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Coach arrested on charge of assaulting a student in L.A. high school locker room

A Los Angeles high school coach faces charges of allegedly attacking a student in a locker room.

Jorge Chavez, 33,  was arrested March 1 and charged with felony assault before being released later in the day, with his bail set at $50,000. Pending further developments, he's been reassigned to a noncampus job, a district spokesman said.

Photos of the student reportedly show a large welt on his face allegedly caused by Chavez's kicking, the district official said. Chavez is 5 foot 8 and weighs 210 pounds, according to Sheriff’s Department booking information.

Chavez had been at the school, Bernstein High in Hollywood, for just six days before the Feb. 28 altercation.

He had previously been a teacher at Nimitz Middle School for four years, followed by a temporary position elsewhere from late October 2010 to mid-February 2011, district records indicate.


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I'm sorry...he KICKED a kid?

What, was a defenseless woman or puppy not available?

Dude, if this indeed happened, and I know that LA Teachers' Union will do everything they can to defend you, so you can keep your job...good to know the Union has the kids' best interest in mind here....you need to, oh I don't know, feel free to exercise some self control and go get the school security or maybe another teacher to help subdue the kid....did this guy get his teaching credential from the LAPD Darryl Gates College of If I have to say it again you're gonna feel it?

There goes a career because of lack of control. What a shame!

Just another wonderful member of the Teacher's union caring about children? Why is someone like this put in a 'non teaching position'? You don't need a trial to figure out when someone should be fired. If the guy kicked the kid he should be fired on the spot, not reassigned with pay. Oh, I forgot, this is what the call collective bargaining rights. No wonder the Governor of Wisconsin wants to do away with them.

Guaranteed the kid deserved it.

Probabaly was the last straw for the coach.

Kid comes from a broken family that know's no discipline tactics. No strcuture at home, doesnt know how to respect his elders.

I'm sure there's plenty of teachers out there that would do the same thing.

The kid made him do it.

Folks should be careful to jump to conclusions. Obviously, you can only react to what is presented in the paper but, again, not all of the details are being presented here. Very irresponsible reporting by the Times here. For instance, nothing is mentioned that the student in question has a history of aggression and provoked the fight. So another way of looking at this is self-defense.

Too much ' machismo ' in that group.

Some students NEED a good kick.

It's a pity it came to such violence--if it is true. However, the kid may have pushed too hard. When boys are bad, a good whuppin may be the best thing, preferably with a paddle. I believe that aggressive boys who disrupt school should be hit hard on the posterior in a safe way. It's better to have a coach or a dean give the pain when the kids are minors than to wait for the miscreants to get a thrashing in the county jail when it may be too late. Corporal punishment often works on those of us who are out of control in schools.

Was it a Randy Orton type of kick? I wonder if he did the Cena, "You Can't See Me" afterwards. lol!

Only so much an adult can take at times. I see how rude these kids can be on the train.

What sport did he coach?

"A Los Angeles high school coach faces charges of allegedly attacking a student in a locker room."

I don't think he works at Los Angeles High School, the reporter should have said, a coach from LAUSD high school.

maybe they were "just foolin' around"....boys will be boys

was he a coach or teacher, very different positions. If he was a pe teacher he should be called that not a coach. No excuses to hit a kid, unless its self defense, no one should jump to judgement, we dont know what the student did, i doubt the teacher just kicked the kid for no reason. but again as adults and educators, u need to know when to stop remember u are the adult, and get yourself out of that situation as soon as possible, call for help,

How times have changed. In the 70's, my brother got beat with his coach's paddle in the locker room. LAUSD high school in the SF Valley, right in front of everyone. He made the mistake of complaining to our father, who went down to the school, talked to the coach and was satisfied that the coach had acted appropriately. My brother still tells people this story - our father came home and whipped him with a belt for lying about what had started the whole incident between him and the coach. It was the first and only whipping he ever got in his life.

Not enough information is presented to make a decision. Those who jumped to a conclusion here are definitely guilty, though.

If he attacked a student, he should lose his job. But if there are things we don't yet know, we should withold judgement until all facts are in. Not defending a teacher attacking anyone ever, just saying give it a few days till all the dust settles.

A kid is assaulted and some folks don't give his well-being a second of thought, but instead can't wait to twist the situation to promote their agenda. People are really going to make this an issue about the union? You'd think folks would realize by now that there are dirt bags in all walks of life. Priests, doctors, politicians, corporate presidents, financial execs, fathers, mothers, grandmothers.... you name it.

A lot of the rush to judgment here is premature. Worst of all is the new Katy Perry song I Kicked A Kid And I Liked It.

What jumps out is that this guy was shuffled around the district to two other schools in the last year or so. The district obviously couldn't fire him, so he got moved around. Sounds like district is taking pages from the Mahoney playbook.

Not enough information for a decision here. Nonetheless, restraint of violence by an adult on a child should be upheld. I don't care how rude or awful the kid may have been, it's not a right to kick anyone - of course, if more information reveals self defense, then that needs to be addressed. Further info needed.

Scoreboard! Scoreboard!

Teachers of CAUSD One! Students ZERO!


In these days of Gloria Allred justice, the little brat probably got yelled at by the coach, went and had one of his friends hit him, and then went and reported it to the police. Guilty til proven innocent.

I grew up being whipped and beaten by teachers in school and despite the fact that some teachers went a bit too far, I think I grew up fine and was respectful to my elders which has benefitted me in life.
The problem with students today is that they don't get any beatings.

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