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Visitors say L.A. is the rudest city in America. Do you agree?

Talk back LA: Visitors say L.A. is the rudest city in America. Do you agree?

Talk back LA Maybe it's all those frustrated people stuck on the freeways -– honking horns and flipping the bird. Or maybe it's the notoriously annoying lines through security and customs at LAX. Whatever the reason, visitors voted Los Angeles the rudest city in America, according to a recent Travel & Leisure magazine survey.

Yup, that's right. Ruder than New York.

The survey measured a number of different categories. Out of 35 major cities, L.A. also ranked dead last in public transportation and pedestrian-friendliness.

But take heart, Angelenos, it's not all bad. We ranked in the top 10 for luxury stores (No. 4), big-name restaurants (No. 6) and weather (No. 8).

Do you agree with the results? Is Los Angeles really that rude? According to the survey, which provides rankings by both visitors and residents, the city is not very friendly. Even residents put it at No. 34 -- that's one spot away from the bottom. Give us your thoughts below.

-- Kimi Yoshino

Photo: The view of downtown Los Angeles on a clear day. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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Being a veteran of the armed forces I have traveled all over the world. I have run across abunch of rude people. To say that L.A. is the rudest city in America is hogwash. I have lived in the NE, SE MidAtlantic, and the Southwest. I have traveled all over the the U.S. and the rudest people I have met are from the Southeast with the Mid Atlantic coming a close second. For you people who live in L.A. and say it is rude you are no doubt transplanters so if you don't like L.A. get out. There will be less traffic that way.

'Rude' is probably the wrong word to use. Unfriendly, yes, often. When interacting with people, it's easy to be made to feel inferior, like there's a velvet rope somewhere close by that won't be admitting you. Many people migrate to LA because of the Hollywood mystique, and, well, if they can't be the big shot celebrity at least they can be the hall monitor.

NYC is number one.

did they take into account that most people who are living here now were not BORN here in LA (or southern california in general?). Those are probably the overwhelming majority of rude people. NY is not ranked as high anymore because the really obnoxious slobs moved here.

I am a california native (HB) and let me tell you...the casual surf culture that I grew up with had no rudeness in it at all.

It's all those transplants from other states and illegal immigrants who shouldn't be here anyway who are rude.
beach types are too laid back and happy to be cruising around to be rude.

I miss L.A. every day...nuff said...

...no i don't agree....go to miami!....if u don't live in miami, my advice is stay away!..rude,crude, people live there...irregardless of economic wealth or lack there-of, religion,race, gender,politics, intelligence,etc......that is, some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time!

Didn't used to be.. A large influx of foreigners whose cultural standards are different and consider confrontation normal can be considered one factor.

I couldn't agree more. I lived in socal for 7 years, but lived all over USA. By far, LA is the rudest city in the country. They just don't care. Its a heartless souless place. Truly the armpit of America.

I've been to both New York City and Los Angeles. Both are big, fast-paced cities, so there will always be rude people. They're in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco and Houston.

The only thing that mars a visit to Los Angeles is the arrival at LAX. Is it really a requirement to keep people waiting for hours and hours to be eventually interrogated by a surly passport guy? This is not new, I have been visiting LA for thirty years and nothing has changed In London UK all my American friends are thru within ten minutes maximum The rest of LA is great and I find people freindly and polite Sort the unwelcome welcome at LAX and life will be happier for all concerned

Whomever wrote this is not well traveled. They have obviously never been to Needles.

I grew up from L.A. and I've been all over the world and I would sadly have to agree with this. It's something I don't really understand, however, I notice.

I notice it when I see numerous times someone jump into the cross walk instead of waiting for a natural break in traffic.....expecting all traffic to stop for them immediately.

When someone honks their horn for the slightest of reasons..and not just a minor honk...a blaring horn honk.

The way people are afraid to have conversations here because they feel that person wants something from them.

There are many more reasons why. If you never left L.A. you probably would think its normal. It's only when you go to other places do you realize how low the quality of life is here in terms of human interaction

Santa Barbara should be in the top five as it was a friendly beach side town until Angelinos "discovered" it and moved there then it became another LA suburb.

Rude to who? Maybe it's a mechanism used to keep others from moving to SUNNY SoCal! But, I do agree that some important basic skills in etiquette are disappearing from SOCIETY. Parents are not parenting, teachers are overwhelmed, moral values are dwindling or non-existant, and the rich, famous or role models display poor behaviors that are crippling our youth!

Too many rats in the cage. Any of you older posters remember 50's and 60's L A . Room to breathe, room to drive, no long lines for anything. Disneyland wasn't crowded. It's too many people plain and simple. I don't know the answer, but I do know the problem. Overpopulation creates spacial stress = ( rudeness ).

