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Electric Daisy Carnival rave moving to Las Vegas after conflict and controversy at the Coliseum

A giant rave that has become the subject of a conflict-of-interest scandal and safety concerns will not return to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum this summer.

The producer of the Electric Daisy Carnival, Insomniac Inc., said in a statement that the rave’s return to the Coliseum has been “postponed” and that the event would make its debut in Las Vegas in June, the same month of its scheduled engagement here.

Insomniac has staged raves at the Coliseum and the neighboring Sports Arena for 13 years.

The statement gave no hint at when the postponement might end, but some Coliseum Commission members said that Electric Daisy probably would not be coming back to the stadium.

Insomniac had lost support on the commission after The Times reported earlier this month that a Coliseum administrator doubled as a paid consultant to the producer.

“They probably made a good business decision for them,” Commission President David Israel said of Insomniac. “The writing on the wall was as clear as graffiti.”
Commissioner Rick Caruso said, “My first reaction is good riddance.”

Caruso has been a leading critic of raves, saying they breed drug abuse and unruly behavior. Last year’s Electric Daisy was marred by scores of drug-related arrests and trips to emergency rooms. A 15-year-old girl died from an Ecstasy overdose.

The administrator who worked on the side for Insomniac, Todd DeStefano, was responsible for planning security and medical services for the rave. His dual employment had been approved by then-Commission General Manager Patrick Lynch, who resigned in the wake of the Times disclosures.

DeStefano’s ties to Insomniac are under investigation by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office and the state Fair Political Practices Commission. He has denied doing anything wrong.

--Andrew Blankstein, Ron Lin and Paul Pringle

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EDC and Vegas. It's a good recipe for a great time!! :D June needs to hurry up & get here.

This is why I no longer subscribe to this paper. First suck up and buy into the Bush lies that got us into 2 wars. Now they report one-sided story on a profitable and popular event that puts LA on the map. This city is broke and the best they can do is give away money to another city. When the mayor gets in front of the cameras and cries how broke this city is, someone should remind him and ask why he didn't speak up when this paper created a scandal out of nothing. Damn shame !!!!

Parties like Edc are not breeding grounds for drug use and if people want to look for drug usage they should look to their fellow peers. It's EVERYWHERE.

Wait, hold the phone. Rick Carson, multi-million dollar developer is the president of this commission?

Isn't that a conflict considering he OWNS half of los Angeles?

One word: AWESOME

This means A LOT LESS UNDERAGE KIDS AROUND. This also means i can drink without fear of a looming deadline for the night, plush hotels and after clubs to chose from, no more ridiculously 1 hour traffic jams just to go down the street. I havent been more excited for EDC in a long, long time. I stopped going after 2007 because i thought it was getting too big, and i hope this brings it back to a mangeable and more fun level.

For decades music festivals have been the prime suspect for "unruly behavior" and "drug abuse". If you look at the facts, all the drama usually comes from these immature kids that think they're invincible and wind up consuming massive amounts of drugs and/or alcohol. So heres the solution, DONT MAKE IT AN ALL AGE EVENT DUMBASSES!!! Ever heard of the saying "bulls get fat but pigs get slaughtered", well this is what happens when you become a pig INSOMNIAC! As for the commissioner, how the hell are you going take away an event that yields california millions of dollars in revenue. ESPECIALLY since cali is one of the most econimcally challanged states in the nation. Stop being such a left winged radical and realize that a simple age limit restriction would have been more than enough to cut the problems that EDC had in half.

Why are these elected politicians killing an event that nearly a QUARTER MILLION PEOPLE PAID TO ATTEND?! That's an enormous segment of the population whose vote is obviously not being represented. Not to mention the disastrous loss of revenue for this city. And now the Coliseum is closing its doors forever. Gee, thanks, everyone. Thanks for squashing the daisy. I don't even like raves, but this is absurd.

Get out there and vote for some real candidates!! March 8th - LA primary.

Yay for lost jobs & revenue! Double yay for inaccurate and misleading presentation of the facts!

See? This is why we can't have nice things.

See? This is why we can't have nice things.

I think this is rediculous! They should leave it in LA.


Sweet...I've always enjoyed EDC, bring it here to Vegas baby!!!

LA Country is pretty dumb to let EDC move because EDC = TAX REVENUE. There is nothing wrong with a rave, its so fun! I feel sorry for that girl that died but it wasnt the raves fault. If anything you shoudl blame the chemist who make the drug, drug dealers who distribute the drug and the bad parenting. Yes bad parenting got your daughter killed, sounds harsh but its true. Everyone had a blast at EDC and it is fun. When a minor attends a rave, the problem isnt the rave or the host, its the parents for failing to teach their kids what is right and wrong. Well im off to Vegas on June, peace out LA, give Vegas all the money. For the parents who got our rave taken away, no one likes you and the government is only standing with you because of public relations. Think about it every year how many raves happen in California? How much taxes is collected from each rave? Surpasses the net worth of the girl that died. Sounds harsh but its true.


It's stupid what happened and I honestly feel bad that it happened to that girl but we shouldn't be punished because of it. It was taken out of proportion. There are so many places where there are drugs being used. Look at college parties clubs schools parks everything. It just got exposed. I read that the girl didnt even die from an ecstacy overdose. So you should stop saying she did! Did the autopsy come out? Probably has but it's being kept a secret since it's gonna say she didn't die from that. So dumb that they are doing this. For LA to let go something that always helps the city is just a dumb move and I'm disappointed. LA is gonna regret this. EDC will always belong to LA and not Las Vegas.

Everyone know they're coming back next year

I agree...WHO CARES! Vegas can have it.


Can you site the source, so I can confirm that...sounds fishy? A rave should not be sanctioned by any government entity, as they're a hotbed of drug use. That's a reality. Try telling your lies to the old folks who have never been to a rave.

WHERE in vegasss???????? because the collesium is what made is so epic... the fact when u looked up there were thousands of people in the stand so i hope the venue is big enough to support EDC.

so the rave culture is rising in popularity, but the fans it's bringing are giving it a TERRIBLE image. where did all the responsible festival attendees go? they're still here, but these new kids are totally ruining it. you're making it look like it's all about sex and drugs and why aren't we ever hearing anything about the DJs and the music? that's what it's about in case you forgot.
it's no wonder they're moving it to vegas, it belongs there the way it looks! i'll be in sb for nocturnal again, EDC obviously has a horrible reputation now and i don't want to be part of it, it's embarrassing.

also, the security at these events isn't the problem. it's not their fault a child broke the law to get into this event, and she didn't "overdose", even if you COULD overdose on MDMA, if it was in her water she knew about it because i'm sure doctors would know that ecstasy is NOT water soluble. great defense but if a 19 year old went into a bar and died of alcohol poisoning there'd be an argument but it wouldn't end up like this, that is for sure.

They need to make these events strictly 21+ and they wouldn't have as many problems. Sure, there will still be idiots, but a huge portion of the problems are with the kids who don't know how to handle themselves. I'm sorry, but most 16,17,18yr olds can't handle these types of events and O.D. or get into trouble somehow.

Political machinations by Caruso to make himself look good when he runs for mayor. Bunch of crap. People, especially teenagers, often make poor decisions. No one's fault but their own.

Typical, one or two idiots die and everyone should pay the price. Such incidents are going to happen despite all controls. Accept it and move on. As for the parents suing the city, they don't deserve a penny.

haterz gonna hate

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