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106 tickets issued to violators near Metro Blue Line station in Long Beach


Officers issued 106 tickets in 2 1/2 hours Monday morning at the Metro Blue Line's Willow station in Long Beach during an operation intended to stop drivers and pedestrians from violating traffic laws, officials said.

More than a dozen motorcycle officers patrolled the Metro Blue Line station during the event, which ended at 10 a.m. Forty-three motorists were cited for talking on their cellphones while driving, and the remainder were ticketed for other routine traffic violations, said Metro spokesman Marc Littman.

In some cases, officers merely issued warnings and safety fliers for violating traffic laws near the station on Long Beach Boulevard between Wardlow Road and Anaheim Street.

"We do this periodically; it's not for show," Littman said Monday morning. "It's an ongoing safety campaign; the officers are out there every day citing people and warning people."

Although the Willow station is among the safest on the Blue Line from downtown L.A. to downtown Long Beach, scofflaw pedestrians along the train route are a major cause for concern for authorities policing the area.

Since 1990, seven people have been killed along the Long Beach segment of the Metro Blue Line, Littman said.


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They have to pay for the LB cop car that had been hit by the train.

Yet another reason to just get in your car and make the drive to work. If it isn't delays due to breakdowns or listening to never ending one way cell phone conversations while on the train, it's the police hassling those of us just trying to get to work. Pass, thank you.

7 over 20 years versus over 700,000 traffic deaths alone in automobile related incidents in the same time. We act as though the sky is falling because the blue line is too dangerous. ??? I just don't understand.

Another colossal waste of taxpayer-funded police "work" designed to milk as much money as humanely possible out of already-strained, tax-paying household budgets. Perhaps instead of traffic sting operations, speed traps and DUI roadblocks, the police should be concentrating on the real crime...gang warfare and other crime in Long Beach.

This is becoming common throughout Los Angeles County, and it has nothing to do with safety. This is simply using the police for revenue generation. Jay-walking tickets and other fines are insanely expensive in this state because prop 13 makes it impossible to raise taxes, and we need to make sure those officers can retire with a full salary for life at 45 years old.

Good for them for cracking down on the pedestrians in this area. People routinely jaywalk and have no regard for cars that are rightfully driving down Long Beach Blvd. That being said, this isn't a reflection on Metro, but on the pedestrians and other drivers in the area. Metro is very safe and I enjoy riding it to work in downtown LA often.

Some people need to stop complaining, and just follow the law, it is against the law to talk on the phone while driving, if you don't know the rules of the road, hit your local dmv and pick up a driving manual.

If you have a problem with people talking on the phone while you ride, take it up with Metrolink. Stop the whining, and do something about it.

Taxpayer money goes to law enforcement to guess what ENFORCE THE LAW!!
Penalizing those drivers that cant drive, or break the rules is what we pay them to do. If you have a problem with it, stop talking on the phone or texting when you drive. duh

Law enforcement has been a money making scam for a long time. Look at the prison system as well.

I think we should make the firemen go do this... they aren't doing anything but washing their trucks and posing for pictures all day long... and maybe helping a little cat out of the tree. Its a men's fraternity with about the best lobbyists in the State. How many fires do you see every year? When there is an auto accident, at least 4 fire engines show up. Then the firemen get out of their trucks, hang out for a while and chat, then go back to the station where they either go for runs, workout, or clean their truck one more time.

In other states, they have volunteer firefighters. We should look into the same.

What a WASTE of taxpayer money. But don't say anything, they are the "hero's" of the U.S.

Okay, this is what I don't understand from people complaining. If you know talking on a cell phone while driving is illegal and you get caught, you get angry at the cop for ticketing you. Same goes with DUI, speeding, etc. YOU caused it, not the police officer. If your household budget is so strained, might I suggest you obey the traffic laws.

The irony about this story is those 106 tickets did nothing to improve safety. It's 3:15pm and there are significant delays due to an accident at Washington. Maybe the problem ISN'T with drivers, maybe the problem is Metro management?

We live in a time and place, Los Angeles 2011, where many think that laws, taxes and common courtesy apply only to others. How sad.

Forget the citations. Darwinism will thin out the herd.

It isn't a terrible idea but why did they do it at the station that is considered "one of the safest" on the entire line? If it was really for safety, why not do it around the most dangerous stations? Seems like that would make more sense in terms of improving safety.

This is a prime example of how and why trains and train operators aren't compatible with metropolitan areas. Anyone ever notice that 100% of the endless string of train accidents all involve trains? They're extremely expensive, and just plain dangerous no matter how implemented! Always have been, and always will be. Period! Besides, who needs all these little law enforcement industry 'fund raiser' events they attract? Who needs the noise, air and visual pollution they generate? Who needs the endlessly blocked intersections and crossings they cause? Who needs the surly expensive transit 'administrators' they supposedly necessitate? Not us, thats for sure. (Poster 'Margo' is a possible exception.)


Well when tickets are up to $500 now a days, of course the cops are out in full force taking our money!

Yay! The more cell-phone maniacs are given BIG TICKETS, the more maybe some of those morons will learn proper driving manners. Enough of them killing and injuring us -- if they want to remove themselves from the gene pool, that's way cool -- but don't hurt us!

I hope the cops keep handing out those cell-phone/texting tickets BIG TIME!

