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Theft charges against Lindsay Lohan could bring significant jail time, experts say [Updated]

The felony grand theft charges Lindsay Lohan will face in court on Wednesday could bring the troubled actress significant time behind bars if she is convicted, according to legal experts.

Click here to see an interactive on Lindsay Lohan's life and career The charges, for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace, are far more serious than the drunk driving charges Lohan has previously faced. Lohan has denied any wrongdoing through her attorney.

[Updated at 5:25: Lohan will be arraigned Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at Airport Court. An earlier version of this post said she would be in court Thursday.]

Dmitry Gorin, an attorney and former deputy district attorney, said that while a conviction for grand theft or second-degree commercial burglary can carry a prison sentence of a couple of years, a much lesser sentence is common in the L.A. court system when this type of case is settled.

“She could realistically face 90 to 180 days in county jail including her probation violation,” he said.

While prosecutors might want a felony conviction, Gorin said, “I would push for a reduction to a misdemeanor and community service.”

Lohan currently is on probation and faces a criminal investigation in Riverside County involving allegations that she shoved a worker at the Betty Ford Center.

Lohan did not immediately comment on the latest charge, but her attorney released a statement over the weekend that the actress would fight any criminal charges.

"We vehemently deny these allegations," the statement said.

If charges are filed, "We will fight them in court, not in the press."

Last week, Los Angeles police detectives presented the results of their investigation into the alleged theft to prosecutors. Detectives investigated whether Lohan stole a "one-of-a-kind" necklace that went missing last month from a Venice jewelry store not far from where she lives.

The piece, described as a gold necklace with semiprecious stones, disappeared Jan. 22 from the store in the 1300 block of Abbot Kinney Boulevard, and police began investigating a few days later. According to law enforcement sources, Lohan was seen in a store security video wearing the necklace before it was reported missing.

After detectives began looking into the case and preparing a search warrant, a Lohan associate took the necklace to the Pacific Division police station, sources said. Lohan could face grand theft and second-degree commercial burglary charges if evidence supports that the necklace was stolen, prosecutors said.

In the Riverside County case, Lohan is under investigation for allegedly assaulting an employee at the Betty Ford Center.

Lohan spent three months at the center in Rancho Mirage under orders from Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Elden S. Fox, who spared the actress jail time in October after Lohan tested positive for drugs while on probation in a DUI case.

The judge directed her to stay at the center through January and warned that he would put her in jail for six months if she violated probation again. It was her fifth time in rehab, and she has been to jail three times in connection with the case.

The employee accused Lohan of shoving her but then told investigators she did not want to press charges.


Lindsay Lohan to be charged with grand theft in necklace case

-- Richard Winton and Andrew Blankstein

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Even if she's found guilty, not likly, she won't do an hour of "serious" jail time.

6 months maximum for stealing a $2500 necklace while already on probation?! Why is she being treated so much differently than any other garden variety drug-addicted thief? Insane.

Nothing is going to come of this. There will be a plea deal with more probation.

everyone CALM DOWN!!! NOTHING is going to happen to her!

she decided to join the BLING RING

It would be nice to see her answer for her actions. The criminal justice system in LA needs to be overhauled. She probably wont even get a slap on the wrist. If it were me, I'd probably get sent to prison for that type of theft, and being on probabtion at the same time. Can someone tell me why these celebrities deserve special treatment? I mean are they really better than the rest of us, and I just do'nt realize it? :-l

I was charged w/felony grand theft several years back. I don't think I was on probation at the time, but I did have prior petty theft. I returned the item right after I stole it because I was high & knew it was wrong, but was still charged. It was reduced to a misdemeanor, and my sentence was time served (about a month) + 100 hours community service + 5 years probation...and I am a "regular" person so prob not such an awful time for her.

She has a new name: Light-fingered Lindsay.

deegee, the problem is that something should happen to her. She is a thief, she stole other people's property. What would you say if it was some black welfare recipient who stole $2500 other people's property? What if the welfare recipient stole $2500.00 worth of your stuff.

This little female puppy has repeatedly failed probation by all accounts has assaulted other people and now she is steling other peoples belongings. If our justice system is to mean anything she should be sharing a cell with that welfare recipient for every bit as long.

The real story is the back and forth at the DA, one minute they don't want to press charges then they do?
Its obvious her daddy was trying to pull strings at the DA and it back fired!
Another example of the dual justice systems at work.

he he he... I`m rich and do what I want.... screw you little people!


Once you're entwined in our legal system/industry, it's virtually impossible to get out of it. And just when you think you've hit bottom, a trap door opens and you're free-falling again. This happens to normal people daily. This industry is made up of people who feed their families by keeping you IN the system. Good luck Lindsay...

Just get Lilo's legal staff to write a big check to certain people and make all of this quietly go away. Maybe she give out a few invitations to some hollywood parties---charlie sheen might show up!

Boy, I wish I was in the jail cell with her. God, she is beautiful. No question. But, to face reality, how stupid can you be if you walk out with a piece of jewelry you know you can pay for? Chump change to her. I guess she thought it was a loan or maybe planned to get her more attention. She is a sad case of a dysfuncional family.

It would be nice if Lindsey or the judge had to pay for the crime. Maybe the judge could get it right.
Lindsey and all other high profile dopeheads deserve sentences of cleaning sewers in Calcutta for a year or two.

What a useless, spoiled little brat. Throw her in jail and let her get some well-deserved humiliation. She just may develop a little humility. Otherwise, she's a hopeless case.

While prosecutors might want a felony conviction, Gorin said, “I would push for a reduction to a misdemeanor and community service.”

No wonder he is a former prosecutor. I wonder, did he think this is what should happen to everyday people. Did he ask to reduce charges on them or does he think that people who are famous or rich or both are less inclined to commit ever more serious crimes as they continue to fail to get punished for their acts? It would seem that if that is his position, Lohan is a good example that his reasoning is wrong. Lindsey affects my life in no way so I really only care in that if a black, Asian, Hispanic, or even a white girl from any poor neighborhood gets 2 years then that is exactly what Lindsay should get, nothing more, nothing less!


nothing like a SLAP in the judges face.

Bet she gets another slap on the wrist!

My favorite train-wreck! Bad news is better then NO NEWS! Cause everyone knows she is an "untouchable" in Hollywood!

...But she's such a nice freckled-faced little white girl...

The whole case doesn't seem to pass the smell test at this point. The fact that the store waited a day to report the necklace missing is a glaring problem for the prosecutor, since Lohan's defense will probably be that she thought the necklace was a "loaner" and if she convinces a jury that she believed that to be the case, she walks. Given the Los Angeles County District Attorney's track record at convicting celebrities, I don't see this ending in a conviction by a jury.

So let me get this straight: stealing a necklace is a more serious charge than drunk driving?

Poor Lindsay :-(

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