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Lindsay Lohan tweets she 'would never steal,' complains about media coverage in necklace case


While her attorney suggested that Lindsay Lohan would accept a plea deal after being charged with stealing a necklace, the actress herself insisted in an Internet posting that she would "never steal."

On her Twitter feed, Lohan said she wants to work again and complained about all the media coverage of her court appearance.

“…i just want to be on set again, and left alone to just work! fyi- i would never steal, in case people are wondering. I was not raised to lie, cheat, or steal.”

She questioned media coverage of the tight, short white dress she wore to court Wednesday: “also, what i wear to court shouldn’t be front page news. it's just absurd. god bless xox L.”

Lohan's attorney also insists the actress is innocent. But in an interview on CNN, she suggested Lohan would accept a plea bargain.

"We will entertain a discussion concerning a plea if it means no jail so that she can move forward with her recovery and her career," Shawn Chapman Holley said.

Lohan on Wednesday pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft charges of stealing the necklace.

She posted a $40,000 bond and was released.

Lohan is accused of taking a $2,500 necklace from Kamofie & Co. The alleged Jan. 22 incident was captured on store surveillance video. She was already on misdemeanor probation for driving under the influence. That case has seen her jailed briefly three times.

Lohan recently underwent 90 days in rehab at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage. Riverside County prosecutors are reviewing allegations that she commited battery against a Betty Ford technician in December during an altercation. Lohan has denied the allegation.


Lohan gives DNA sample, posts bail

Lindsay Lohan pleads not guilty to felony grand theft

Photos: The trials and tribulations of Lindsay Lohan

-- Richard Winton

Photo: Photographers and reporters swarm the Airport Courthouse as Lindsay Lohan arrives for a hearing on felony grand theft charges. Credit: Liz O. Baylen / Los Angeles Times

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Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay .. you get thru life lying. You're an addict. Its what you do. You are never going to heal unless and until you start being honest with yourself.

I don't think it's the media coverage that is preventing her from getting acting roles.

So the necklace followed her home like a lost puppy?

How annoying: LA Times, let TMZ handle this, why don't you people start reporting REAL news?

I love reading that Lindsay's white dress sold out, meantime I had to go to the WSJ or Bloomberg to read about the Germans attempting to buy the NYSE and the crooked Congressmen behind the move.

I saw on one of the tv news entertainment shows. a paparazzi photo of Lohan wearing the very necklace the very next day.

If she has no receipt and the store's owner claims she didn't pay, she didn't pay. What can be her explanation? That she meant to pay later? Which might be plausible, in fact - it seems unlikely that a young woman who knows she's under the microscope would be foolish enough to steal something in a small store.

It's also tacky of the store owner to have turned her in this way, why? For the attention? I bet they're getting it - no one ever heard of this store before. Are their sales up? "The store so cool Lindsay Lohan came here to steal!" could be their slogan.

IF the owners believed Lindsay took it, they should have contacted her first. Guess they did and she returned the necklace. or something made her return the necklace and send an apology. We don't know the whole story here.

It's also weird that the store owner claims to be "harassed" by Lindsay because she sent flowers to apologize!

Sounds like there's some prior relationship between these two, did the store owner have a grudge? Had Lindsay been there before? Was she with someone ELSE who took the necklace? Lots of fluff and sensationalist coverage like about her short dress but we know nothing of these details.

Her lawyer probably advised her about "business attire" for court appearances, so it wasn't sensible for Lindsay to wear something so sexy and more suitable to a dinner out or to a club. But maybe she's so sick of negative coverage whatever she does, she's feeling "go suck on it, I don't care."

Leave the girl alone, stupid "media": I'm with Dr. Drew on that. If she's going to get better all this sensationalism, and people like the store owner and every paparazzi and even so=called "Mainstream MEdia" outlet profiting, she's being set back all the time.

wow, a client and an attorney who are both liars....no surprise.....

