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3 Palmdale men held in Mexican cartel murder-for-hire case

Three men were arrested Thursday in Palmdale in what authorities alleged was a foiled murder-for-hire plot directed by a ruthless Tijuana-based drug cartel.

The suspects are accused of being enforcers for the Arellano Felix Cartel and were planning to target victims in California who owed the cartel large amounts of money, which are believed to be the proceeds from drug sales, according to the California attorney general's office.

Two of the men were apprehended at a home in Palmdale, where state Department of Justice agents seized two AR-15 assault weapons, 1,000 rounds of ammunition and about $20,000 in cash. A third suspect was arrested later at a nearby Starbucks, authorities said.

The suspects were identified as Jorge Ernesto Sillas-Rocha, 27; Victor Manuel Magana Gonzalez, 24; and Daniel Ceballos, 34.

Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris said the arrests are a warning to other cartel operatives who may be considering committing crimes in the state. "Justice will be swift and certain when you cross into California," she said in a statement.


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-- Robert J. Lopez

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Well there is no doubt now, the drug cartels are here in full force.

We can only hope that they restrict their killing to only drug dealers and drug users.

Well there you go HOME LAND SECURITY, proof that the cartels have crossed over the border, thanks to its being unsecured. WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT?

Another good reason to seal off our boarder.

Good job

So what is it going to take for the Federal Government to start enforcing Immigration LAWS. AMAZING

Again, none of this would have occurred if drugs were legalized, just like we don't have alcohol or tobacco cartels sending out henchmen to murder those who cross them.

You don't think he will live to eat those words do you?I've seen a lot of that lately.Oley Osama,Jose needs you.

Good job. But, this case is probably just the start of more crime committed by illegals. The border laws need to be enforced. I feel like I already live in Mexico.

So, are Jorge Ernesto Sillas-Rocha, 27; Victor Manuel Magana Gonzalez, 24; and Daniel Ceballos, 34, legal residents or illegal invaders???

Don't forget, Californians, these are the people, or the relatives of the people, whom you choose to offer AMNESTY.


Keep up the good law enforcement work...we cannot allow the Mexican Cartels to infest & infect the U.S.!!

Where is Janet Nappy and her statements on how the border states are so safe?

What's next? Lopped off heads on the Santa Monica pier?

Multi-level marketing. Kind of like Amway with guns.

Will Hector write a pro illegal column about these guys? Stay tuned!

I didn't see anywhere in this article where it says these men were illegals.

This isn't about legalization. Who are you kidding? Do you think that legalization will bring an end to the cartels? Please. Don't be so ignorant. It's costing you and us.

Legalization of marijuana will still bring out turf wars and since children won't be legally allowed to smoke (under 18), the illegal distribution will still flourish. And since it doesn't include legalization of cocaine, exstacy, pcp, heroin or meth, the cartels will simply switch gears.

If your answer is to legalize every substance that is harmful to people, then move to an island and make your own laws. But human nature never changes.

In this story, where does it report that the suspects who were arrested are undocumented??? Nowhere, maybe we should focus on our literacy and comprehension skills before making such xenophobic and racist comments.

I wonder how many Americans have to be considered collateral damage before the federal government says enough is enough, and put some real muscle and thought behind border protection.

Yep, ain't amnesty grand? And then they wonder where the cartels get all their guns.

Wait, it was LASD's Case. Not the state. LASD hit the house.

Not surprising! My question is, how bad does it need to get, so the Obama administration does something about the Mexican drug cartels? How many more of these cases need to happen? What if law enforcement does not know about these situations and people actually get killed? Execuations in California similar to Mexico? Wake up Obama Administartion and do something. For the people that say we need to legalize drugs, get real!!! Society would be much worse then it already is if everyone was under the influence. In addition, if you want to legalize drugs you must be a drug user or pusher.

first, we have problems at the border and within Mexico of killing U.S. citizens or not, and now we have attempts on lives on people in U.S. territory, which now leads one to think that yes, these cartels or drug rings have a long arm reach for those they wish to do away with, be it, on the street or our leaders in law, what next, or if any example will be made of to make at least some deterrent?? with all the technology we have at our finger tips, "are we to be that naive, to think that our govt. can't track as disassemble these groups as monitor each and all leads" enforcement with U.S. troops along the border under chain of command CAN WORK!! while we are being drenched of every nickle, penny of our economic structure, we wait, for what? losing DEA, is this not some wake up call, after the last, or did we already forget Enrique?

Why are californians so passive on the death penalty? What about a one day "cleansing" for all 700 plus death row inmates somewhere near Palmdale. Puff!

Relatives have 24 hours to pick up remains, otherwise they get dumped into the desert. Adios! amigos!

As the good witch said: Begone

Maybe these are people that their ansestors were here before the mayflower??
They should pay for the crime commited!! but don't make an illegal issue out of just another crime in our beautiful State

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