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Chris Brown goes on rampage at 'Good Morning America' after he's asked about Rihanna beating case

R&B singer Chris Brown appears in court with his attorney Mark Geragos, left, for a probation progress report hearing on Feb. 22.

Chris Brown went on a rampage on the set of "Good Morning America" after being asked about the criminal case against him involving ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

The outburst comes less than a month after a judge in Los Angeles praised Brown and downgraded a restraining order issued against him after he hit Rihanna.

ABC News reported that Brown smashed a window at the studio after ABC News anchor Robin Roberts asked him about the criminal case. 

"Once backstage, according to insiders, Brown stormed into his dressing room and started screaming and tearing the room apart," ABC reported. "Workers in the building called security. Before they arrived, insiders say Brown smashed a window in his dressing room, with the glass shattering and falling onto 43rd and Broadway."

R&B singer Brown had completed a court-mandated domestic violence education program in January.

Brown was sentenced to the 52-week program, along with five years’ probation and 180 hours community service, after pleading guilty in August 2009 to felony assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna after a party.  

At a hearing in February, Judge Patricia Schnegg commended Brown on his progress but noted that she wanted input from Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, before making a final decision on whether to lift the restraining order.

It's unclear whether Brown's actions Tuesday would affect his criminal case.
When asked about the case on "Good Morning America," he said only: "It's not really a big deal to me now, as far as that situation. I think I'm past that in my life."


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--Andrew Blankstein and Shelby Grad

Photo: R&B singer Chris Brown, right, appears in court with attorney Mark Geragos for a probation progress report hearing Feb. 22 in Los Angeles. Credit: David McNew / Getty Images

Here is video of Roberts' interview with Brown:

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Kinda reminds me of a young O.J.

This guy is overrated and a loser. What next? He shot someone? Don't buy or listen to his GARBAGE!!

Why do people engaging this man in conversation? He has no talent, contributes nothing to the betterment of society and obviously can't handle the pressures of fame and responsibilities of adulthood. In the grander scheme, he matters not. Let's move on to something more newsworthy, hopefully eschewing theatrics.


DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!!! I can behave anyway I want because I am a rapper.

I had to watch the clip again and I'm even more convinced that Chris Brown is so infantile, so despicable and so predictable. His mannerisms and reaction only serve to reinforce my belief that he is devoid of decorum and redemption.

So after watching the video, while I cant condone his off the camera actions I can understand them. This guy agrees to the show to for Music for his "ALLLLLLBUM". Robin Roberts tries to pursue a story that is irrevelant to his visit. If I came to approach you about the job your doing (the one youve been busting you butt of for) only to bring up how horrible you were two years ago. I am sure you may have a little bit of a problem as well.

They (ABC) shouldn't have the cowardly thug on. They are part of the problem.

. . . SHE'S ONLY 23. And she is doing better than ever. Billboard, World Music, two Grammys, an International star, top tens in TEN COUNTRIES, an honorary cultural ambassador for Barbados, and looking FABULOUS on the cover of Vogue.

Top of charts in Australia, No. 1 in UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Switzerland. Last year, two Barbados Music "Song of the Decade" and "Entertainer of the Decade" awards. Named "International Female Artist of the Year". Collaboration EMINEN: NO. 1 in U.S., Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden. Tour with KANYE, a statute in the Wax Museum. A book deal, a film deal, a fashion deal, a perfume deal. Her fifth top-10 album, an NBA halftime performance. She’s on every international MOST GLAMOUROUS list you can find.

GEE. NO WONDER HE’S MAD – (And I DO mean M-A-D.)
THAT'S what makes this coward/"I beat WOMEN" so angry.

Who cares, what about charlie sheen, and the millions he's making to act like a fool. Not to mention, he got offered his job back.

What about Charlie Sheen? He has actually contributed to the quality of the work he's involved in and has been in movies and on television for decades...so at least he has earned the right to ask for redemption. What has Chris Brown done but make a sad attempt at being a singer?

Congratulations to Robin Roberts for pushing someone over the edge, it was pretty clear, Chris Brown was there to promote his new cd, and all she kept talking about was the incident, bravo Ms. Roberts for a job well done. He kept trying to move forward but she instigated the interview, if I was Chris I would of snapped to, he did his community services, he everything he was suppose to do, leave the poor guy alone. If everyone has to talk lets talk about Rihanna, the way she dresses, she has no class, it's trashy she is an accident waiting to happen again. Girl some clothes on. Chris Brown, sir I give you credit for moving forward, sorry you have to deal with idiots..Robin Roberts screwed up your interview, you were just interviewed by the wrong person.. Good Luck with the new CD Chris!

Pray for Chris Brown Y'all, This young man is trying to do good and make better steps in his life. Robin, your jobs is to ask questions, But, when you realize a kid is irritated leave it along and make him comfortable. 2 years ago and you want to ask him questions likes it happen yesterday. Shame on you Robin for not doing your job and not being sensitive to this young mans trials and tribulations.

I think that she should have not even mentioned about his past .. Like he said its all about his new album thats coming out. She was wrong to keep talking about his past.

My heart goes out to Rhianna and Chris the media should leave that situation alone and let them heal. Chris is right about Charlie Sheen he has actually shot one of his exes and everything is a ok for him. Rhianna and Chris's appereance and behavior speaks volumes of how much torment they are in. They are in my prayers.

I totally agree with 2threwwitit. I saw the interview and can truly understand his rage. He was on the show to promote his new album not beat an already dead horse. I was uncomfortable with Robin's line of questioning and Chris was very evasive when asked,not once, but several times. He deflected the questioning and she kept on asking him the same thing and he kept giving her the same evasive answer. It was obvious that he was uncomfortable. I remembered thinking that I would never watch this show again. I hope he dosen't end up in jail again. There are so many abusive entertainers that have their exploits plastered all over creation; yet they seem to get that Old Good Boys Pass reserved only for them. I say to Robin you may have won some but you surely have lost one fan. ME... If you want to go after someone go after the adults who should know better...Not the young man who served his time and is trying to move on with his life and career.I decline to name those entertainers I'm referencing; however I've yet to see Robin interview any of those entitled one's. Not to mention the fact that one of which has been rewarded for his ignorant behavior by offering him his job back. Oh Robin where are you on this issue.???? Oh, and Chris Brown need never to perform on that awful "Dancing with the Stars". It's beneath him. I, will never watch that show again either. Just one person's opinion.

You can say that it's been 2 years and he's "done his time," that he is justified in being upset by Robin's questioning, that Robin's question was obnoxious and annoying, and that he's a wonderful performer.

But if you think this incident, coupled with his other violent rage isn't indicative a problem which has not yet been corrected you are sadly mistaken.

This young man needs help, and those who ignore it are only feeding his further destruction.

Way to go America...keep buying this idiots albums and making him rich. The guy is a loser and belongs behind bars.

Hard to take seriously channel who keeps inviting felon to their show and giving him free publicity. I mean, they show domestic violence does not matter, welcome to show!

Hes human everybody gets mad someday? Every body has those days. Everybody makes mistakes. everybody knows what im talking about. Nobody's perfect!!! Lol

I kind of understand where he came from but I do not agree with the smashing of the windows because somebody below the dressing room could have been hurt by the broken glass. If I was Chris Brown I would have just said politely that I didn't want to talk about the situation and that I still felt guilty or sorrow for what I had done. If I was to get mad, I would have walked out of the studio withing saying anything.

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