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L.A. school district announces potential layoff plans

Los Angeles school officials unveiled a plan Friday to send preliminary layoff notices to more than 5,000 teachers and other staff members to help close a projected budget gap. This is the first time that the nation's second-largest district will protect some campuses that previously had been hit hard by layoffs.

The district is facing a nearly $400-million budget shortfall and is required by law to warn employees that they could lose their jobs by March 15. The Board of Education is scheduled to vote on the matter Tuesday and must approve sending final notices to employees by mid-summer.

If approved, the notices would go to nearly about 4,500 teachers and 600 support staff, including social workers, nurses and counselors. The notices are issued strictly on seniority.

Forty-five campuses will be exempted from the layoff notices because of a recent court ruling that found some low-performing urban schools had been unfairly affected by large numbers of layoffs. Notices that would have gone to instructors at those campuses will be spread out at other schools.

The court ruling only named three campuses that would be shielded by layoffs. The rest were chosen by Los Angeles Unified School District officials.

Teachers union president A.J. Duffy criticized the move Friday and urged district officials to find other ways to balance the budget.

"This large number of proposed layoffs shows that LAUSD has clearly abandoned its all-too-frequent, and hollow, promise to 'keep cuts away from the classroom,' " he said in a statement. 

-- Jason Song

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How about all of the illegal immigrant parents who have kids in LAUSD start paying taxes. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't be in this budget crisis. I'm tired of paying for their children's educaiton.

To those teachers receiving layoff notices, do you still support that over 5,000 retiring teachers will be receiving over $ 100,000/year in pension. Maybe some of these teachers will contribute to those who don't have a job.

Teacher's union have to realize that they are the one who did it to themselves by lobbying for unrealistic benefit packages. The good time is over and every one need to sacrifice. No more tax payers money to subsidies these crying babies.

So who will be teaching in all the NEW schools being built in South L.A.?

Notice no central office cuts! Those people make 3 times the salary of classroom teachers and don't even work with kids. An amazing act of theft just like Bell, California. The revolution is coming.

UTLA has never cared about anything but their power - nothing! Not the teachers because none of the 'de rigueur' straw bosses at UTLA aren't getting laid off. Hey this is just like the typical demokwats bilge per SEIU - you walk - you march - you strike - and if you don;t we'll demonize you. What's that you say mgmt. is threatening to lay you off? Well yell more! After all what did Sheila Sherrod state? "Whoever heard of anyone getting laid off from a govt. job?"

Hey 'Sheila' get ready for your own demise save your and your husband's lawsuit.

GMF 'aka' Grand Mater Flash "Everything that goes around come around."

UTLA and LAUSD have conspired to eat each other while decrying those who truly want to teach.

Where do we turn? Where is Jack? Our Jack? If only...why?

The most powerful teacher labor union in the USA has blown its own brain out....where is SEIU and Gov. Jer-dawg? Where?...Why?...

The layoffs are devastating and will affect music, art, English and social studies. Crying babies? We are 48th out of 50 in pay for LA County teachers and our benefits are not as good as some local charter schools. We fight insurance companies just like you.

Did you all ever stop to ask yourselves why administrators were excluded from the layoffs? They are the highest paid in LA County and the one I work with sits in his office all day

5000 teachers will NOT be receiving 100,000 dollar pensions in LAUSD. If they are receiving that kind of pension, they are ADMINISTRATORS, not teachers

Why not zero teachers and 5100 administrators and support staff? With a skeleton office crew you can still hold classes. Not so with full offices and a skeleton teaching staff.

Got news for you 'Dan' if it weren't for the 'illegal immigrant parents' you are so fixated on demonizing LAUSD and all the inner city school districts would have already imploded as well as the LA Archdiocese got it 'know nothing' - said 'illegal parents' pay taxes unlike the mob SEIU top brass acolytes.

'Jack...if only....why?.... gone are the days when Bobby lead us....Ted....why?

Dan - All people, regardless of their residency status, pay taxes.

common sense - Administrators might get $100K in retirement, but not teachers. I have very nearly maxed out at $75K. If I take traditional retirement (I'll be leaving early), I would make about 60% or $45K/year.

c moon - See above for our "unrealistic" retirement benefits.

The people of California will not and cannot continue to be taxed to support Cadillac pensions and benefit plans for public employees. We need to convert defined pensions into 401K-type plans for public employees. Public employees must also begin to contribute to their health plans. We cannot keep paying pension and health benefits; we are out of money!

Public employee union members need to realize they cannot be the only ones with free retirement and health care at our expense.

Teacher layoffs by seniority: another outstanding example of how UTLA stands by its commitment to make decisions that are bad for kids, bad for schools, and bad for the public interest. Teachers should be laid off based on job performance. This could be a wonderful opportunity to improve the effectiveness of our schools. Instead, the union puts its head in a hole and holds on tight to its holy grail -- seniority. How long will the public tolerate UTLA's self-serving behavior?

