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Visitors say L.A. is the rudest city in America. Do you agree?

Talk back LA: Visitors say L.A. is the rudest city in America. Do you agree?

Talk back LA Maybe it's all those frustrated people stuck on the freeways -– honking horns and flipping the bird. Or maybe it's the notoriously annoying lines through security and customs at LAX. Whatever the reason, visitors voted Los Angeles the rudest city in America, according to a recent Travel & Leisure magazine survey.

Yup, that's right. Ruder than New York.

The survey measured a number of different categories. Out of 35 major cities, L.A. also ranked dead last in public transportation and pedestrian-friendliness.

But take heart, Angelenos, it's not all bad. We ranked in the top 10 for luxury stores (No. 4), big-name restaurants (No. 6) and weather (No. 8).

Do you agree with the results? Is Los Angeles really that rude? According to the survey, which provides rankings by both visitors and residents, the city is not very friendly. Even residents put it at No. 34 -- that's one spot away from the bottom. Give us your thoughts below.

-- Kimi Yoshino

Photo: The view of downtown Los Angeles on a clear day. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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Rude? Who cares? If you're such a wimp that you need people to be nice to you everywhere you go then maybe you should stay at home with your mom. Not everybody here is rude. Most people who think so probably only went to the touristy parts of town. The people who know the ins and outs know where all the good spots are at. I consider L.A. to be more like a 1000 small towns all mushed together and visitors tend to be overwhelmed in my opinion.

It's funny how everyone mentions traffic too. Really? That's news to me. It is common knowledge people! Know what to expect when you come here.

It's not easy to get ANYWHERE here in L.A. But that's just how it is. Most of us that are born and raised here don't even care about it. It's just a way of life and we figure out ways to avoid or get around it. It's like a little adventure everytime I go somewhere. It just makes things interesting.

There are nice people but there's also rude people, just like any other place really. It's just people here tend to keep to themselves. I've never even thought about people being rude here. It's just never bothered me I guess.

I guess my point is if you don't like it, maybe you should leave or not come here at all. We have enough people here as it is.

This place is definitely not for everyone, but I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else.

I could not disagree more. I have been everywhere in this country and I can tell you hands down that Boston, which is where I'm from is by far the ruddest unfriendly city. It took me a month when I moved here to realize that I wasn't going to get run over in a crosswalk when the light said walk.

I do not agree. If you want to see some discourteous folks just visit San Farancisc and tell them you are from L.A. Wait for the reaction!

I like the comment, "yea, that's right! What's it to ya?" But I have to totally disagree with this article. People of LA are open-minded and are confident to let people be who they are. I have a friend with pink hair, and she does not get rudely stared down unless we are in the valley. And how can we be number 8 in weather?!??!?! I am going to the beach... this article is baseless!

As a recent transplant, I notice the general stupidity of the population (as compared to, say Boston) way more so than the rudeness.

I think people here are self-absorbed enough that outsiders perceive them as rude, when, in fact, they're just airheads.

What does one expect when seemingly everyone is out for themselves? Greed, graft, fraud and corruption by whatever means. The politicians are leading the charge.

If you read the survey, it's just so skewed and ridiculous that if it were a research project, the perception of the respondents about L.A. would be thrown out as outliers. Am I really to believe that Nashville or Providence, could in this universe, be ranked as more diverse or having better overall culture (whatever that really means) than L.A. The more you explore the survey, the more you realize that it's actually quite a preposterous survey all the way around. Just laughable. T & L has always had a hostile attitude towards L.A. at every turn so it makes sense that its snotty, uninformed readership would as well.

Really? NYC born-n-raised, visit LA a few weeks every year, and there's no comparison. Just go to a supermarket or deli in NYC and wait for a "hello" from the clerk. You'll be waiting a long time compared to LA, where I find most clerks, neighbors and yes, even drivers, much nicer than in NYC. I get a "hello" at least 10 times a day in LA, almost never in NYC. And try crossing the street in NYC without having a driver cut right in front of you while you're in the crosswalk and have the right of way. I have NEVER seen that in LA ever.

Love NYC, love LA, and I gotta say you guys are much nicer.

EXEMPTING traffic situations...what the heck are people talking about Angelenos being rude? I've lived in the American south (very friendly), Washington, DC (extremely rude) and now LA for 12 years. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to find that the vast majority of Angelenos were quite nice when I arrived; I was not expecting that. After more than a decade of calling LA home, which I do, I am often amazed at the friendliness and warmth exuded by the inhabitants of greater LA. It's a large part of the reason it was easy for me to decide to stay. Just don't know what people are talking about when they say folks here are rude - maybe they get back the attitude they give off?...

