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Questions over why registered sex offender was allowed to read to children at elementary school

John_davis Officials are trying to sort out how a registered sex offender was allowed to enter a Whittier elementary school and read to children.

The retired Army major has been arrested on suspicion of entering school grounds as a registered sex offender, authorities said Thursday.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies from the Norwalk substation arrested John W. Davis, 56, of Whittier after he was allowed to read to children at a "heroes day" event in honor of Veterans Day on Nov. 11.

Officials at Los Altos Elementary were apparently unaware of Davis' background, but it's unclear whether they attempted to look up his record.

Davis is a registered sex offender who was convicted in San Diego County in 2000 for a felony violation of attempted lewd acts with a child under the age of 14.

Deputies learned last week of Davis' visit to the school and began an investigation. Davis was arrested Wednesday, authorities said.


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-- Nicole Santa Cruz

Photo: John Davis booking photo. Credit: KTLA

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Who would have thought to check on a retired military person? God we can't even trust THEM anymore? What is this world coming to?

Ahhhhh...public schools....

People can change and it ....says attempted.....who knows the real story....the school should have checked him out so they could have let him atleast be watched over while he participated.
He should have made them aware as well, probably didn't out of fear. I will be praying for this man and his unfortunate situation.

The school doesn't run a background check on each visitor that walks through the doors. He was probably someone's grandpa and a kid had asked to him come in for "show and tell." Glad nothing went wrong. The blame is solely on the man and not the school.

So a person who committed a crime years ago, can NEVER ever be allowed back into society? I mean Geez, this guy was a vet and what? We're suppose to treat him like crap forever dispite his remourse?

What a cruel, hysterical country we live in.

What a joke. This whole sex offender thing is way over the top. If we are going to suspend peoples civic rights lets do it to get ride of illegals and welfare, medical cheats which will help our over all society way more than perferming witch hunts on sex offenders. Do the crime, do the time, and move on. If we want to execute sex offenders then execute them but what ever the time is, when its done, its done. End of story.

Remember people, the departmant of corrections is big business and they prey on your fear to keep their budgets inflated. Their raw materials are people the longer they keep you the more they make.

I can't believe school officials didn't look up someone's record before they were asked to speak to the kids. There are state website where you can find this information within a matter of minutes. I think it's negligent and could have ended dangerously for some of the children.

That's very disturbing. I'm glad the police got to this guy before he had a chance to ruin the life of another child. Proof that these people can't control themselves and should be permanently locked up. He knew that he could be arrested if he went to that school, but he did it anyway. The urges were too much for him to control. I don't know why the school didn't check this guy out. I went to the sex offender database and entered this guy's name, and his information came right up. I'd post the link, but I'm not sure if it's legal for me to do that. But if you go to http://meganslaw.ca.gov you'll find him in the database.


Everybody else went to LA public schools and don't know how to read.

A pedophile is a pedophile. The sickness cuts across all levels backgrounds.

11 years after his conviction probably 12 after his crime. He did his time, successfully completed parole and yet is still being crucified! you would think if he was still a "monster sex offender" he would have been busted again by now. especially with all the "concerned citizens" out there following his every move!!

Come on people, move on already!!

So the school is supposed to run a background check on each visitor that comes on campus? Should the school run background checks on the hordes of parents and relatives that are on campus every day dropping off and picking up the kids? @D is right, the blame lies with the man and not the school.

He knew full well that what he was doing was against the law. I suppose his urges were just too much to handle in this case. Hopefully, he was not allowed to interact alone or without supervision with the children.

Not everyone in the Sex Offender Registry is a pedaphile. This might come as a shock to people, but many of those men and woman have learned their lessons and just want to move on with their lives. Why a murderer, drug trafficker and a violent person can serve their time and when their out, they can live their lives. But "former" sex offenders cannot.

This man is a veteren and should still get some respect.

hmmm...i find the few posts on here defending this man rather disturbing....its not like he was busted at age 19 dating a 17 year old...the dude was busted in 2000...at the age of 48...for sexually assaulting someone under the age of 14 (what a sicko)..."he did his time"...give me a break..he is now trying to find work or hobbies around children again!!!!!

I think the registered list should have at least two tiers....each case should be looked at and decided if the offender should have to register for life!!

i believe if you are within 2 or 3 years of age of the person you committed the act with...that should be taken into consideration if the "victim" consented!!

If you are an old perv like this guy....throw the book at him!!!!!

well said RJ speaking as one who depends on medical to live get rid of the illegals welfare cheats and medical cheats make us take drug tests i bet 90% fail.

@caroberts55: my grandfather and great-uncle were both decorated vets, who had saved lives and been productive citizens, and they were both child molesters. There is no judging by appearance, and there never has been.

lock them all up nd throw away the key!! i dont understand why they keep letting them out!!!!! whats wrong with this state!!!! disgucting!!

Equal Protection of the Laws...
apply taking any former felon on school grounds
to all...not just a few...
discrimination based upon being forced against
their will to be on a list to discrimination...
probably should have read how citizen's fundamental
rights can be tampered with and rigged/fixed/framed
to fail...
should have read something how justice really works
in california...
sham...fraud and deception.

I only feel bad for those wrongly convicted of crimes they didn't do.
I wonder who invited him to read to the kids though?...

the guy knows he should not be anywhere near a school he should be sent back to prison until the day he dies as with any other sex offender but if your sex a fence is against a child under the age of thirteen you should get the death penalty anyone above 13 you should get life without parole and screw the protective custody you do the crime do the time you don't deserve protection against the other inmates you shouldn't have done it if you know someone is going to kill you for it in prison so send him back and never let him out i think they should have to wear a monitor for the rest of their life so they can see every move they make every hour of every day.


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