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California's Latino population increases, Inland areas boom, U.S. Census finds



 Southern California's inland counties grew at a rapid clip in the last decade, far surpassing the growth rates of the region's coastal counties, according to U.S. census data released Tuesday.

Riverside County saw a whopping 41% increase in population in the decade, recording 2,189,641 residents in 2010. San Bernardino County saw a 19% increase, with a total population of 2,035,210.

Both counties experienced an explosion of suburban growth in the early part of the decade, only to be hit hard as the economy turned sour and many of the homes fell into foreclosure.

Los Angeles County saw only a 3.1% growth rate over the decade, with a population of 9,818,605. San Diego County grow by 10% and Orange County by 5.8%.

Once again, Latinos saw the largest increases in population over the decade, making up 37.6% of the state's total population. As a percentage of the total population, whites dropped to about 40%.

The Asian population was 12.8% and the black population was 5.8%.


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Map: U.S. Census; Photo: New subdivisions in San Bernardino County. Credit: L.A. Times.

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Gee, where did they all come?

How very depressing

These stats are mislead. Hispanic is NOT a "race." An Hispanic person can be of any race. Meaning one can be White AND Hispanic. So the number of Whites has not really dropped.

Of course the state's Latino population is growing. Between the illegals and the numerous anchor babies they pop out, they are squeezing everyone else out. It's no wonder the state is practically bankrupt.

I wonder, out loud, how many are illegally?

You would think there would be an increase in state tax revenues with this growth in population. On the contrary the state, counties, and cities are being sucked dry by a growing population receiving services but not contributing to the coffers. Jerry Brown, are you out there and reading this?

now graph a line next to this one showing the decline in the "quality of life" here in california. hmm. interesting.

A mix of illegal aliens, anchor babies, and social programs.

3rd World here we come!

Boo Hoo, I'm so sad whites are losing there power and the White American way... Get over it. Im glad to read remarks like the ones below, it solidifies my opinion that even if your second or third generation American your still considered trash if you have hispanic in you. So basically the growth of hispanics is a cancer, even if your parents and you were born here. Thats good to know.....

This is potentially misleading - not clear whether whites include Hispanics. My family is 100% white, of predominately European/Basque/Spanish stock (by way of Mexico). I filled out the Census form (albeit reluctantly) and categorized my race as white, and my ethnicity as Hispanic.

The USA has never been a truly racially homogeneous country and California was a Spainish possession. In the end all will be Americans and a good thing to!

And California's failing.

the commenter named Sabrina is right. I'm White but nobody can tell I'm Mexican, but I put Latino on the census anyway. Ok I'm half Mexican, but I don't look like it at all. These statistics are stupid because the people who put them out never think that it's possible for a White man and a Brown woman to make babies; babies like me, who have never had any idea what to do with the "White not of Hispanic origin" check box.

California State Senator Mark Desaulnier refutes Contra Costa Times M Krupnick article that latino enrollment 2010 declined while out of state jumped at UC Berkeley.

California State Senator Mark Desaulnier agrees that UC Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau should recruit outside california to achieve latino/diversity goals.

Stand up for all Californians: especially those Californians qualified to attend University of California Berkeley but denied admission because of Birgeneau's increased out of state student admissions. Out of state qualified students "buy" entry into Cal. with their $50,000 tuition fee and deny admission to qualified californians.

Something is very wrong with this picture!

Could be good. Could be bad. Overpopulation did not not help the ghetto South African townships. They gained political power. Ho hum. It is not the same as econnomic power. Too many un cared for and un nurtured babies= poverty and social burden like poor people going to prison. Many Mexicans I know are hard working good people the ones that are bad I don't want to know.

No surprise here. When the Latinas are having 4 and 5 children and the Anglos and Asians 1 or 2 this is the result. Unfortunately, it also these Latin children that are the poorest performers in school and have the highest drop out rate. That means the gang problems are going to increase rapidly and California's economy is going to dive deeper into the pit under the out house.

Wonderful. Expect another Buford O. Furrow to come out and go on a random "Hispanic hunt." Nothing like stoking those white fears.

Not all Latinos are illegal and not all Latinos are parasites. I for one am an educated AMERICAN of Mexican descent who happens to work for a BILLIONAR Cuban American.

Remember to mind your Ps&Qs, you never know who really owns the company you work for.

We contribute and pay taxes too.

Well, we did steal California and few other states from Mexico because they were too far north from their federal district and also a treaty with a Mexican dictator. So now the dual citizenship Mexicans are taking back the states. So the last gun carrying rednecks extremist better head to Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Dokota and take the flag with them...The "white" Floridans did. By the way, there are millions of blond, green eyed people in Mexico and Latin America and Hispanic is not a race.. such a shame schools don't teach our future newspaper reporters

I am curious what percentage of those pay taxes

Before the pale faces came here to California, Hispanics had already lived here for over a century.
Ever wondered why most big cities in this state were name in spanish?
Some people that post comments here, don't know California's history and just because they're white they consider themselves more Californian or American than a 5th or 6th generation Californian hispanic.
Most of those bigots descend from Prostitutes that came here from Europe during and after WWII, long after the 17th century when Hispanics started moving here.

Is this supposed to be good news?

Sabrina, the number of non-Hispanic whites has dropped by 2 million since 1990. They've gone from 57% of the state in 1990 to 40% as of 2010. It's probably 39% or lower now. Most people presume "white" to be "non-Hispanic". However if you want to claim Hispanic white as "white" population growth, then please be consistent and include white Hispanics in measures of white dropout rates, levels of education, income levels, etc.

Meanwhile, LAT continues its trend and preference of finding the most narrow definition of "black" as possible. I don't know where they get the 5.8% figure from, but the population of non-Hispanic black alone is 5.9%, while the population of Black alone or in combination is 7.2% - the same it has been the past 40 years. If the LAT and others want to now redefine "black" to exclude black Hispanics and blacks who acknowledge mixed blood, then please be consistent. Stop referring to Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Halle Berry, etc. as "black". Stop referring to black Hispanic or mixed black criminals and prisoners as "black". And tell Hollywood to stop casting black Hispanics and mixed blacks as African-Americans.

In other words, don't consider people "black" or "not black", "white" or "not white" only when it's convenient to your personal socio-political comforts. And yes, it's personal and not journalistic.

@Sabrina, ditto for "latino". Latin America is multiracial and multi-ethnic so that "latino" is not very descriptive. Certainly, "hispanic" is not applicable to Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, where Portuguese is the national language. Also, some older latin-Americans began responding to the Census when "White", "Oriental", and "Negro" were the only listings; they'd check "White", and they still do, instead wading through all of the gibberish.

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