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Witness testifies that Compton teen killed by deputy was holding a phone, not a gun

A Compton teenager fatally shot in the back by a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy in 2009 was not holding a gun, according to the testimony of one eyewitness who sharply contradicted the sheriff's official account of the shooting.

A grainy video of 16-year-old Avery Cody's final moments shows the right-handed teen with an object in his left hand — which his family and friends have said was a cellphone, not the revolver that sheriff's deputies say they recovered at the scene.

Attorneys for Cody's parents, who are suing the county, said Friday's testimony in the lawsuit was the second significant inconsistency to arise in the case of the July 2009 shooting. The other was when Deputy Sergio Reyes' account of taking cover behind a metal newspaper rack was contradicted by a surveillance video obtained from a nearby doughnut shop, attorneys said.

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-- Robert Faturechi and Joel Rubin

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why doesn't this surprise me? Its time to throw these trigger happy cops in prison!!!!!

These eye-witnesses always turn up after the family gets an attorney. Why didn't the witness say anything that night? Why was the suspect (not victim) armed? Where was the family when the suspect started going down the wrong path? It’s typical of a family to try to profit from a dead child that they didn't care enough about when he was alive. It happens too often and they always blame law enforcement; when in the end, it was bad parenting... Not a bad shooting.

Typical cop behavior, shoot a suspect plant a gun.

@John, if weren't a bad shooting then why the shot in the back? What would parenting have to do with getting a shot in the back? It doesn't say he was committing a crime. Then that would be slightly understandable, but not much, since he was still "shot in the back". So if you're ever on the cell phone and there's a cop someplace around they have the right to shoot you in the back?

Not sure what planet you're from, but on Earth there are some 'dirty cops'. Not all of them, but they do run rampant.


You see the anti police biased people just on this site all of the time, you know for sure that they would lie because they are so biased

Once again when you introduce attorneys into the equation, the truth will never come out

Do not fall for this

No money for the hoodlum parents who raised a hoodlum kid!

Apparentley It's all about the Benjamins,,,,Heaven forbid a 16 year old with a hand gun in south central "SHOCKING NEWS".Maybe just maybe Mom and Dad failed.Even as a kid growing up in L.A.in the sixties when the pooolice said freeze we became instant ice cubes.If you have nothing to hide why run.You just watch all those witnesses come forward and swear that young Cody was holding a cell one hand and the Good Book one the other.Don't worry the county will cave in and Mama will move to the suburbs.

After reading the comments posted I still don't understand why people have to side with the cop or victim without knowing the facts.
With that being said, let's all be honest here! The Police without a doubt are trigger happy and will always use the "felt threatend" excuse for murdering an individual! Shooting him in the back? Are you kidding me???
No I wasn't there, nor am I taking sides! But again and again it's the same old story! Blah blah blah... cops are underpaid... blah blah... so what!!! Stop commiting crimes Cops!! You're no different than the Gang Bangers out there when you act like this is the Wild West!!

Wits always lie.

Memo to potential criminals to avoid being shot by the police, when the officer yells drop it! Drop it! Gun, cell phone, water gun etc. drop it!

And cops always LIE! They are professional LIARS!

BTW the witnesses have been there since the beginning...I swear some of you type like 'u know' it all & don't have half a clue of what you are speaking of! UGH

@ batteredbypd: I agree with your comment! Police enforcement are only a little savier with their lying than the general public! But the truth is, since the law is on their side,they will comtinue to lie and shoot innocent victims as they always have.

What an outrage!!!!! If the cop was right and this was a justified shooting. Why lie about having to take cover behing a metal newspaper rack? The donut shop video clearly shows the cop never took cover and was never in danger. To be shot in the back is low down and dirty. Especially since there wasn't any shots fired prior. I hope the sherrifs pay this family and the recent ruling by a federal judge holds baca and his henchmen accountable for their blatant acts of violence.

The sherriffs compromise alot of lives and just shrug their shoulders and wipe their brows...THE KID WAS 16 YEARS OLD!!! He couldnt choose where he was raised or who he went to school with!! You cant penalize a KID and trade his life in for your own suspicion!! I'm so sick of the police MURDERING koids and getting away with it because they have a badge!! When this happens in the suburbs, it gets dealt with quickly and decently. They took a fathers and a mothers child!! A grandson.. a brother...a cousin.. a friend...a HUMAN BEING!! R.I.P. AVERY CODY JR.!!! YOU WILL BE MISSED!!

U know,

You are a sick minded, puppet of all police officers across the USA, brown nosed confused little boy...

This cop shot a CHILD in the BACK, and you applaud it?

You could pass for the devil himself, shame on you!

"witness" sounds like a liar


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