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Girl kidnapped at Green Line station, sexually assaulted

L.A. County Sheriff's detectives were searching Thursday for a man who kidnapped a 14-year-old girl at the Green Line station in Hawthorne and sexually assaulted her.

The man allegedly grabbed the girl about 9 p.m. Saturday as she was walking up a stairwell at the station in the 11900 block of South Crenshaw Boulevard and forced her to go down the stairs with him into a red compact car.

He drove for about 10 minutes, parked in an alley and forced her to go inside a townhouse with him, where he sexually assaulted her and attempted to rape her, sheriff's officials said.

The girl managed to escape and reported the incident to law enforcement.

The man was described as black, about 6 feet tall and 300 pounds, in his mid-30s with black hair and brown eyes. He had tattoos, including one on his neck that read “Lil Big Mo” and a tribal band on his right bicep.

His car is described as a red 1990s four-door compact littered with trash and food and smelling of cigarettes, authorities said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s special detectives bureau at (877) 710-5273. Those who wish to remain anonymous may call L.A. Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477.

-- Nate Jackson

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Pig or hog?

Where are the parents?

"Where are the parents?"
Oh right, because we can't expect someone who is 14 to walk on the street and take public transport safely.


what do you mean where are the parents. though this child should not have been out at this time of night there is no excuse of justification for sexual assault!

@Matt8 There is no reason that a 14 year old girl should be taking public transportation at 9pm.

I grew up in Torrance where there was a strict 9pm curfew. Any kid wandering after 9pm was picked up by the police. If we went to the movies or dinner, we had to be in a car, not public transportation. They also picked up kids wandering during school hours. Curfews do prevent a lot of crime and assaults from happening. Kids shouldn't be wandering around on the street.

It should not be too hard to find this guy. I hope he suffers deep, throbbing, prolonged pain at the hands of equally disgusting thugs.

I agree with Matt. A 14 year old should be able to take a bus or metro safely. The bottom line is this would've happened to this girl at 14, 16 or 18. The parents are not to blame, 9pm isn't that late.

This is awful what happened to the girl but I commend her for taking note and remembering the very specific identifying characteristics of the assailant.

How awful. If someone did this to my daughter, I might roam the city with a shotgun. No girl should have to experience this..

Good for her to escape this beast, and to remember such detail which will help the police catch this scumbag.

My 14 year old son takes the Green Line to school and 3 months ago a thug attempted to rob him of money and his (cheap) mp3 player. EXACT SAME LOCATION ON THE STAIRS. This happened between 6:30 and 7:00 AM. My son, to the surprise of everyone that knows him, knocked him out with his skateboard and went on to school. Didn't let me know about it until he was at school.

I called the police and they interviewed my son at school. We were told that the stairs are a favored location for robberies because there are not any cameras that can see this area.


I called to followup several times, but no further info was available. My son took a different route for a few months. The Crenshaw route saves about 30 minutes, so he started taking this route again.

He called me and told me he saw the guy that tried to rob him (he walked up to my son and shrugged his shoulders up to intimate him, but walked away) and I called the police ASAP and to my surprise, they asked via phone my son for a description and asked if we can visit the Crenshaw station to pick the culprit in a lineup.

My son picked out the thug (out of 3 similarly dressed 22-26 y/o black guys) and we were told to wait a few weeks for a phone call. That was a month ago, we haven't heard from them.

This doesn't make any since that camera's are not installed in this location when the police KNOW that the staircase is a targeted area.

When I was in junior high (age 13-14), my friends and I often took public transportation (bus) to the mall or the movies. Some of our parents work 7 days a week so they can't necessarily chauffeur us around... Also, 10 p.m. is usually the curfew for minors in most cities. In any case, the time of day or night does not justify anyone being sexually assaulted.

@ Dino

I agree. The administrators at the police station is so irresponsible. They are just waiting for someone to be murdered there to even consider intalling safety cameras or having a gaurd on duty after sunset.

I wouldnt be surprised if this thug is on probation and has several warrants out for his arrest. Hand me a taser and a police badge and I'll get this guy off the streets ASAP!

@ Jacobin: Your aiming way to high. He's scum. And even that might be insulting to scum everywhere.

The only ones here to blame are US, the people of California for not doing anything to effectively punish rapists, sexual predators, and/or violent molesters. Had we made a public example of John Gardner III by executing him in the public square on the national media (not really killing him, just the appearance of doing so in full SLATTER-COLOR then secreting him to prison for life) rapists like these would think twice about getting caught and thus NOT do it. The ONLY thing they fear is their OWN death. If only ONE was scared enough, then that's one 14 year old we saved. But, NO, we're all cowards - complacent, indifferent, and apathetic - and can't face the moral responsibility of being just as cruel to them as they were or will most definitely be to their victims. Just wait, whose daughter is next?

One point of view, one question:

Point of view: I am a parent of a 16 year old boy and we own a home in a very nice/safe suburban city in LA County. That said, we do not allow our son to run the streets at 9:00PM. He does have a social life and there are times he is out past 9PM on weekends, but not on the streets taking public transportation. He is always with a group of kids, good kids, and we parents always know where they are; and, we are at the movies, basketball game, school dance, wherever waiting to pick them up when the event, movie, whatever is over. If they go to grab a bite, one or more of us will wait in the Starbucks across the street (there's always a Starbucks) allowing them enough space to keep the potential of harm at a minimum (it can never be totally eliminated unless you keep your children locked up and that’s not cool either). It's hard work being a good parent and many sacrifices are made in the course of being a good parent, but it's worth it to keep our precious children safe. I feel for this girl and her family, but there is no way she should have been out at that time at that location, and she certainly should not have been alone. Is it her fault that this happened – no; but, her parents do shoulder some of the blame.

Question: is the perp Lil or Big? How the heck can he be Lil Big Mo? Sounds like a real intellect this guy.

Wrong turds, if a 14 year old "and i see lots of youth on these rails" can't take a train safely, what's next?? Armed escorts to the bathroom at schools? Seriously... patrolled by lazy Sheriff's who ARE NOT vigilant, just waiting for a shootout... i say hand the responsibility of security to private armed guards. At least they don't have the luxury of being lazy and incompetent. I hope the girl sues Metro for lack of security.


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