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Barry Bonds' childhood friend says he loaned money to player's mistress after falling-out

A key prosecution witness in the Barry Bonds federal trial testified Thursday that he loaned Bonds' former mistress money for a lawyer after they both had a falling-out with the former San Francisco Giant.

Steve Hoskins, a childhood friend whose family was close to Bonds' family, also testified that he and Kimberly Bell, the former mistress who is expected to testify against Bonds, have spoken several times in the last few weeks.

Defense lawyer Allen Ruby has said he would show that key prosecution witnesses had grudges against Bonds and conspired to help prosecutors convict him of lying to a grand jury in 2003. Bonds testified to that grand jury that he had never knowingly used steroids.

Hoskins said he loaned Bell more than $10,000 for an attorney, and that she repaid him when she sold a home. He said he also met with her in his attorney's office several times after September 2003, when the federal government's investigation of steroid distribution in the Bay Area became public.

Hoskins told jurors Wednesday that he recorded Greg Anderson, Bonds' trainer, to get evidence to show Bonds' father that his son was using banned drugs. Hoskins said he wanted the elder Bonds to persuade his son to stop using the drugs.

But Ruby got Hoskins to admit that the elder Bonds was already deathly ill by March 2003, around the time that Hoskins said he made the recording. It implicated Bonds in steroid use. Hoskins testified he never gave the recording to Bobby Bonds, Barry's father, who died in 2003.

Hoskins also admitted that Barry Bonds told him he was going to complain to law enforcement about Hoskins' practices in a sports memorabilia business he had with the baseball star. Bonds severed his association with Hoskins in that business in late March 2003, saying Hoskins had signed his name on contracts without his knowledge.

Hoskins was never charged with wrongdoing as a result of Bonds' accusations to the FBI.

Hoskins testified that Bonds never sued him as a result of their business falling-out, and that Bonds had him arrange the purchase of a $400,000 Bentley for the ballplayer. Hoskins said Bonds had "at least" four cars at the time, including a smaller Bentley.

Bonds seemed visibly more relaxed Thursday, the fourth day of trial. He smiled and chatted with his attorney before the trial resumed at 8:30 a.m. and took notes during testimony.

Bonds bested Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth for most career home runs, but the Giants let him go and no other team offered to hire him after the federal government began its probe. Bonds has not played since 2007, the year he was indicted for lying about steroid use.

-- Maura Dolan in San Francisco

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Who cares anymore about this stuff. He did it, we know it, he knows it, he lied about it , but there is no way they are going to prove that he "knowingly" took the stuff. What a waste of time and money..

Bonds is no criminal . He played a game ,and did what everyone else playing did . He did what he was payed to do , wow and amaze the fans .

Do you really think Bonds , Armstong , Contador ,are not the best in their sports ? Think a drug will make you hit homeruns like Bonds are crush Mountains with a bicycle like Armstrong or Alberto Contador ? If you beleive that you need to get up off your couch ,ditch the self rightenous and get a dose of reallity .

I could care less whether Bonds used Steriods or not. Its far in the past.
I'm unhappy our government is wasting so much time, money and
resources on this. Whoever authorized this investigation and the
continuing trial needs to be fired.

Sounds just like the government. Drag Barry Bonds dead father into the situation who can't speak for himself; disgruntled liars; and what appears to be a government conspiracy. The prosecutors should be charged if there is evidence that can be upheld in a court of law. Why didn't the FBI investigate the issues? They are eternally conflicted and should not be permitted to participate in this matter at all. What a disgrace and the taxpayers end up footing the bill - including any appeal.

If he did take steroids, it wasn't against the rules of MLB at the time he is accused of taking them. So people need quit saying he cheated. Otherwise, Clemens' 7 Cy Young awards should be stripped and the A's' 1989 World Series championship should be retracted.

If Bonds broke the law by taking steroids when they weren't prescribed to him, that's a different story, but Babe Ruth drank beer during prohibition; why doesn't anyone call for his removal from the Hall of Fame.

In the grand scheme of things none of this matters...In fact I just wasted two minutes of my life typing this.

He may not be a criminal but he robbed the game. Just like Contador and Armstrong if they used enhancements not permitted in their respective sports. If he lied in court, he's a criminal. True, you or I couldn't hit home runs with ANY enhancements. But, he was a professional, paid to work within the framework of the laws of the game. He violated those laws. That's reality. This dose is for you.

These people that don't care whether he lied to a Grand Jury or not, are whats wrong with America today. Crying about the money to proscute Bonds for criminal behavior, and spend millions to build bridges to no where. They never said a thing about the $7-10 million spent on investigating Bill Clinton or for that matter Richard Nixion either. Bill Clinton never did anthing that was illegal

Why are we not including A-ROID and the other Latino druggies still allowed to play baseball. There is a list of druggies which have been suppressed. Why is that being allowed ?? Why is it okay to target Barry Bonds. I am getting fed up with the double standard of targeting black players while ignoring the same crime committed by the Latino players.

Don't we have more pressing problems? Who gives a rats rump.

Barry you have been a complete douche-bag for so long that nobody cares anymore if a court says you did it or not, your actions and behavior over the years say it all. We are just keeping our fingers crossed that the betrayer of the game gets what he deserves.

What prosecutorial class - calling his 'mistress' to testify about his testicle size. I do not condone his behavior, but the governmant overreach to strip someone of their dignity offends me much more. If they can do it to Barry Bonds, imagine what they must do to obtain convictions from those with fewer resources. It's outrageous that our tax dollars enable this and we have so little control over it.

Tom is correct........these drugs and more are in all sports.....reality check people, it has been going on for 5 decades, so we are going to hang Barry and Roger.....come on!

I can understand why he has to stand trial ... furthermore, I think he should pay for it, not us, the taxpayers.

The bottom line is that he earned millions from using drugs to enhance muscle power. That is unsporting, disrespectful of his fans and just plain cheating. Then he lied to the US government.

Now, I know that government comes in for a lot of flak, and some criticism is valid, but the government represent the people and so by lying to the government you lie to everyone.

You can't get rich by cheating and lying. It's just not right.

Personally I don't care either way about this particular man, but I will uphold the principles that brought him to court.


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