Just another way to tax the tax payers

Why is showing a valid Metro ticket considered "hassling" by the police? Is it really that big of a deal to hold up your ticket for them to see? No matter what you say, riding the Metro into downtown LA and environs is way better than fighting the freeway traffic and all the idiotic drivers that seem to grow in numbers every year.

In response to Margo, maybe the cell phone law should be repealed since it seems almost everyone violates it. Laws generally turn toward societal preferences, and obviously people don't prefer this particular rule.
I, for one, have my phone tied into my car's Bluetooth system and use the car's speaker and radios, but others perhaps can't afford to do this.
However, since the in my opinion worthless Democrat Simetian wrote the cellphone law, I wouldn't call in a drunk driver ever if I saw one. I'd simply stay out of the way. If the law weren't there, I'd call it in.

most people make sense but for the few that think this about the law you really need to wake up,they make laws that benefit them and they are the last to follow any of them.this has NOTHING TO DO WITH SAFETY.it all about MONEY,MONEY.at 450 a ticket plus court cost they will rake in 47700 plus for 2 1/2 hours of work that will pay one police man for a little over 4 months.if you haven't noticed your government steals over a billion dollars a year though the RDA ,your police,firemen and other unions.they cant raise taxes high enough to pay for every thing.so the union thugs go out and extort money from the tax payers.who stops the police,firemen from talking on their cell phones while their driving,who protects us from the murdering police.when something happens they want nothing to do with helping any one or doing there jobs.who is going to stop the massive corruption in this city.

The next Bond that comes out I'm voting against it. They're already too many Police. They hide like evil stalkers on the side of the road. Not for safety, but where ever they think they can gouge drivers. They all now seem to be at war with American Citizens. I like laws when they're administered as intended. The "Police" have changed and now have their "gouge everybody campaigns" to take in even more money for more Police and equipment to gouge us with. No more bonds, there seems to be too many of the lousy stalkers, and not the real help I voted for.

Recently out in the Valley one Lying cop said he got shot and they shut-down the whole city chasing no body. They deployed 300+ occifers and spent more than $500,000. Oh, it was suppose to be a real bad guy. What a waste, what lousy leadership, and when their not swarming, they're hiding waiting to gouge you. Safety and concern, ha, "to serve the public" is a joke. With traffic as slow and incompetent as it is, it shows how lousy the police are. Oh, ya ya get the speeders, those women driving the children over in the school yards don't matter... Sure they're plenty safe, it's all the kids who aren't, but who cares get the speeders, oh got to get them. And you wonder why traffic and the smog is bad...

Margo is absolutely right. CA commentor, regardless of whether people like the law or not it is still law and citizens have a civic responsibility to follow the law. If they are cited for talking on the phone while driving that is out of their own ignorance. You are also saying if you saw a drunk driver you would just ignore it, stay out of the way and not call that in and blame it on the cellphone law that ALLOWS the use of a phone in the event of an emergency.

"We do this periodically; it's not for show," Littman said Monday morning. "It's an ongoing safety campaign..."

Metro PR spin doctor Marc Littman is someone who must be well paid by metro or simply does not have the ability to care about such insincerities. The LASD, who receive no less than $5.7 million per month to patrol only the trains, have sweetheart deal that has enjoyed exponential increases in compensation ever since Sheriff Leroy Baca's USC buddy Art Leahy became Metro's CEO. (In seven years of filming on Metro conveyances and with tens of thousands of hours of fooatge board Metro trains and busses, I have ONE clip of the LASD on a Metro bus.) I also have a bevy of footage of LASD driving while texting, watching other county agency employees (meter maids, Metro, LADOT, et al) texting and driving, jay-walking and driving rather recklessly—and LASD deputies doing nothing about it. I guess that aspect of "safety" is that as a county employee it's safe to break the law in the presence of LASD deputies without being detained let alone fined.

If Metro is so concerned about safety, Art Leahy and the Metro board would not pressure its bus operators to maintain untenable timetables (while constantly enduring bi-annual service cuts) to the point of running red lights. This is a very frequent occurrence that I have not only filmed hundreds of times while merely waiting on a Metro bus, but have recorded while LASD deputies have been nearby waiting to pounce on pedestrians who dare to place a solitary foot in the street to either look for a bus or perhaps cross the street just as the "Don't walk" light starts blinking. metro is aware of this problem and its cause (I have had at least two meetings with Metro personnel, one of them being with a room full of Metro safety engineers), but nothing has been done. Nothing, that is, save for the occasional dog-and-pony show that Mr. Littman claims is "not for show."

Moreover, the response time of LASD to Red Line emergencies is appalling. Just today, at the Sunset Vermont Red Line station, I watched a man nearly go into diabetic shock (yes, I have it on video) while it took paramedics nearly 20 minutes to respond. Surely there could have been some sheriff's deputies on one of the trains who could have made it there far quicker—were their mission not one of revenue enhancement.

As for Metro's "ongoing safety campaign," Mr. Littman might answer some long overdue questions about the initial lack of safety equipment on the East L.A. extension of the Gold Line, features that after considerable noise from residents and Gloria Molina prompted some stop-gap measures.

I could go on, but covering the well-funded lack of transparency that allows Metro to work in secret and make such blatantly false statements, would require far more than one person can convey. What Metro needs to do is work with other county agencies to make public transportation work, rather than milk it.

As Metro CEO Art Leahy stated in the LACMTA FY2010 budget, "Our customers – many of them poor and transit dependent..." which means they know that there are some easy pickings out there along the Blue Line.


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