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One sailor shot, another arrested by Navy police at San Diego base

Navy police shot a sailor attempting to ram his car into a police vehicle in an early-morning incident Saturday at San Diego Naval Base, officials said.

Police were attempting to apprehend the sailor on suspicion of drunk driving when the incident occurred, officials said. The sailor had already smashed his car into two other police vehicles, they said.

The incident began when two sailors attempted to drive onto the base through a gate near a housing complex on the base south of downtown San Diego. A security guard, suspecting that the driver had been drinking, ordered the car to pull over and wait for police, officials said.

Instead the car sped off, leading to a chase by police in which the two vehicles were struck. After that, officials said, one sailor got out of the vehicle and was arrested, but the driver sped off again and attempted to ram another police vehicle.

The sailor who was shot is listed in stable condition at the UC San Diego Medical Center. Both sailors are enlisted, officials said.

-- Tony Perry in San Diego


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I'm former enlisted Navy, and I can tell you that throughout your career, there are any number of mandatory lectures that take place--information on everything from sexual harassment to workplace safety is passed on at least once a year... and often more than that, as newsletters or pamphlets on a variety of issues are always available on base, particularly at the clinics, advising you on certain issues like drugs, alcohol and physical abuse.

One bit of information that you will receive NUMEROUS times is that alcohol is the biggest threat to military lives. More soldiers and sailors have been injured or killed in alcohol-related events than have EVER died during wartime. But despite lecture after lecture, incidents like this still occur.

I know that without at least two hours and some food between me and one alcoholic drink, I absolutely refuse to drive. Most often, if I'm not in my home and out at a restaurant or a bar, I won't even consume any alcohol. Because the alleged justifications of "having a good time" because "I'm out with my friends" and taking "just one little drinkie-poo" simply isn't worth risking my life or the lives of others.

Alcohol is a drug. More than that, it is often used a weapon--a weapon against boredom, against authority, against "boring" sobriety. When taken beyond the moderation level (and that is far too easy to do), it does you absolutely NO good. Military members are at risk for a lot of things as it is (PTSD, suicide, etc.) and should have common sense enough NOT to risk people's lives. And yet, we still find cases like this... it's beyond sad and lapses into pathetic.

Excessive drinking sure can lead to very serious
consaquenses,,i hope they learn that before
it's to late !!

After ramming a police car, how will the serviceman get back on base? The discpline of trainees in the navy might have slackened off. The navy is recruiting illegal immigrants for the purpose of them getting their green card. The sailors need to think about their responsibilities to their country.

Now instead of these shipmates (word used lightly) facing a simple NJP/Art 15 for the DUI, they will now be facing a General Court Martial for, at worst, attempted murder.

For shame shipmates, for shame.

In my humble opinion, none of this would have happened if the "security guard" just let the enlistees go home and sleep it off.

I agree, the guard shuold have let the men go and sleep it off. Their job is to keep unauthorized persons off the base, not to hassle the troops.GIs need to blow off steam. The base rent-a cops need to lighten up. They caused a harmless infraction to escalate to a very serious incident. As for other posters here I have a question; If these men were civilians would they have been shot by police ? HECK NO ! If a civilian was shot, it would become a very serious national incident in the media. The troops deserve a little slack. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.

If a civilian made repeated attempts to assault police officers with a moving car I can assure you that they would have been shot just as occurred here.

I'm so sorry, but let them go home and "sleep it off"? Not a chance in hell. They should have known so much better than to get caught drinking and driving. The Navy doesn't tolerate it at all. Navy Region SW policy is zero tolerance for drinking and driving, and it couldn't be more clear.

Secondly, I take offense to someone calling a actual sworn police officer " the security guard". These guys are civilians who come to work along side our MA's to protect us and our bases. So don't give me that "rent-a-cop" story.

Lastly, to answer NavyVet, if it were a civilian, you're damn right they'd have been shot a civilian. Because civilian or military, the rule is all the same: you try and take out a cop, you're going down first. They showed a reckless neglect for life and property... so in my opinion, that officer was dead-on correct in the amount of force he used to protect himself.

You're right we do deserve a little slack. But not when we break the law.

I fully agree with OS3, these guys got what they deserved. DUI be it by civilian or military is still a crime and to be stupid enough to ram police/military vehicles is reason enough to use the force they did. I also agree with the comment "Support our Troops" unless they do something dumb like this!!!! GO NAVY!!!

Yes its our duty to regulate the activitis of sailors within and outside the barrack, and the line of our duty we got involve in danger the navy did what is expect of him to protect himself no option. Well done.


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