn soon whether they will face criminal charges connected to their ugly breakup.

Senior officials in the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office are to be briefed next week on the evidence against Grigorieva, the final step in determining whether to prosecute Gibson for domestic violence and his former flame for extortion, a spokeswoman said.

Grigorieva has accused Gibson of punching her and threatening her with a gun during an altercation at his Malibu home last year. His lawyers have accused her of trying to extort money from him with now infamous recordings of his racist, profane rants.

The Sheriff’s Department conducted separate investigations of the allegations. Detectives finished the domestic violence investigation last summer, but the officers looking into the more complicated extortion matter only recently completed a six-month investigation.

Those investigators presented prosecutors with their findings Feb. 16, but did not say whether they believed the evidence amounted to a crime, said district attorney’s office spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons.

“The investigating officer…was asked specifically and he told us they were presenting evidence to us and it would be up to us to decide what to file against whom,” Gibbons said.

-- Harriet Ryan

Photo: Mel Gibson. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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Oksana already deployed every piece of ammunition possible to score a financial package but extortion doesn't pay. Didn't she see "Ransom"?

If you plug the keyword "gold digger" into the Google search box, Oksana Grigorieva's name is a top ten result. Poetic justice?

"The investigating officer…was asked specifically and he told us they were presenting evidence to us and it would be up to us to decide what to file against whom,” Gibbons said.

Looks to me like the D.A.'s office is trying to cover their collective butts. What happened to the "bone of contention"? Now everybody is joining hands and singing kumbaya? Amazing what a little looking into Cooley's political background and his schmoozing with Grigorieva's lawyers has been able to do for camaraderie. You're not fooling anybody Ms. Gibbons.

"Those investigators presented prosecutors with their findings Feb. 16, but did not say whether they believed the evidence amounted to a crime, said district attorney’s office spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons.

“The investigating officer…was asked specifically and he told us they were presenting evidence to us and it would be up to us to decide what to file against whom,” Gibbons said."

This comes in direct contradictoon wiht TMZ articel on the subjexct same day today, stating that the sherif dptmt and alw inforcement involved in the investigation of the extortion are in conflict with the DA who do not want to charge oksa for extortion, in order to protect his protégé Eric George, long time electorral campaing fundraiser, while the law enforcement are convinced that there is more than enough evidences that an extortion took place.

Eric George is to receive 10% of the total money oksana was indulged into in that agreement, and the fact that she walk aaway after signing it, doesnt free her form paying attorneys george dividencdes in this case.. originaly she wanted 26 Million dollars for herself.. plus child suport, house, and on the side.

Good for Mr. Gibson. I always thought he was a great actor.

This is an oftentimes long drawn out process, the District Attorney will need to review all the evidence and possibly ask the investigators for additional information. It is good to see that progress is being made.

Accusing of committing domestic violence, but instead of reporting to the police for criminal prosecution, attempting to extort Mel for maximum amount of hush money (which is exactly the same as the 48 hours producer that attempted to extort David Letterman by threatening to release Letterman's various relationships with women on his staff - that producer is now in jail) is extortion plain and simple. What that woman did is worse than a woman falsely accusing a man of rape - she got pregnant just to have a child in order to get more $ for child support payments. Mel isn't an angel either, but Mel's problems usually occur when he's drunk and he is a victim of extortion. Her attempt to use alleged domestic violence for leverage in negotiating the hush money proves that the accusations of domestic abuse is false. Prosecute and throw that woman in jail!

From TMZ ..... L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley -- whose office will soon decide the fate of Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson -- attended 2 fundraisers on his own behalf at the home of the lawyer who negotiated Oksana's $15 million settlement ... which is the core of the extortion investigation.

Now this is interesting.....

When lawyers are giving contributions to the DA, there is no incentive to find in favor of justice. Just in favor of clients of the lawyers contributing.

These two psychos, Mel and his merry maiden, should BOTH be deported back to the sewers from which they came.

Well it's nice to see a photo of Mel Gison smiling instead of using photos from
his movies that depect anger. Image manipulation is a low blow.

Mel, ever since your movie, "Passion of the Christ" , you have been through deep deep trials in your life ~ May God bless you, help you,deliver you, heal you,and protect you always~!!!!!

Much Regards ( love n prayers),


ps... when we give account of truth based on facts... not just dogmas... we become sought of "marked" (targeted) by those higher ups on earth(especially those with power and wealth) who do not live by truth, but only seek what please themselves; and also, by those who seek to lure us away through our earthly weakness '( temptation/test) We all fall short of God's glory!! And we all shall give an account for our lives (( rich and poor~ great and least in this life... we all shall give account on that great final day))

Steve Cooley is a good DA because he takes good care of his friends.

Next election will be time to clean house. Get rid of him and anyone associated with him so we can finally see an end to this foolishness.

Mel Gibson more than any celebrity in recent memory has been demonized. Noone deserves that. But it is this media constructed frame of Mel as a"bad person" not the evidence that is driving the wave of public opinion to charge and prosecute Mel.

Bu the prosecution cannot rely on this constructed image. Any prosecution will have to rely substantially on Oksana. She is quintessentially unreliable. She says he punched her but the photos of her appeared doctored. She says he hit the baby but the photo taken days later show no injuries. Oksana said she taped Mel's voice with an app on the iphone without the help of a tape recorder but the app does not work that way. Oksana lived for some time with an ex-felon on her payroll as a "bodyguard." Send in the clowns. There ought to be clowns.

My heart goes out to Mel Gibson. Have any of you ever been in a toxic relationship with one who brings out the worst in you. I have.By nature I m loving , kind , giving and all things great, but once I had a toxic relationship which ripped me to the core. I became a monster and never knew such a beast lived within me. Are all those of you who judge Mel so naive as to believe that this couldn't happen to you. Silly you are!
This man has brought all of us years of wonder, his talent and genius as an actor, producer, director supersedes his nasty break up with a fortune hunting extorter. Please show mercy and forgiveness. To the courts in LA let this thing go so that all parties can move on to a fruitful new beginning.

Those of you who so easily condemn and judge I say shame on you! Mel Gibson does not deserve the horrific condemnation he has received throughout the years. Have any of you who dare raise a voice against him ever had a toxic relationship? Have you ever been brought to the brim of rage and realized that within you lay a monster that you never fathomed existed. Each of us has such a monster who lies dormant within until it is roused by one who reeks havoc upon us. Oksana is a fortune seeker, who has manifested herself into evil purposefully provoking Mel. She set this man up to destroy his soul. She should be exposed. She should stop playing the victim. She is an embarrassment to a real women. Real women have grace and dignity and live in the true light of love and sharing. Put this case to rest! Give Mel equal time with his daughter. He has given us so much pleasure through the years and is one with extraordinary talent. He deserves to be left in peace so that he can move on to heal and begin anew. I for one wish him the best of life and a resolve to this horror.

For you people in California...something to look into. Whether there is a state statute that demands that a state prosecutor remove themselves from a case where there is a conflict of interest, in this particular case Steve Cooley's fundraisers where Eric George appeared and apparently gave quite a bit for the re-election of Steve Cooley and whether the case should be remanded to another jurisdiction for determination of whether there maybe a blatant conflict of interest that Steve Cooley would show Eric George. Using what has been reported here, and the other California jurisdiction under the same California statutory supervision and bound by the same laws and dispensing of justice therein, determine by the investigation of the LASD whether charges should be filed against OG.


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