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Charlie Sheen: LAPD searches home for weapons that may violate restraining order [Updated]

Read the restraining orderLos Angeles police searched actor Charlie Sheen’s home Thursday night for guns that might be in violation of a temporary restraining order obtained last week by his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller.

Officers arrived at Sheen’s home in the Sherman Oaks hills after informing his attorney. Sources said Sheen had guns registered to him that would be prohibited by Mueller’s restraining order.

“We’re doing our due-diligence,” said a Police Department source connected with the case who asked not to be identified. LAPD officials said such weapon searches are routine in cases in which a person is subject to a restraining order.

Despite one report that Sheen might be taken for an involuntary psychiatric evaluation because of his recent erratic behavior, there was no indication that authorities planned to remove the actor from his home.

Authorities said Sheen was cooperative. There was no immediate information on how many, if any, weapons were taken from the home.

[Updated at 10:43 p.m.: The search of Sheen's house has concluded. Authorities are not releasing any information on what might have been found.

No one at the residence was arrested, an LAPD spokeswoman said. Sheen reportedly ate hamburgers as the officers searched the house.]


Documents: Read the Sheen restraining order

Charlie Sheen sues Warner Bros., Chuck Lorre for $100 million

Documents: Read Sheen's lawsuit

Charlie Sheen 'insane,' threatened violence, made anti-Jewish comments, estranged wife alleges

-- Andrew Blankstein and Richard Winton

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Can't they 5150 this guy for him filming a video saying he was going to chop someone's children into tiny little pieces. If a "normal" person were to say such things, they'd be in a stratjacket by now. Just because someone is rich, famous, nuts and swinging a machete on the roof of a building, it's different because what, it's perceived as entertaining? I don't get it, this society is as sick as this weirdo.

This man is trying to destroy America!

They just cant leave him alone.Go give his x a drug test!Maybe she has some guns also,that she should not have while taking care of his kid's.

We have an attorney that could have his client committed, but like the ex-wives, the groupies, the Godesses, the family, no one wants to give up the money train. Charlie Sheen's problems accrding to the enablers, are someone elses fault. No his? Enough about this loser, lock him up and give the tabloids something else to report on.

I am an attorney, they had to search him @ the time of the PFA or
Rso served, if he had wepons in on his person that's one thing, if he has weapons in the house, it's a different ballgame, either way it's up to the judge now since said wepons have been disclosedZ.

Gotta wonder why Sheen is getting all this special attention when thousands of poor women in LA County can't get the same help with abusive spouses and boyfriends who are armed to the teeth and have threatened to kill them.

Watch how they take lawsuit revenge.

A DEFENSE FOR CHARLIE SHEEN: The writers have BRAINWASHED Charlie. If we DID or SAID some of the comments that two and a half men writers MADE HIM say "we would be considered raging lunatics.a drunk,disrespectful, inappropriate , and a perverted sexual pig etc. " I say sue, you deserve every penny and more$$$$$ Just watch some of the episodes???? SCARY STUFF good luck charlie ,If you were getting paid it would be funny. It's like years of abuse.I'd claim compensation$

I am a chemical dependency counselor and can ASSURE you Sheen is FAR from clean. Drug tests are easily compromised...especially when they are self administered as doubtless these were. Charlie Sheen is very ill, ...when he speaks in his videos watch closely at his facial muscles, his eyes, his inability to sit still (let alone his ramblings) and complete disconnect from reality, and you will quickly see there is something "amiss" in this man. It is just very sad to watch a fellow human being self destruct in front of our very eyes. He needs for someone to step up and have him committed. I am in hopes a judge will do this soon. I am concerned for Sheen's life.

Why can't he have guns at home? How come a restraining order cover guns at home? What next...is he allowed to have any viagra?

Funny.... so all this tryin to make sheen look crazy has nothing to do with what he said about the Twin Towers 5 years ago?.........

no charges, no investigation- officially according to the battered woman service, services that roll women in breading after applying oils the Police can not investigate Mr. Sheen without charges.

you can't commit someone until they try or do harm to themselves or others. it's not as easy as it is in the movies people. and he's an adult. think what would happen if anyone in your life could just have you committed because you're acting crazy? haha we'd all probably be committed at one time or another!

it's the media. if they media would just STOP giving nosy people want they want we can all move past this sad situation. it's like putting a freak on display and poking it.

The goverment wants sheen out, he spoke about the truth 5 years ago and "they" didn't like it.

How can anyone say that a guy playing it up in front of a camera for money is crazy? If the entertainment industry says that a star is on stage all the time, then everything he does is just an act. Charlie Sheen is a brilliant actor, and this is genius work!

It's also illegal to fire someone because you think he's crazy, especially if he's bringing in money. It violates the Unruh Act. And mental illness isn't defined by speech, it's defined by conduct.

"Authorities said Sheen was cooperative."

This guy - one guy - has a whole lot of folks' panties in a bunch, and *that's* the real comedy. Now he gets to laugh at the audience and the industry!

This whole drama is funnier than 2 1/2 Men and it's just getting started.... He's taking on the courts and the lawyers and the whole LA power structure!

His only real crime seems to be that he's asserting himself as his own person and putting a mirror up to the whole industry.

Seriously??? This man has stabbed, shot at and hit more than five women now. When will they lock his crazy ass up. Watch his videos on you tube. He is gaunt, crazy, obviously on cocaine and not sleeping. Do you think he should watch over kids? The only people who are oblivious to his ways are the ones that watch his stupid show about treating women like stupid sex objects and staying drunk 90% of the time are losers.

it would be almost entirely impossible to 5150 someone for that when their entire career is built around acting in front of a camera and they have recently become unemployed, are starting a new independent entertainment web business, and are reinventing their career (albiet as a mere shadow of its former self). They would be able to defend against that till the end of time and you'd never be able to get the paperwork approved. They'd just tell people it's part of the production and "of course it's fake, its Hollywood!" and that would ring too true to be able to lock them up in a hospital over it. At the end it would backfire on you unless he melted down and actually did something dangerous.

..First they let people earn money, then try to take the money away.
They are like bloodhounds.
When you are looking it, all the stars have similar situation. first work and make money. They are then carried on on hands. next Then pressure. then offer drugs. then more stress and pressure. Then withdraw that food(the money). Then bliss "attacks" on/from all sides. Inwolvet in anything whats negative and push victims ind defensive. Courts and the..komme the lawyers ...
punch them under the Gurtell line cople times and voila!
"the Dinner is served"!
..und Great gorging begin. On everyone gets a turn.

Where is the civilization gone?

How many police officers were really necessary to investigate this? Why would the police be using so many resources snooping around Mulholland Estates? How many real crimes were committed during this use of police man hours?

@Kenny12554 He has had multiple drug tests, and at least one was administered by professionals for a network news show, who had him on camera giving blood for the test. These were not self-administered. Did he somehow put someone else's blood in his vein for the test? At least know the available information before you start making a diagnosis on someone you have not only never met, but obviously haven't even followed the media exposure of.

Who cares.

I completely agree with Legal Eagle.

Who , what , when and why?
The Author of this article decides WHO gets comments posted...WHAT are you doing? Filtering,playing god so you can pick and choose the comments you want?
WHEN did you become a demi-god ?
WHY do you believe you are one?
Mr Ree

This is straight up harrassment , in the press , in the legal arena.
The people behind this harrassment need to be investigated.

We all know the restraining order and removal of he kids were bogus too!!!

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