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Latino population approaching that of whites in California, census data show

The U.S. Census Bureau figures released Tuesday show that over the last decade, the percentage of Latinos has approached parity with non-Hispanic whites — 37.6% to 40.1%, with Asians at 12.8% and blacks at 5.8%.

California grew by 3.4 million people in the last decade, a rate that was on par with the national average.

The data released Tuesday showed that much of California's growth was fueled by Latinos, who saw their numbers increase nearly 28% to 14 million, and Asians, who saw a nearly 31% gain to nearly 4.8 million. The two other major demographic groups were in retreat: Non-Hispanic whites declined more than many demographers had predicted, dropping 5.4% to just under 15 million. The number of blacks declined nearly 1% to nearly 2.2 million residents.

Though most parts of the state added population, growth was greater in the interior and more anemic along the coast.


Census sheds light on housing boom

Political power may shift from coast to inland

Riverside County's population jumped 41% in last decade

-- Seema Mehta

Image: The map shows shifts in population in California, with inland areas in green gaining residents. These shifts will be addressed as California's 53 congressional districts are redrawn and inland areas of California gain districts.

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I don't think it is fair to include all the illegal aliens in the population numbers. Take them out and the California Latino population drops by half.

The birth rate for Caucasians in California is only 1.8, which isn't enough to sustain the Caucasian race. As a result, only 28% of California schoolkids are white while 50% are Latino. In 10 years California will be Mexico.

Thank God.

White Folks have to keep in mind that they are an anomaly here in North America.

In California the white population was been a majority only for 125 years,( a tiny bleep in California's human historical record) by snuffing out the native Latino population by land theft, institutionalized racism and apartheid practices.

For millennia before California was always native based.

This news would be more startling if this demographic shift had occurred in white ancestral lands in Britain or Ireland.

We have nobody to blame except ourselves. We created laws to provide section 8, food stamps, free medical, free school, free lunch and free everything to illegals. No other country is that stupid. We keep electing the same people that give till we go bankcrupt.

Well mike Mexicans are just taking back what was once theirs, funny really.

Makes one wonder, if all the illegal aliens were removed, how many Latinos would be left? A lot fewer, I'd wager.

How is it possible to count the number of Latinos in California when the census does not allow for Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, etc. Check out your census form. I refused to count as "other" on the form and the census taker told me Latino was not recognized.

Naive Duped Tax Payer: Do you understand that white people are the ones using these services the most? What is their excuse? White people are Healthy and without the language barrier. Welfare and free services for these people are a waste of money.

Latino's are a wonderful people, whose history is culturally rich. They are a hardworking group too. It is not surprising their numbers have grown in California. The Catholic Church, the Democratic party, and many others have helped to welcome them into the United States, with special programs for Spanish speaking children in our schools and other taxpayer supported programs to help Latino families. Additionally, the Federal government has not been effective in preventing illegal immigration of Latinos into the U.S., or any other people for that matter. Enforcement efforts of Immigration law, coded in USC title 8.0, have always been half-hearted, sporadic, and really just a joke. Plus, the Latinos have cleverly and politically out-maneuvered and frustrated any efforts to control their mostly illegal invasion here. Nobody should be surprised that census figures show how much larger Latino numbers have grown in California. We only have what we have encouraged! What we have done works! Success! No te preoccupes!

Correction, it was not Mexico's land in the first place, it belong to us Native American people.

Latinos occupied the US for barely 20 years. The Spaniards were here much longer but not in any significant numbers which is why the Latinos were able to take it from them. If the rules stated you own anything that you walk over then Dave T would be correct.

They only thrive here because off all the free housing, medical care, schooling, food stamps and the like. The Latino population isn't booming like this in Mexico or other Latin Countries. Just here with all the handouts.

Hah, California's best days are clearly long gone. As this state becomes more and more like Latin America (read: corrupt and economically stagnant), I wonder if the irony will be lost upon the migrant population who fled here from their nations of origin.

everyone is missing the real question here...CAN WE BUILD ENOUGH PRISONS TO HOLD THEM ALL!!! CAN WE BUILD THE PRISONS FAST ENOUGH? count the gangs...specializing in human traffiking...prostitution...drugs...not to mention the graffiti that will soon be in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD...

What else is new? In other news racism still exists and religion still fuels hatred.

If any of you have ever lived in an area/region where 'whites' make up 80 -90% of the population....THAT, is boring! I grew up back east at a time when there were ONLY blacks and whites. Coming to California was more, much much more than an eye opener...it was Disney-esque's Wonderful World of COLOR! Initially, it was Japanese and Chinese, with a few Latinos. But in the 80s, onward, came the Persians, Lebanese, Thais, et. al.......wow! To live in a multicultural kaleidoscope, is simply breath-taking!! And of all the people, I do love the Mexicans....no matter how poor, how hard they HAVE to struggle, they most ALWAYS have a smile. Sadly, we CANNOT afford more amnesties and support the ENTIRE nation of Mexico, on OUR BACKS. I fully support PAST amnesties, but we will vote against EVERY politician who tolerates this obscene injustice!

I'll be glad when whites are officially the minority, then we can't be blamed for everything anymore. Plus, in a sea full of black haired, brown eyed people.. my dirty-blonde green-eyed boys are gonna get all the ladies! :)

I wish this didn't matter. I wish this world would just open its' eyes and realize that we are all just simply part of the human race.

I can't wait to see how California will look in another 20 years. Look how prosperous Mexico is today and that's what we have to look forward to!! Yipee..

Love how they did the map--various shades of BROWN!!

The sooner we all get our races mixed together the better we'll all be. Brown will eventually be the color of us all and it won't be called Latino. It will be called AMERICAN. Oh wait, they were here already....the SIOUX, CHEROKEE, MICCOSUKEE. one big rotation back to where we started.

I think it's interesting how articles like this reveal people's true feelings. When my conservative friends try to convince me racism is a thing of the past, I can point to articles like this and the comments section where the most racist and xenophobic can let their true feelings be known. As a 1st generation American of Mexican descent, let me clue you in a little secret....We're not going anywhere. Plenty of room in Montana, Arizona, etc...Feel free to leave anytime.

The government probably spent 100 million dollars to figure out there are a lot of Mexicans in California. Really? As Charlie Sheen would say.. DUH!

Racism goes both ways Alec.

What this really is about is keeping people in ignorance. If you are here, as a legal u.s. citizen then you are an American, no other titles needed. You are not latino, mexican, native, african, or asian. We are all Americans.

When I was a boy, my grandpap used to tell me things work because we all work together. As long as we continue to allow the government to tell us we are different and need be treated different we all lose.

As for the illegal immigration issue, this is history repeating itself. Before it was the Irish, before them it was the Italians, and before them it was the Spanish invading the tribal lands of the American people. Illegal immigration hurts everyone. I.I.'s have to turn to crime, because they can not legally work, or work for very low wages. I've lived in South Central L.A. my whole life. I opened up a small liquor store only to be run out by what I was told was the Mexican Mafia. When I called the police they told me "it's better to move on, than fight them." Since then I've received death threats, my home has been vandalized, and burgled.
Is this the type of people you are so proud to belong to, Alec? Is this the people who are not going to leave? If so, then you can have it.
I can't live in a state that refuses to acknowledge a problem because someone might get their feelings hurt.

We have known this for years, so it is old news. The illegal aliens should NEVER be counted since they are not citizens.

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