The only rude people I encounter in L.A. are security guards, parking lot attendants and garage attendants. They all have this assembly-line mentality in which people like me are no different from parts used to make or build something. They treat all of us the same, there is no personal interaction. The people they encounter are just a number to them. They so easily forget we're human. Most of these rude people I run into are not even born in this country. I think it has more to do with L.A. being an international city, which is similar to what New York has. San Francisco also has this problem. I also encounter this in London and Paris.

As a transplant living here the last 2 years, I have to say LA is the worst city for rude snotty people. I can't wait to get out of here in a few months and won't look back. And I'm from NY! I've been to many many cities and can't believe how much this city does not have a soul.

Yes, ever been to the DMV, any city, county office? Just a needle in the haystack of the rude people here. People are rude because they are very frustrated-citizen's here are considered third class-every get a traffic ticket by a motorcyle cop-watch out~it all trickles down. The citizens are fighting for jobs, survival-yet Hollywood celebs and the people working for cash drive big fancy vehicles-you bet your bottom we're rude-and with good reason! You try to live here and be a happy happy everyday!

Nope, Philadelphia.....

Bet some of them picked Bakersfield over LA in luxury stores, because they hate LA that much, that they're willing to put almost any other city or town above it. LA is nice. Just rid it of the tea bagger minority.

They're right about public transit though. A great shame for the city that's made many visitors righteously frustrated. Perhaps the city leader preferred not to have as many visitors, as long as the NIMBYS in BH don't complain. Why in NYC can subway run under upper eastside. Perhaps NYC doesn't hate citiness. Perhaps they've fewer midwest or southern transplants.

Yes,I agree.

Yeah, whatever - now get outta my face.

Definitely do not agree. I have lived all over and the people in Miami and D.C. are FAR more rude. (Miami actually comes in first when ranked by locals)

Disagree. DC is way worse...

People who judge L.A., claim it "has no soul," and "can't wait to get out" are quitters & close minded individuals... Someone on here said that L.A. is like a thousand small towns, and that is true... L.A. is one of the friendliest places I've ever lived... But, of course, tourists only see the horrible parts of L.A., unless they are informed and educated to the real culture... I am from Minnesota and consider Minnesota nice to be a crock... very close minded people in Minnesota. L.A. will surprise you, but you have to be able to adapt, grow, and find your niche. And L.A. is also 10% smart people, 20% purely crazy people... and the rest idiots... but you just have to avoid Hollywood and you'll be alright... and Disneyland... and Santa Monica (sort of a San Fran 'holier than thou' attitude... i.e., folks with high fear patterns pushing narrow agendas as not to disturb the status quo). And of course, 50% of the gorgeous young ladies hoping for greatness who will wash out soon enough). But that's a mere tiny percent of well over 14 millions people. :)

I have lived in Los Angeles for almost two years. I have never run into so many rude people in my whole life. Previously, I lived near Chicago. While Chicagoans are not the sweetest people on earth, they seem to be absolutely outstanding next to many living in LA.

When I first moved to LA, I thought the people here were so genuinely friendly. It did not take long to realize that the moment people turn their backs, you are like a puff of smoke to them. I call it the ultimate "con"!

I think that the phony ways of so many people has irritated the heck out of the nicest people here in LA. I have found that many people in LA will smile at your face and stab you in the back without the slightest feeling. I cannot wait to move back to the Midwest.

Yes, I am a transplanter. I think if I was to stay here very long, I would become rude just to survive here. A really nice person is going to really feel hurt being here.

Once as I struggled to open a restaurant door for my mom, who had
Alzhemer´s, and waited for her to walk through two women shoved right past her! They just couldn't wait two seconds of their precious time...

Another time my mother fell and a man just looked over his shoulder and kept walking, no offer to help.

Do I think L.A. is rude? What a question!

As a New Yorker, I find the tourists in NY to be ruder than the natives.

LA people are just oblivious and self-absorbed, in the upscale areas. The normal areas people can be very nice.

Well what do you expect? Our freeways are the most confusing in the world, Disneyland and all of the other major theme parks are too overrated and overpriced, the recession has brought LA to the brink of disaster, and the fact that our public education is under attack by its own students; all of these reason and a million more just adda up to create a very unhospitable environment. But hey! At least we don't have rats in our KFC's. That's a step in the right direction.

But I do believe that food should be number 1, along with weather (without the smog), and somewhat best beaches.

L.A. rude?! Apparently you all have never been to Philadelphia. I recently visited L.A. for the first time expecting people to be rude. I was pleasantly surprised by the opposite reality. Despite the traffic, people allowed me to merge (they didn't speed up like they do where I live). Despite my traffic mistakes, people were nice. When I entered a store at The Grove, the owner actually spoke to me, said "Hi!" (gasp!). I realize not everyone in L.A. is nice, but coming from the northeastern part of the U.S., L.A. gave me some faith in the human race instead of disgust at rude behavior. Besides, the weather was divine, how could people not be nice when it's sunny and 70 deg. every day? Try going to an Eagles game and tell me which city is rude. I've lived it.

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