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Charlie Sheen's behavior cited in restraining order obtained by wife


Charlie Sheen's estranged wife obtained a temporary restraining order against the actor Tuesday, prompting her representative to collect the couple's children from Sheen's home.

Read the restraining order Law enforcement sources said Brooke Mueller got the order after presenting evidence about Sheen's behavior over the last few days. The Associated Press said she cited threats he allegedly made against her recently.

The Los Angeles Police Department monitored the exchange of the children Tuesday evening at Sheen's home along with a Mueller representative, who took the children. LAPD sources emphasized that officers did not take the children and that there was no report of the kids being endangered.

Tuesday night, Sheen tweeted: "My sons are fine... My path is now clear... Defeat is not an option...!"

But Wednesday, Sheen was interviewed on the "Today" show and said he didn't know where his children were. He said he'd received reports they might be in a hotel in Santa Monica but was not sure.

Addressing Mueller during the interview, he said: "Tell me where my sons are."

"At this moment on live television, I do not know where my children are, but I'm not panicking," he said.

In an interview with KTLA-TV Channel 5 on Wednesday morning, Sheen said he was aware of the court order but didn't realize until Tuesday night that it meant his wife would take the children. "I was told that a restraining order was being delivered and I thought, 'OK, I can deal with that,' and then it was revealed that it was something much more serious," Sheen said.

When asked by KTLA if he had a message for Mueller, Sheen's attorney, Mark Gross, stepped in. "This is a restraining order," Gross said. "Charlie's very hesitant to say anything to Brooke that could be misconstrued."

In recent days, Sheen has conducted a series of headline-grabbing interviews after CBS halted his show, "Two and a Half Men," for the remainder of the season. Speaking to ABC, CNN and other news and radio outlets, Sheen ranted about having "tiger blood" in his veins and called his bosses "knuckleheads" and "AA Nazis."

The 45-year-old actor has long had a reputation for reckless behavior. He allegedly threatened his second wife with a knife, has been to rehab and landed in a hospital emergency room in January.


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-- Richard Winton and Andrew Blankstein

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Brooke finally got to her senses by taking charge of the children. To see these twins cared for by porn actresses and a manic father is insane. They never should have been there. Charlie may go off at any minute and that is cause for concern. He may not go quietly or safely. He could become violent and do serious damage.

One day Charlie comes out as being Polyamorous , the next day his kids are taken away from him. Imagine if children were taken away because he was gay living with his lover. The restraining order was issued and if it is not proven to be true, I think the children should be returned and the world should apologize. I feel this is an attack!!!
Charlie opened his life up and showed his girlfriends children and the support system of Nanny care. He opened up his life for everyone to see. All I have heard is Church based values saying he is living wrong, well and one gal that didn't want him smoking in his own home!!!

This is a blatant attack on Poly-Lifestyles

The Children are safe, now we can ignore the shrill piping voice of the nut in the corner.
Most men don't have to pay for sex. Charlie has the best 'goddesses' money can buy.

He is a sad, silly man about to turn 50 years old.
There is no evience he has ever cared for anyone but himself.
Now the consequences are beginning to hit him, and they will continue to hit him even harder as he ages and everybody forgets him.

Poly-misunderstood is correct. The two live-in women looked very loving to me. People are such hypocrites. Free Charlie Sheen!

Niki, I'm SO glad we should punish people for what they may do. Kinda like Minority Report.

Why does anyone care what this Boy-Brat does?? Let him snort coke with his hookers and drink himself to death... Funny, though, he was once a big-time shining star of the Hollywood Left...

Clearly, Charlie Sheen has lost his mind! Too bad. I like his show but his latest crazy behavior is so sad. Hope his family will get him some help...in fact no mention of what his family thinks about all this...don't they care?

I laugh at bimbos who get involved with this loser. They remind of the airheads who would date Phil Spector.

To Poly-Misunderstood

Charlie's kids were taking away from him because his third, now-ex-wife Brooke Mueller gave an official statement to the court that Charlie had recently threatened to kill her (this past Sunday) and that he asked her for untraceable money to have some of his enemies killed, among other things. That is in addition to threatening Mueller with a knife on Christmas Day 2009. How about the trashing of the hotel suite last October and scaring his female companion? And back when assaulted and threatened Denise Richards, his second wife, on December 30, 2005. And when Charlie accidentally shot Kelly Preston back in 1990, was that really an accident?

How about the fact that Charlie Sheen has admitted to the world that he was until very recently taking huge amounts of illegal drugs and proud of it.

Or that the guy is obviously terribly mentally unbalanced, evidenced by the crazy things he is saying in his multiple interviews.

Would you leave your kids with him right now?


I think his kids were taken away from him based on more than the fact he has multiple sex partners.

Plus you're wrong for comparing discrimination against gays v. discrimination against polygamy. Gays are a traditionally discrimated against minority, who are born with an immutable characteristic different from the majority (who are straight). This means laws that treat Gays differently than other people need to have a strong rationale for doing so. Polygamy people were not born different from other people. They just want lots of sex with different people. There are laws against polygamy, for the sake of children, women, and society. Because this is not an immutable characteristic, these laws only need a rational basis to withstand constitutional scrutiny -which they do.

@Poly-Misunderstood, you are the one who doesn't understand. This was done because, as @niki said above, Sheen's behaviour is quite volatile, as can be seen from his recent interviews. It's not a good situation for the children to be in, especially since they are so young (they're almost 2, I believe). If I were Brooke Mueller, I would have done the exact same thing! The kids should be in a safe environment away from their dad until he gets himself sorted out.

When a crackhead is deemed by a Superior Court judge to be the better parent, you know you've got issues. News flash, Charlie - your life is unraveling, and quickly. Get to rehab, before you're dead.

First of all, the children were removed because he was making violent threats [see the 2nd para. of the article], not due to polyamory. Contrary to popular belief, dear readers, not everything is about you!

Second, this guy is just another poster-child for untreated mental illness. IMHO, mania is the problem way more than porn stars, drug use, narcissism, Hollywood drama, or any of the other more sensationalistic aspects of this story. Those all seem to be but symptoms of a much bigger problem.


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