Ok, I didn't like UTLA when I was a UTLA rep, but how many central office admin types are being laid off. They don't they get put back that the school site. How many consultants does the district still have on the books and how about close some of the smaller schools. Opps, bet they are in the nice areas of the west side and the valley, that will not happen.

Don't blame illegal immigrants. The numbers don't make up a 400million short fall. And, if the parents pay rent, they pay property tax which is used to fund schools, also the funding is based on attendance so if the kids are in the seat the district get money.
BTW, Teachers pay into STRS, some district not LAUSD match a portion of the STRS contribution. So for the retired teaching making 100k a year, which is unlikely, very unlikely. It's their money. IF you are going to condemn teacher learn a bit more.

Stop educating and providing free breakfasts and lunches for the children of illegal immigrants and I'm sure that the budget will balance itself.

Wow. Lame duck Duffy is really bringing the heat now! His statement was just that....words with nothing behind it. Maybe if UTLA could get their act together and elect the next bunch of slackers.....errrrrr......officers, then some sort of action plan can be put together. Too bad the membership database is in shambles due to piss-poor management decisions. You can't tell the people who to vote for if ya don't know where the hell they are!!!

Cry babies? You are a fool.

The problem with education is that people who make decisions on education have no class experience.

why lay off teachers at all? About half of all teachers quit within their first 5 years of teaching anyway. The statistics for science teachers are more staggering.

Teaching is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Teachers are mentally and emotionally abused at work and now by the public.

If you feel that teachers should not be adequately compensated, I recommend that you go visit a classroom for a whole day and tell me what you think. Better yet, go visit a classroom in the inner city.

The comments below are mainly a statement of prejudices and not facts. At age 60 an STRS retiree whether teacher or administrator receives 2% of their last annual salary for every year of service with a minimum of five years needed. So, an STRS member with 25 years of service receives 50% of their last year's salary. For most teachers that would be 50% of $75,000. Even someone making $100,000 would only make $50,000 as a retiree. Also, every STRS member pays 8% of their monthly salary into STRS with the District matching that. Currently, an employee in LAUSD needs to work 25 years before retirement in order to earn the District's lifetime health benefit with the requirement that the retiree join Medicare at age 65 in order to maintain the benefit. As far as the illegal immigrant issue, it is a bogus issue. If illegal immigrant children were to leave the District, the money received from the State for each child would leave too. So, the District would be in worse shape with the loss of that money. Get the facts and stop the prejudice.

Lets think about the future. These are the people of our future. How educated do you want the person you interact with to be? We are all entitled to an education. The standards of the nations individual states needs to be made into 1 set of national standards. All people should have access to an equal education. Funny that sounds good but its so untrue. Most Title 1 schools, severing the students in our community living in poverty, continue to be the hardest to staff, low supplies, no library with current books, and lets not talk about technology! Most low income students have little if any access to computers with printers that work, and no internet, leaving them at a true disadvantage. There are times when I want to throw in the text book and stop teaching, but I get up before day light the next day and know that today will be different.

Maybe if the money actually went into the kids' classroom then I might get out behind them.

They need to restructure the way the school system is. Money should go classroom (kids), books, teacher, maintance, administration. Then we can talk about cuts hurting kids. But, right now the classroom (kids) are the last to get the money. This is what is wrong. And until they change it around I feel no remorse for teacher layoffs.

Some comments about illegal immigrants hurting the school system are relevant. I know it's not political correct, but since everyone pretty much ignored the issues that Pete Wilson foresaw back in the Early 90's, this is the pretty much the fallout of people looking the other way; thousands of job cuts and layoffs. The facts are that the majority of Californias are now Hispanic, and many of the children are either bilingual or illiterate. The public school systems cannot sustain the population of the new children due to all the issues (overcrowding, not paying taxes, welfare support etc.)

Gee Christine, you feel no remorse for teacher layoffs? But then who will teach art and music since LAUSD is essentially laying off almost every single art and music teacher? Social Studies and English are next on the list with hundreds each. Class sizes will rise dramatically and the teachers who are left will be dramatically overworked. Teachers ARE part of the classroom.

this is directed to Dan, how dare you say that you are paying for the education of immigrant children when immigrants are the ones who pay more to this society than others like you so stop complaining and do the research. there is so much ignorance in this world because of people like you.

Actually, immigrants are creating problems by not learning English and by not participating in civic life. This is why we are losing our democracy- because they would rather give their kids an IPOD than a book- they would rather buy an SUV than save for their kids college education. And they rarely go to parent teacher night.

They don't teach their kids anything about American society. Some legal immigration is fine, but from an educator's perspective, it has become a nightmare. Yes they work hard but so do Americans. We did the jobs for middle class wages before immigrants came to do them for next to nothing. Landscaping, meatpacking, janitorial- all were middle class in the previous decades.

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