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California's Latino population increases, Inland areas boom, U.S. Census finds



 Southern California's inland counties grew at a rapid clip in the last decade, far surpassing the growth rates of the region's coastal counties, according to U.S. census data released Tuesday.

Riverside County saw a whopping 41% increase in population in the decade, recording 2,189,641 residents in 2010. San Bernardino County saw a 19% increase, with a total population of 2,035,210.

Both counties experienced an explosion of suburban growth in the early part of the decade, only to be hit hard as the economy turned sour and many of the homes fell into foreclosure.

Los Angeles County saw only a 3.1% growth rate over the decade, with a population of 9,818,605. San Diego County grow by 10% and Orange County by 5.8%.

Once again, Latinos saw the largest increases in population over the decade, making up 37.6% of the state's total population. As a percentage of the total population, whites dropped to about 40%.

The Asian population was 12.8% and the black population was 5.8%.


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Map: U.S. Census; Photo: New subdivisions in San Bernardino County. Credit: L.A. Times.

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haha we're taking over

While it is apparent that the state has seen a huge influx within the Latino population, I would respectfully ask to know more about the following that may be a factor for this:
- How many of the documented families are receiving support and state services?
- Of the families reporting, what is the average household size?
- How many family members are working?
- What are some other factors that may contribute to the sharp rise in the Latino population within the state as opposed to other nationalities?

Providing a more concise picture on the factors contributing to this trend would definately help people understand how and why the state's population complexity is changing.

That's right! here we come :)

yeah! we're taking over!! viva la raza baby!!

@sabrina: any ethnicity mixed with white will not be considered white, therefore the number of whites is diminishing.

Lucky us.

And you say illegal immigration is NOT a problem in this state?

Lucky us.

very cool! shows how diversified our state has become!

True. Latino is not a race. They are officially considered Caucasian by the US Department of Commerce and the Census Bureau.

Furthermore, did you notice how the counties with the highest rates of crystal meth, and illiteracy are the ones that are growing most. I live in Stockton, and the teenage pregnancy, obesity, illiteracy, etc.... are outrageous. What are they proud of? Not exactly regions of fine parenting skills.

How many illegals?

"These stats are mislead. Hispanic is NOT a "race." An Hispanic person can be of any race. Meaning one can be White AND Hispanic. So the number of Whites has not really dropped."

Where are you getting this argument between white and Hispanic? That's not even in the article. I don't even think the census form had Hispanic or Latino as a listed option for "race." Furthermore, an option was given to state whether a respondent was of Hispanic origin on the form. It's a pretty simple formula to separate Hispanic white populations from non-Hispanic white populations for the data used in this article.

The only argument I can see you making is that the authors of this article did not remove all ambiguity from their assessment by explicitly stating the non-Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin of the "white population."

If anything, I'd be pissed if I were American Indian. Not even a mention LATimes?

Here's a link to an online census form:


On a side note, did you happen to notice the US Census confuses ethnicity and race? I'm pretty sure Korean is an ethnicity. And check out the 3rd item in the series for the race checkbox under "black." Is this the 1910 or 2010 census form???

I'm a white Hispanic but I am very white washed so please don't send me back to Mexico. I don't know Spanish :(

People of California, grow up. Things always change, some for the better others not so good. If you want to express your bias opinions, vote. Otherwise you sound like Klansmen.

This map shows PERCENTAGE increase, not absolute increase. The shift appears greater in the inlaand areas, because fewer people lived there at the start of the decade.

Example pop increase in Los ANgeles County only 3.5% =344,000
Compared pop increase in San Bernardino COunty 18.5% = 363,240

Brown pride increasing on the California "free ride".....of social programs, housing, educations, and other perks handed out to illegals.

Of course whites are going to bemoan the increase in Hispanics. It's up to Hispanics to prove everyone wrong. Excel in education, no gangs...is it a pipe dream?

What's scary about this is that within the so called "Latino" group the majority is comprised of Mexicans who value education very minimally. How many more unskilled menial laborers do we truly need? President Obama mentioned on his last State of the Union Speech that in ten years more than half the jobs will require and education that goes beyond a high school diploma. How many more prolific, undereducated breeders are we going to have to care for with our taxes?

And how did White people, a non-native specie, manage to occupy almost half of the California population?

It could be a combination of over breeding, illegal immigration, anchor babies from Europe since the time California was ruled by Mexico.

So it's most ironic that Whites would make Mexican Americans the intruders.

Judging form the opinions of Times readers on this topic, the LA Times would be smart to start using the phrase " illegal aliens!"

As a Native American descendant I have this observation...Get used to it!!!! The native tribes are the true "Original Americans" and not all the subsequent immigrants from Europe that claim this country as their own. Embrace immigration in America, it is what has made this country the greatest in the world.


Before we all get our panties in a bunch, remember how the vast magority of latinos came here. They came from Reagans friendly policies that made it easy for them to come here. Big corperations needed cheap labor.

I'm hearing a lot of frustration on this message board, and it is not related to race per se, but class. If the Latino population's explosive growth was of the college-educated, English-speaking variety there would be no issue. But that is not the case. This is a class issue--Poorly-educated, low-income, non-English-speakers under the age of 30 are the most likely to give birth to children that will end up becoming incarcerated later in life. And unfortunately, that is the group that is having the most children right now. Chances are good that Southern California crime rates will continue to increase as these new wave of kids gets older. Will California's law enforcement resources be able to keep up? Considering the budget deficits of the state right now, the outlook is not good.

So are I am assuming that that this is taking into account the illegal alien population of Latinos.

Guess that is why California continues to have economic hardships since we have to support the illegal alien anchor babies which has cost the California Tax payers an estimate of $10.23 billion dollars for eduction and medical expenses.

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