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Lindsay Lohan didn't steal necklace, will fight any criminal charges, her attorney says

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/.a/6a00d8341c630a53ef0134853d8175970c-400wiLindsay Lohan's attorney released a statement Saturday denying that the actress stole a necklace from a Venice jewelry store.

Los Angeles detectives presented the results of their investigation into the alleged theft to L.A. prosecutors  Wednesday.

Detectives investigated whether Lohan stole a "one-of-a-kind" necklace that went missing last month from a Venice jewelry store not far from where she lives, sources told The Times early Wednesday.

The piece, described as a gold necklace with semiprecious stones, disappeared Jan. 22 from the store in the 1300 block of Abbot Kinney Boulevard, and police began investigating a few days later. According to law enforcement sources, Lohan was seen in a store security video wearing the necklace before it was reported missing.

After detectives began looking into the case and preparing a search warrant, a Lohan associate took the necklace to the Pacific Division police station, sources said. Lohan could face grand theft and second-degree commercial burglary charges if evidence supports that the necklace was stolen, prosecutors said.

On Saturday, Lohan attorney Shawn Chapman Holley released a statement saying Lohan did nothing wrong and that they would fight any criminal charges.

“We vehemently deny these allegations,” the statement said. “And, if charges are filed, we will fight them in court, not in the press.”

Lohan is also under investigation in Riverside County for allegedly assaulting an employee at the Betty Ford Clinic.

Lohan spent three months at the center in Rancho Mirage under orders from Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Elden S. Fox, who spared the actress jail time in October after Lohan tested positive for drugs.

The judge directed her to stay at the center through January and warned that he would put her in jail for six months if she violated probation again. It was her fifth time in rehab, and she has been to jail three times in connection with the case.

The employee accused Lohan of shoving her but then told investigators she did not want to press charges. Riverside County prosecutors said they are investigating the case.

Lohan has denied any wrongdoing. Since leaving the clinic, she has been living in Venice.


Lindsay Lohan necklace theft allegation under review by prosecutors

LAPD to present evidence on Lohan's theft allegation to prosecutors today

-- Andrew Blankstein and Richard Winton

Photo: Lindsay Lohan outside of court in 2010. Credit: Los Angeles Times


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she is everytime hot :) i love you, Lindsay Lohan..!

Free Lindsay! Why is everyone picking on her? Who cares about drugs, drunken driving, theft. She's a Hollywood actress for God's sake, so lay off.

I really like Lindsay and want her to move on in her life because I believe she is an excellent actress. But why is she always getting in trouble? It seemed that she was about to put all the bad things behind her then in rehab she has a problem. Now this necklace. Lindsay needs to move out of LA and forget this limelight until she grows up. Borrowed necklace? or stolen? either way its more problem for this girl who thinks she is above the law and all her friends and family must think the same. Lindsay: you have had lots of chances and you blew it, you made your own bed. If you can get your lawyers to get you out of this I think you should move to North Dakota and work in a farm for a year or two until you grow up.

Oh, her attorney said she didn't do it. Well, I'm glad that's over with now. Whew.

How does Holley know Lohan didn't steal the necklace? Was she there? Did she see Lohan sign the release/loan papers? Sounds like she's just taking her client's word for it. Um, OK...I guess.

Why is it that Lindsay Lohan is always caught with doing things she is not suppose to be doing did not do it something is terribly wrong somewere.

My favorite train wreck! The spiral over the drain just keeps spiraling and spiraling. . . .

Oh, she wasn't stealing STEALING the necklace, she just wanted, like, to see how it would look at home (she's NO impulse buyer)!

She "borrowed" the necklace. Right. Like the fox was borrowing the chickens. Nice to see that her attorney is enabling her behavior.

The Case of the Stolen Necklace. Another heading for another chapter. Lindsay's biographer will certainly have an easy time of it. If only we could turn this Queen's-Necklace-Three-Musketeers sort of thing around. There must be an underlying plot. It happened in Venice, Calif.? Then Hippies and pot are involved. It was a Free Love thing, like here man, whatever I got is yours. That's it: "Your honor, I was in Hippieland and this magic necklace was given to me to wear. They said it would bring me lots of good luck."

Personally I find it both disgusting/sad that a lot of celebs NEVER take responsibility for their actions NOT to mention they begin thinking money and fame gives them a free pass 24/7 which is so far from reality!!! If you're everyday person pulled this sh*t like Lindsay Lohan or any other celeb (consid.) yourself locked up for many yrs and key thrown away.

Personally I find it both disgusting/sad that a lot of celebs NEVER take responsibility for their actions NOT to mention they begin thinking money and fame gives them a free pass 24/7 which is so far from reality!!! If you're everyday person pulled this sh*t like Lindsay Lohan or any other celeb (consid.) yourself locked up for many yrs and key thrown away.

How could she wear the necklace in the video if she did not have the necklace? Where did the person that returned the necklace get it if not from her?

She just needed to be lock up .. If that was one of us, we would be sitting in a jail cell right about now.. How come the judge cant throw away the key and just lock her up. CELEB or not. She need to accountable for her action.. She blew her chance Judge...

She was seen wearing it. It vanished without being paid for. Then one of Lohan's employees turned it in. Hmmmmm Now why do I think her attorney has an uphill battle. This disaster is on a downward spiral. Who cares how hot she is, how pretty, what a good actress (though I don'think she is), we are dealing with a drug addict who beats people up and steals things. Both she an Sheen think they are such valuable products. The world existed before them and will continue long after they are gone. They are both just silly stupid people who had a chance and blew it. There are plenty of people who are just as hot, talented and attractivewho have some self respect, whould no be an embarassment to themselves. Dump the disasters. Let then go rent out the use of their hot bodies for another hit of cocaine.

So hot!

Great picture illustrating the article.

Hey! What's she doing with my sunglasses!?!?!

Man I wish I was her attorney.....paycheck for life!!!!

She really looks bad, kinda swollen and grey...she looks to be dying and probably is. She looks like she's forty. Drugs and alcohol. Why is everyone so drugged up all the time, it's killing our mind, families, and nation . Try getting sober... you just might like the clarity of it all. Get back to where you once belonged...JPG&R

Many stars that I know personally have a sense of entitlement. They expect to be "comped" with freebies wherever they go. It's sad because they often expect free merchandise and services from people who are just getting by. To ask to be paid for services rendered or items wanted by the star is to be a hole of some sort. It puts the service provider or retailer into a terrible position. People like Lohan work their celebrity status for all it's worth and without any guilt or qualms whatsoever. Lohan really isn't a very nice person and will jump on any opportunity to demonstrate that fact. I feel sorry for her. She's as clueless as she is pathetic.

Lindsay Lohan hooking-up with Charlie Sheen.

You KNOW you wanna see it...

Maybe a couple of years in the slammer would do her good.

It sounds like the drunk got caught with the goods...GUILTY...

It would appear that moment has arrived for Lindsay to do some...


Sixteen months with 1/2 time should do the trick.

This felonious behavior cannot continue!!


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