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Details of LAPD fatal shooting in Westlake revealed

Click to read commission report A day after the Los Angeles Police Commission concluded that a police officer was justified when he fatally shot a drunk, knife-wielding man on a busy street corner, the oversight body released a detailed report that further elaborated on its decision.

The 21-page report offers details of the killing of Manuel Jamines, which triggered days of unrest and rioting in the Westlake neighborhood where the shooting occurred. It includes accounts of the slaying from three officers who went to the scene in response to a public-disturbance call, as well as several eyewitnesses.

Much of the report focuses on Officer Frank Hernandez, who shot Jamines. Hernandez told investigators that as he encountered Jamines he "moved onto the sidewalk, getting to within 10 feet of [Jamines], and yelled, "Drop the knife, drop the knife right now or I'm going to shoot you." According to [Hernandez], [Jamines] stopped, turned toward [Hernandez] and stated in Spanish, "Kill me, [expletive]. Kill me. I want to die, [expletive]. Kill me. Kill me."

Read the entire report here.


LAPD prepares for reaction to ruling on shooting of day laborer

Cousin of laborer fatally shot by LAPD officer calls on protesters to rally peacefully

Activists protesting ruling in fatal shooting draw small crowd in Westlake neighborhood

-- Joel Rubin

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So, "suicide by cop" is justified, right?

Too bad the police only use deadly weapons.

It still just doesn't seem right. Three trained officers couldn't have kept him at bay for mere minutes until back up arrived with non-lethal bean bag guns and such, and simply a greater officer presence?

What makes me more suspicious is a similar shooting happened not long after, by patrol officers with a car. The bicycle officers said they couldn't react as they would have had they had a patrol car, with more equipment. But then the patrol car officers shot before calling for back up, before attempting non-lethal methods first to subdue their suspect.

I read all 21 pages because I found all the details and different accounts very interesting. I'm relieved those officers were there at the right time to protect the people this man was threatening. So many witnesses came forward, so I hope the community will realize this man was a serious threat. Two additional people from the community came forward AFTER the shooting as witnesses for OTHER crimes, which showed a history of violence and public drunkenness. He threatened them w/ a knife in that same area within 2 months leading up to this incident.

His blood alcohol level was 0.30%! Holy cow, he probably was about to black out. No wonder he couldn't even walk straight.

Although I agree with the report, that the officer didn't have to shoot him in the head. However it was still considered within police policy, since LAPD officer's life was in immediate danger and there were so many people close-by, he was afraid a shot to the chest would go through his body and hit someone else.

This is ridiculous. All police officers know is how to point and shoot. To Serve and protect? Yeah, right. If three police officers could not simply disarm a drunk guy with a 3-inch knife, then what have they been trained for? Wearing sexy uniform with a big gun? I think there are better ways to spend taxpayers money.

So then Hernandez was obliged to do it, one less Central American right Herrrnandesss?

Did the LAPD look into the possibility of inter-latino racism? The other cops also did not react int the same manner as this Hernandez cop that had a history of trigger happy solutions to confrontations.

Some one screaming like that is going through a crisis of some sort, an emotional crisis and needs help. Probably guilt ridden over something as that community is very , very religious.

Suicide by cop,next.

Calling a couple hundred members of the Socialist Workers Party throwing bottles at some cops a "riot" is definitely overstating the case. A small melee by the SWP & their Marxist/anarchist buddies is clearly NOT the "popular uprising" that the leftist LA Times reporters trump it up to be. That includes this sensationalistic article above...

Why did the cop-bashing author of this report not mention any of the incriminating testimony of EYEWITNESSES, like the PREGNANT WOMAN that this drunken thug THREATENED? She is the one who reported this thug to the cops in the FIRST place...

A one sentence report- "Dude had a knife, failed to comply with the officers instructions in English and Spanish, lunged at the officer which prompted an immediate response in the use of deadly force."

Questions? How many millions of dollars was spent to come up with the Board's conclusion as compared to my sentence?

I find it interesting the LA Times puts out all this information. It would be great if you put the same amount of effort and reporting when one of our LAPD Officers is assaulted, shot, or killed in the line of duty. Why is it when a illegal immigrant community speaks out you fold and cater to them. Yet, when something happens to one of our LAPD Officers you give it little coverage and report as if it doesn't matter? Why didn't you get opinions throughout the City not just in Westlake. We pay taxes and vote and are entitled to have our voices heard. You only reported on the radical protesters in Westlake.

Like, why couldn't the shoot the knife out of his hand? I man in head, really? I've seen it in the movies thousands of times. Inter-racism. Ok! I just would've shot his thumb so he couldn't properly hold the knife. That's an easy shot on a drunken, moving target.
I'm sorry. Please overlook my sarcasm. He made his bed, now he can forever lay in it.

Yeah, inter-latino racism should've been the first thing they considered...had to be that. Ridiculous comment.

Good, I hope now this is over. Our police have spent enough time defending themselves from those who will fault them, regardless, or think they've seen enough Law and Order to know how officers should've responded.

Some of these comments are amazing. "Why didn't they do this ?...Why not that ?... sure are a lot of "experts" out there. And, if the officers hadn't done anything quick enough, and an innocent person was injured by the man with the knife, the complaints would have been, "Why didn't they do something quicker !?" Maybe if some of these complainers became cops we could all marvel in their skill at handling situations like this, that develop in seconds, with their own demanded results.

If they think Guatemala is so great that they have to tromp around with that flag...just go back there...I am sure its safe in G-Town now anyways.

Inter-latino racism? Why not shoot the knife out of his hands? There are way too many stupid people in this world! Good work Ofcr Hernandez.


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