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Dozens of drivers cited for using hand-held cellphones, texting in police crackdown

Texting_while_driving_2 Glendale police issued 66 citations to motorists over the weekend for using hand-held cellphones while behind the wheel. Another eight motorists were cited for texting while driving, while five others were cited for speeding and other road violations.

“It’s getting quite prevalent,” Sgt. Dennis Smith said of distracted driving. “I think we need to do something to stem the tide.”

In most stops during the operation, the motorists admitted to talking on the phone while driving. The motorists face a $145 fine for the citation.  The operation was funded through a $254,795 state grant aimed at decreasing the number of distracted drivers.

Police have also deployed electronic signs displaying the messages “Hang up and drive,” and “Talk, text, ticket,” on Brand Boulevard.

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CHP in Orange County cracks down on drivers violating hands-free cellphone law

Woman insists she was not texting when she fatally struck 80-year-old pedestrian

--Veronica Rocha, Glendale News-Press / Times Community News

Photo: Driver texting while driving in 2008. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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Good, maybe stiff fines will keep someone from getting killed, including those who do the texting!

One patrol car should be stationed inconspicuously near any intersection, with dash cam on. A second unit should pursue the offender who 1) did a "California stop" where the vehicle didn't really stop but rolled through the stop sign; 2) drove through a crosswalk while someone was in the crosswalk; or 3) was using a cellphone.
The two operating patrol units should vary their locales every couple of days. The City could make millions of dollars a week.
The next thing the automotive industry should provide is a device that detects a cell phone operating within 2 feet of the steering wheel, at which time a red dash light and warning buzzer goes off, 10 seconds before the engine stops.

Confiscate the phone if stopped using one.

I agree with Lexusry's comment totally, however the fine is too cheap. Make it $250 for first offense and 1pt on your CDL . Then this talk/text issue will stop!
Also, wireless carriers need to be proactive against this issue in their numerous
print, TV and billing. CHP could utilize those freeway electronic readerboards
to spread the word as well.

wow, so a cost of almost $4000.00 per ticket issued, just another case of grant scam. The reality is that cell phone use while driving is the 3rd or 4th leading cause of minor accidents, the top are Kids in cars, eating in cars, and large display aftermarket stereo systems. Except for a very few high profile cases cell phone distracted accidents are usually minor fender benders, a boom to the auto insurance industry because they can raise your premium, but the damage is usually less than the deductible so they do not pay out for repairs.

Great that there is a crack down on drivers using their phones when driving. My question is why do we need a grant
for this. I believe we are paying the traffic officers now
for giving citations for drivers using their phones.
The money from the grant could be used keep the fire houses open and for more police officers

I was seriously injured by a driver on the cellphone.
Fines don't seem to work as I constantly see drivers on the phone.
Make the consequences similar to a DUI, that will stop it.
Every accident investigation should include a summons of cell phone usage records. Drivers found to be on the phone at the time of the accident will be held at fault.

Some of those cops are just looking to write tickets for cash. I got a ticket for texting and driving when my cellphone was zipped up in my backpack in the back seat of my car!

I got pulled over and the sherrif wouldn't even speak to me until he wrote the ticket. Since he had already written the ticket so he couldn't tear it up when he searched my backpack and found it far out of reach.

I'm all for catching the offenders but these "crackdowns" are ridiculous.

only 66 people busted over the weekend? I would think the number would be quite higher.....

What about the jerks driving with high beams on?
What about the slow drivers?

Seriously police are wasting valuable crime time to write out Cell Phone infractions? What a joke, no wonder our state is broke.
The police force needs to re-examine its priorities. Enough giving out cell phone tickets, entrapment prostitute traps, speed traps and marijuana enforcement. The police should be arresting real criminals, not giving tickets out to people on their cells. There should be a completely different group of people enforcing cell phones and driving and the police should not be one of them. Real cops go after serious crime. Fake cops go after stuff like this.

Wow only 66 citations. Their not doing their job. you see that many easy in one hour. Most of the time the California stop and talking on the cell phone go hand in hand. Try that opperation in Burbank and you could write that many cites in an hour easy.

I don't approve of this sort of thing.

I don't think the penalty is enough. I'm really tired of trying to avoid people who think the cars just drive themselves so they can talk on the phone or text. Distracted driving is really closer to reckless driving and the fine should be at least $500 for the first violation and up.

In Los Angeles high fines or treating text/on phone as a DUI will not stop people. If that was the case no one would be drinking and driving.

If you really want to stop it, ban them from driving. This means no driving to and from work. Force them to take mass transit for those five years. In a city like LA where so many people's identities are tied to their auto, this would curb it in a heart beat. For those that say mass transit doesn't work in LA I took it for 37 years of my life with, granted it does hinder the "All about ME" lifestyle.

Really scares me seeing people talk on cell phones, including cops

I got it! drivers with Multiple Offenses, they should ban them from owning any type of Cell Phone. Playstation bans players from Online services if they hack their Ps3's Cops should ban people from owning Cell phones.

this is not about safety.its about money.if you cant drive and talk you should be in a car.grow up and learn to take care of yourself.meanwhile all this money is going to pay pensions.its time to wake up Calif

next they will tell you you cant listen to your radio or change the station or have your ipod in your car. im all about safety but lets start with the illeagals driving and the old people and unlicesed drivers

It really irks me that the cops have to go after the regular Joe Blow when they really should be going after the real criminals. But, having said that I don't mind these cell guys getting a ticket at all they just don't need a grant for it. It is after all already the law and the state is broke.

When was the last time you looked inside a police car? There is nothing but distractions there. These tickets are revenue raising ventures only.

I find it disgusting the number of people I see who continue to talk on cell phones while behind the wheel. Publicly breaking the law. Makes me want to scream "Get off the phone and drive!" I've also seen an increase on the number of cars with tinted windows. An apparent attempt to hide the fact that they are talking on a hand held phone. Thought tinted drivers windows were illegal too??

Banning cellphone users from driving is a ridiculous suggestion. Higher fines need to be imposed.

Maybe if you let us talk on our phones we wouldnt be texting. It's a big mistake in the decision to ticket drivers using cellphones, they will now more then ever text which in return is hurting people. Do they really think californians are going to obey this hands free law? Pleeeaaaase!

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