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Garridos confess to police in Jaycee Dugard kidnapping and rape case [updated]



The couple charged with kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard in 1991 and holding her captive for 18 years have confessed to police about the crime, an attorney for one of the defendants said Monday.

Phillip and Nancy Garrido are charged with kidnapping Dugard in a case that captured international attention when Dugard and her daughters were discovered in 2009 living in a ramshackle compound in the Garridos’ Antioch, Calif., backyard. Phillip Garrido, who is also charged with rape, is the father of Dugard’s children.

Stephen Tapson, an attorney for Nancy Garrido, said the couple confessed to the crime during a recent interview with detectives.

[Updated, 4:10 p.m.: After a brief hearing Monday afternoon, Tapson told reporters outside El Dorado County Superior Court that the couple confessed to the crimes because Phillip, 59, is hoping that his wife’s sentence will be reduced.

Currently, Tapson said, authorities here have offered Nancy a plea agreement that would put her behind bars for nearly 242 years to life and Phillip 440 years to life.

The couple have been charged with nearly 30 counts of kidnap, rape and false imprisonment. According to a grand jury indictment, Phillip videotaped some of the rapes.

“As far as being involved in any of the sexual stuff, she wasn’t,” Tapson said of his client. “She’s guilty, obviously, of kidnapping and a bunch of other charges .... She should be able to walk on the beach, probably with a walker, at some point in time before she dies.”]

A two-week jury trial on Phillip Garrido’s mental status was scheduled to begin Monday, but attorneys in the case agreed to allow Judge Douglas C. Phimister to determine Phillip Garrido’s competence instead.

Having reviewed reports from several psychologists who examined Phillip Garrido, Phimister ruled that the 59-year-old was "in fact competent to stand trial."

Susan Gellman, Phillip Garrido’s attorney, had earlier expressed concern about her client's mental state. But after several psychologists examined him and filed their reports, she said she was confident that he was competent to stand trial -- at this point.

The Garridos are being held in El Dorado County Jail.

-- Maria L. La Ganga in Placerville

Photo: Phillip Garrido in court. L.A. Times file.

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If they can find and sit the OJ jury, they still have a chance of being found innocent.

Thank God, this young lady has been through enough already.

I hope they fry this guy. Why should he be alive on our dime?

"would put her behind bars for nearly 242 years to life and Phillip 440 years to life"

What is the difference? cant we just call it life in prison at this point?

"She should be able to walk on the beach, probably with a walker, at some point in time before she dies"

They are sentencing her to 242 years... how can she possibly get out? what is the point of calling it 242 if you are only gonna make her serve 20? I hate it!!! you can call it 1,000 years, anything over 100 is irrelevant and the court should stop doing it. if you sentence someone to 50 years, make them serve 50 years. if they are 50 years old at the time of the 50 year sentence, call it life in prison, or better yet a death sentence. If someone is going to die in prison anyway, dont make tax payers foot the bill for the rest of their miserable lives. make it a death sentence.

Phillip Garrado is seriously deluded if he thinks that his wife will see freedom again if she accepts the plea deal for 242 years. And I comment the prosecutor for making these idiots think that a 242 & 440 year prison sentences is a good thing.

How does a lawyer justify that Garrido's wife should be able to 'walk on the beach" someday. Jaycee was captured 18 years. Mrs. Garrido probably won't live that long. Why should we worry about her walking on the beach when she didn't worry about Jaycee walking on the beach - or report her whacked out husband...

That sicko's wife should never be allowed to ever step foot outside of prison. May they both burn in hell for what they did to that innocent girl. Her life will never be the same.

okay....this might be a stupid question but how can someone get 242 yrs to life or 440 yrs to life in prison.....that doesn't make sense to me....can someone help me out here??

Not that I want the, obviously guilty, defendant to get anything less than a very long sentence, but I hope Nancy Garrido's attorney is smarter than his quotes would indicate in this article. Hard to tell if he's working for her or the prosecuting attorney.

This is so disgusting.

give em both the chair if they are found guilty dont charge us to keep them in custody for the rest of their lives their crimes are bad enough!

Why should they get a plea deal? This is a case where their guilt is obvious, and a confession is unneeded.

With good behavior, Garrido's attorneys say they he be able to get the Mrs. out in half the time!

OK SO WHAT if Susan Gellman didn't do some things !! She not only assisted apparently she kept Jaycee while Phillip Garrido was in jail and she is JUST AS GUILTY as HE IS..And neither one of them deserve walks on the beach or ANYTHING they took this woman's innocence and forced her into a life she didn't ask for or want at all. To have to deliver not one but two children in the back yard in some tents that is just unbelievable to me they would even get ANY OFFER at all they need to ROTT IN JAIL so they can never do this to anyone else again EVER.........

ARTICLE: The couple have been charged with nearly 30 counts of kidnap, rape and false imprisonment. According to a grand jury indictment, Phillip videotaped some of the rapes.
I WROTE: Nancy Garrido video taped the rapes while Phil enjoyed the sex. Nancy Garrido kidnapped Jaycee and of course while Phil went to jail for a while due to parole violation, Nancy did nothing to give Jaycee back.

Captain Howdy: Remember- there is another guy living on our dime that deserves to be executed more than this guy- that guy is Charles Manson.

A lot of pro death penalty comments... I like it!!! kill them both by firing squad and make them pay for the bullets... like how they do in china.

I think life in prison for the wife is appropriate: she allowed Jaycee and her daughter to live like animals in a prison created by her and her husband. I do not think she should walk on the beach at any point in her life.

I get tired of women who aid a man in his crimes, and then claim that they do not have the same level of culpability.

I do believe that these men prey on weak-minded women when they choose a partner, but at some point anyone with a conscious would step up to the plate and do the right thing -- save the victim(s) and turn in their predatory lover.

I remember watching one of those low budget court shows that depicted a sadistic serial killer. His girlfriend was also sentenced to life in prison, and in an interview she was filmed complaining about the fact that she didn't feel that she had done anything wrong because she was not specifically responsible for the torture and murder of young women. She didn't feel that having knowledge of her boyfriend's activities made her guilty.

But she WAS. One phone call would have ended her lover's terror, and she chose to not make it. I feel the same way about Mrs. Garridos. For 18 years she couldn't pick up a phone? Walk up to a police officer? Say to a neighbor, "Excuse me, but I need your help..."

There's simply no excuse! Absolutely NONE! I don't care how weak-minded or manipulated she was, she still had her conscience. And there is no way that she could not know that what was happening to that young lady that she helped kidnap was wrong.

@everyone who is pro death penalty:

EACH DEATH ROW INMATE COSTS TAXPAYERS $90,000 MORE PER YEAR than they would if they were sentenced to life without parole.

This is due to the lengthy judicial process required before someone can be sentenced to death, and because death row inmates are confined in different facilities than prisoners who are sentenced to life without parole.

So actually, your "dime" goes further if prisoners are put behind bars for life without parole.

This is absurd! She should get just as much time as he does, she is just as guilty! She could of went to the authoritys at any time to help the poor girl who was robbed of her childhood, and of almost 1/2 of her young life!!!!!

If I am in a getaway car and my buddy shoots the clerk, Iam just as guilty as he/she who pulled the trigger....according to our laws...why does this not apply to this case????

you should be ashame of yourself you should get the eletric chair


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