Well, if scribbling on walls in spanish is rude, we win!

I lived in LA for about 25 years, and they have some of the rudest people around. But for us who want to be nice and spread love, it keeps us humble and provides a continual challenge to be like Jesus. How many times have I said hi to strangers with a smile and gotten a cold reception. And asking for directions, forget it; you have to ask 3 people to get one right answer. People actually lie rather than say, "I don't know". But Hey LA, gotta love it. It's a melting pot, and who doesn't want to live in one. Where there are many rude and bad people, there are equal amounts of nice ones, they're not newshogs and camerahogs thats all.

I was so relieved when I finally escaped from LA. Instead of the song, "Nobody Walks in LA", it should be "Nobody Leaves LA". Once you are into the LA lifestyle, its hard to walk away!

There's something about being isolated in a car that makes everyone think they can act with impunity and not have any manners whatsoever. Because of the total lack of the ability to socially interact from drivers (with the exception of one trying to broadside your car into the other) everyone just needs to cool it with trying to express how they have been "wronged" behind the wheel of a car.

If we all limited our response to perceived offenses to two quick honks in quick succession to indicate "Dude, you screwed me up" and then get on with your life. Understand that people all have their own driving style and it is up to you to adapt to that fact. If we all followed this simple rule, we could just concentrate on driving, be less pissed off, and then be nicer to people once we get out of cars, which most are already.

Comparing LA to NY or any other city is comparing Apples to Oranges and useless.

Why even worry about stereotypes when they are very unlikely to apply to you. On a trip through Eastern Canada, New England, and New York City, the people in New York City were by FAR the friendliest of my travels, and Canadians were the most rude. So what good did that stereotype do me?

If we stopped going crazy in our cars, LA would be filled with friendly people.

I have been to LA many times and of course it's fast paced and impersonal but if a person understands this then it's fine. No there isn't any small town friendliness in the LA basin I would still take it over Manhattan anytime. Road rage is a problem in all big Western cities; try Denver or Phoenix at rush hour then get back to me about the 405.

I live in North Carolina and own a condo in LA. Although the traffic is a nightmare the people are so much more friendly than New York. Because of my southern accent I am treated like I am ignorant when in New York, but in Los Angeles I am treated better. Love the weather, beaches, restaurants, museums, and so far the people.

I think most people in L.A. are very friendly & generous. They are always anxious to smile, say hello, give directions & give people sight seeing tips.
I believe Los Angeles might seem bigger than life, very glamorous, wealthy, fast paced & high energy, and people's curiosity level & expectations are high, which can be a little intimidating to those visiting for the first time. It even overwhelms me sometimes & I have lived here most of my life. Anyone who thinks people in L.A are unfriendly, please try again with a smile on your face & you will almost certainly get one back.

I'm 48 and a native Angeleno. I have lived in NYC, DC, Chicago, San Fran. This past year I have lived in Eugene, Oregon.
LA is NOT rude. LA rocks. Angelenos are quick witted and open minded and WITH the program.

Sure, it sucks for tourists, but it is a dynamic, world class pLAce.

I consider closed minded, insular, dreary weathered places to be the locations that CRUSH the spirit.

LA embraces life!

Wow why would you pose this question? Have you been drinking?Seriously did you really think that it would gather many votes in favor of that city? Los Angeles is not a town where you will get much for visitors. The graffiti filled walls, gang infestations, it's a sanctuary city for Illegal aliens. Why would anybody want to go there? Try the "other" cesspool known as San Bernardino which mirrors L.A. with the same excrement everywhere.I never-ever go to these places. Just couldn't keep from commenting on such a stupid question. But the answer you are asking for is no, It's not a rude city, it's just a dirty and dangerous place to be.

I don't think people in LA are any ruder than anywhere else. I do think the Westside is worse than the rest of LA (although some Downtown places are now trying, alas, to ape the Westside). On the Westside, the status hierarchy of wealth and cool seems to be on the minds of far too many folks working in places like restaurants and cafes. The hierarchy starts with hot movie stars and descends from there, and woe betide you if you're an ordinary citizen, especially one who's over 35. It's a pleasant surprise when a place on the Westside is not like this.

The driving culture in LA is bad, but it seems bad most places, except for those few spots like San Francisco where drivers expect pedestrians. Get more pedestrians on the streets and driving culture will improve, though it may take a little while. For pedestrians, there's safety and power in numbers.

I don't think New Yorkers are rude. New Yorkers on the street are often very helpful, they're just blunt and don't want to waste time. Brusque yes, rude no.

Rude drivers for sure. Also, two other things I find more of out here. One, when you're waiting in line at a counter alone people won't even ask if you've been waited on yet, they'll just start their order without a thought until you set them right. Two, people make fun of other people very loudly and obviously, usually about the way they look.

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