A note to the DA ... if she skates on this charge you will have lost all credibility as a law enforcement agency. I refuse to believe an ordinary citizen could avoid the slammer under the same circumstances.

Maybe go light on her - one more time. After all, the necklace was returned. But - in the future - during her probation - one more offense, I say send her up to do hard time. She is an arrogant punk and cannot continue to act above the law.

She needs a new attorney.

ENOUGH, ENOUGH, IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If our judicial system ever wants to look half fair they need to do what’s right here. This woman knows she will most likely get away with anything with a slap on the wrist. She needs help and the best way is a few years in jail. Not only is it good for her its good for the whole justice system and the general population. With all the crime going on out there she’s big news. At least show the people the law is the law and Hollywood is not under a different system.

WHAT??? Take a plea??? What plea???

This woman is guilty of a felony.....PUT HER IN JAIL!

I have an idea for the PA and police.....why don't you put real criminals in jail instead of picking on a person with a disease.
You all are a bunch of lazy cowards.

When will she, and her entire white trash, low life family just GO AWAY!!!

Then we know she is a liar and is worried she will be found guilty and go to jail. Let her rot in jail the world is better off without her.

What ever happened to the "Aggresive Defense" her attorney alluded to earlier? Why doesn't she just plaed "No lo Contendre" and get it over with. Lindsay in the joint would be a good lesson for this horribly hooked addict. Three years minimum??

"fyi- i would never steal, in case people are wondering. I was not raised to lie, cheat, or steal.”

No Lohan was raised instead to believe she could shirk all responsibility for her actions, behave like a Hollywood Blvd. "working girl" and that the laws don't apply to her.

If Lindsay Lohan doesn't go to jail, its a perfect example how the American Justice System doesn't apply if you're rich and white. Do the crime, DO THE TIME!


Dear Lindsay: Sit down, shut up and get serious about your recovery. Stop Tweeting and complaining about how you're being wronged and maligned. You've gotten more chances than the average person, and you're STILL not owning up to your wrong doing. Oh, and to Dina: STOP ENABLING YOUR DAUGHTER. You're not doing her any favors.

She needs prison time to get her spoiled little world to crumble.

So all her talk (and tweets) about being not guilty, etc., are a bunch of lies. If you're willing to accept a plea deal, that means you admit doing the crime. I know her attorney is very sharp and slick, but the judge should not, repeat, not, allow a plea deal just because she doesn't want to go to jail (or would it be prison?). That's too bad...if you do the crime you do the time. I think she should start entertaining the prospect of being behind bars.

5 years in State Prison , Parole eligibility in 3. Lindsey Lohan is a disgusting example of ignorance and narcissism. She has always had enough money for taxis, limos, and to purchase the necklace. She is a thief and a recidivist drunk driving criminal. SHE NEED REAL JAIL TIME IN GENERAL POPULATION SO SHE CAN SEE WHAT THE WORLD IS REALLY LIKE FOR EVERYDAY PEOPLE WHEN THE THUMB THEIR NOSE AT TEH LAW

"fyi- i would never steal"... Really, well maybe you should explain that again TO THE PHOTOGRAPHS of you wearing the necklace. Also:
"We will entertain a discussion concerning a plea..."
Yeah right!
And that is EXACTLY what a plea deal is; a criminal act perpetrated by the state no different than if some mob or gang tells a business they won't be firebombed IF they pay up an 'insurance'. Same crime in order to CHEAPLY AND EXPEDIENTLY squeeze some quick cash out of a defendant.
No, if you're innocent you fight, win, lose or draw rather than be 'marked' for life.
This corrupt system has been pulling this for too long. In fact, the larger fraud is that ALL the courts in California ARE A PRIVATELY HELD CORPORATION! Lawyers know this, but their FIRST duty is to the court, NOT you! (Corpus Juris Secundum, 7)(I don't recall the page #)

Get on with WHAT career?

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