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Four American hostages killed by Somali pirates during rescue attempt [Updated]

Four Americans, including a couple from Southern California, who were taken hostage by Somali pirates were fatally wounded by their captors while negotiations between the pirates and U.S. military forces were underway in the Gulf of Aden, U.S. Central Command said Tuesday.

The four were aboard the vessel Quest, which was captured last week.

"We express our deepest condolences for the innocent lives callously lost aboard the Quest," said Marine Gen. James N. Mattis, commander of Central Command.

[Updated, 6:45 a.m.: The bodies of the four Americans are on board the carrier Enterprise off the Horn of Africa, according to Central Command. The names of the Southern California couple are Scott and Jean Adam, boaters who were based out of Marina Del Rey.]

Four U.S. Navy ships had been shadowing the Quest after it was taken over by the pirates, Mattis said. While negotiations were underway to gain the release of the Americans, U.S. forces responded to gunfire aboard the Quest. The four Americans had been shot, Mattis said.

Two of the pirates were killed by U.S. forces and 13 captured, Mattis said. After boarding the Quest, military personnel found the bodies of two other pirates. The incident occurred about 1 a.m. EST.

"Despite immediate steps to provide lifesaving care, all four hostages ultimately died of their wounds," according to a statement from Central Command.

The four American victims also included a couple from the Seattle area. [Updated, 7:06 a.m.: Their names were Phyllis Mackay and Bob Riggle.]


Somali pirate drama ends with death of American hostages

O.C. yachting couple among hundreds held by Somalia pirates, official says

Bodies of Southern California couple killed by pirates now aboard U.S. aircraft carrier

-- Tony Perry in San Diego

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Time to carpet bombing Somalia

We need some real pay-back. It's time to blow the hell out of there bases of operation.

why can't the yanks just send a couple subs to the area and start picking off dirtbags ?

Its unfortunate to hear these people lost their lives but a little situational awareness ( LIKE NOT SAILING OFF THE COAST OF SOMALIA ) and these people might still be alive.

Terrible news. They've gone to their reward.

When you respond to pirates with kid gloves as we have, this is what you get. We should determine what ports these pirates call home and have our warships turn them into a moon-like fields of craters. To be humane, of course, we would give the locals the opportunity to execute the pirates themselves first.

This is crazy. There should be no negiotiations. If a pirate captures a boat there should be a full on assault to kill every one of them. Eventually the pirates would realize we aren't messing around. We also should let loose some bombs on the Somalia coast for some payback!!!


These monkeys with machine guns need to taste the fruit of their labor. Anything that ventures from 5 to 25 miles from the coast of Somalia for the next 12 months should be sunk.


Somali Pirates: 13 U.S. Survivors: 0
We lose again.

"Two of the pirates were killed by U.S. forces and 13 captured".
Sad story, for families related to killed US tourists and for American people who will pay 13 prisoners food/health/roof for next 30 or so years. Putting one captured somalian pirate in US jail wasn't good idea. Better way could be outsourcing jail services to Turks. There will no be pirates after that.

How horribly sad. My prayers go out to their families and friends.

This is what happens when you are perceived as a weak country.Well Obama, what are you going to do about it?

We need to go back into somalia. Clinton was wrong for pulling us out in 1993.

Crime on the high seas.

Make the pirates walk the plank.

Were the folks aboard that yacht armed at all? I wonder 1. why any one would sail the globe with nothing to protect themselves and 2. why anyone would sail through waters known to have pirate activities abound.

All 13 of the Somali Pirates should have been put to death also. Their are times to show compassion, and their are times not to. This time compassion should have not been shown. Now we got trials and tax money being spent for legal council for innocence that is not there, the Somali pirates were on board at the time, they all are involved and they all should be put to death to show a message to Somalia we are not going to stand up to Piracy! If Somalia does not stop this, I think a few drones should be sent in to send a message!

Hard to find too much sympathy for Americans sailing into Pirate-infested waters. Besides, weren't these the same idiots who decided to separate from the safety of the bigger armada? This is like when fools go hiking in and around Iraq or Afghanistan and expect not to get abducted. Unfortunate? Yes. Tragic? Hardly. Tragedy is when an innocent person is killed by a drive-by shooting or a child gets cancer. This is just plain stupidity.

My deepest sympathies to the families of the s/v Quest crew. I organised a large convoy last year which went through "pirate alley" the risk then was so different to that now prevailing. The pirates changed tactics this year; moving to the East, using captured merchant vessels as mother ships and taking hostages on board the mother ships. The Quest and all those other yachts couldn't have known this when they left Thailand. Some of the yachts will take a ship transporter but there is not enough capacity for the 100 or so yachts trying to get to the Red Sea. Hard and difficult decisions had to be made and none of them easy or without risk. Even though I have done the trip and led 26 other yachts and took the passage from the Maldives to Salalah ( the port Quest was making for) I do not think I am qualified to pass any sort of judgement on their decision.
I wsh all those others at sea in the indian Ocean a safe passage
Tom Sampson

This pirate incident is horrendous and I hope the US and President Obama use lethal force to insure this lawlessness is put to a stop.

It's time to send in the marines. Nothing less than force will solve this problem.

been following for a while, American needs level Somali, why anyone is putting up it is beyone me.

OMG, I am so sorry for their families and friends. This is awful for Cruiser's all over the world.

TO all the sailors world over, be careful and safe sailing, keep up on your watches . This is awful. from the Cruiser's Galley crew in Puerto Rico, RIP, Desia

We need to put a end to these pirates and go in and take all ships back then level Somail, this will end the unecessary attacks on the high sea's


DALE Willliams of Cypress ca.

Why did the US let it go this far! I am totally baffled that these rag tag pirates have this much power over the strength of the US and other entire countries and their militaries.

We should be proud of the crew of the Quest...and proud of the Navy's effort to rescue them. I hope our Naval forces are allowed to administer a swift and solid retaliation.

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