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Visitors say L.A. is the rudest city in America. Do you agree?

Talk back LA: Visitors say L.A. is the rudest city in America. Do you agree?

Talk back LA Maybe it's all those frustrated people stuck on the freeways -– honking horns and flipping the bird. Or maybe it's the notoriously annoying lines through security and customs at LAX. Whatever the reason, visitors voted Los Angeles the rudest city in America, according to a recent Travel & Leisure magazine survey.

Yup, that's right. Ruder than New York.

The survey measured a number of different categories. Out of 35 major cities, L.A. also ranked dead last in public transportation and pedestrian-friendliness.

But take heart, Angelenos, it's not all bad. We ranked in the top 10 for luxury stores (No. 4), big-name restaurants (No. 6) and weather (No. 8).

Do you agree with the results? Is Los Angeles really that rude? According to the survey, which provides rankings by both visitors and residents, the city is not very friendly. Even residents put it at No. 34 -- that's one spot away from the bottom. Give us your thoughts below.

-- Kimi Yoshino

Photo: The view of downtown Los Angeles on a clear day. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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I have no idea how they came up with this conclusion. In 14 years of LA, I have seen a behavior I never saw anywhere else in the world. People actually talks to you, they smile (may be fake, but still...), they help and occasionally you may even forget you are in this huge city. And I am not sure if it has anything to do with the people itself...since most aren't from Los Angeles anyway. But rude? No, not at all. Not even rush hour on the 405 and when comparing to NY...well...

"Angelinos are no ruder than any other big city. In my experience however, we are more oblivious to how our actions impact others, but once roused from our stupor, are generally friendly. The car culture in LA may also impact visitors' perceptions of LA. Otherwise friendly people can be aggressive and mean when navigating increasingly terrible traffic."

Venice NC, you are very smart. I agree, and allow me to suggest that the car culture is a tremendous factor in that 'oblivion' to others that so many Angelenos seem to have... as if we are in our cars at all times, whether we are or not.

My gripe with the LA crowd is that at size 8 ... i am looked at as if i am an elephant escaped from the zoo! The size 0 crowd should grow up ... stop acting like the popular clique in high school and allow grown women to NOT feel shamed into becoming social x-rays.

I don't agree, I was born and raised here and lived around Seattle from 1990-2007, at which time I moved back to LA. There is a social phenomenon in Seattle called the "Seattle Freeze", which is basically that people there freeze you out. When I moved back here I had forgotten how friendly everyone was, from waitresses to strangers. I think Angelenos should be acknowledged for their free giving of hugs and kisses!

totally agree. . i go anywhere else and it's a breath of fresh air. . . ironically, i know people won't agree because there is a bias towards sunny weather - but i think the weather just makes every day the same. . . thus, we get defensive cause we live in a groundhog day scenario. . i know of literally no one who is happy with their lives here. . . i've noticed that i've adapted and somewhat given up on the part of me that used to be friendly just in order to survive. . people are somewhat offended by friendliness here. . .

Went to Manhattan last June and was pleasantly surprised on how nice New Yorkers were. Been here since 1991 and I agree, Angelenos are terrible. Perhaps, all the a-hole NY'r's move here. It seems like it at a Dodger/Mets game.

LA being the rudest city? That's just means LA has finally hit the BIG TIME.

But seriously, I think a lot of the comments about snobbery and elitism in LA speaks more about the perceiver's self-consciousness than it does for it's inhabitants. In truth, no one cares. No one is judging you. No one is giving you evil stares. It's stupid platitudes perpetuated by those who really should know better.

Do you really believe anyone actually gives a crap about what care you drive? C'mon. Back to reality, Angelenos. No one cares.

Of course, people are rude from Los Angeles - look at where most come from and how they get here. Most Angelenos are from countries with only dirt roads - so, of course, they don't know how to drive. You can't expect uneducated people to know the custom of courtesy and paying attention to what is going on around them without information. That information is in English. They don't read English, let alone speak it. Ignorance is bliss - isn't that what they say? Welcome to pure hell for the rest of us!

Apparently those who submitted this poll only observed the vendors and FANS at DODGER STADIUM regarding abosolute rudeness and embarassment?

Forget rude (that's subjective), I still can't get over Los Angeles being so low on the list for weather. Savannah? San Juan? Who took this survey? Those places are sticky and muggy! The only city that has weather as nice as Los Angeles is San Diego.

I've lived in ten different cities in seven different states, including L.A. People in Los Angeles may not be the friendliest people in the country, but they're certainly not the rudest (that would be Denver).

This is incorrect... Visitors are intimidated by Los Angeles re size, scope, traffic, etc... and they bring in their own preconceived notions. L.A. is quite friendly, actually... well, that depends on the area you visit, too. Can't be worse than NY.

the rude ones are transplants.

I doubt it's the rudest. But does LA have one of the largest numbers of tired and frustrated people in the western world? Yes. And as for visitors, I hope they enjoy the trip, but realize they are in a big city with alot of traffic. It's not a trip to Bali.

New Yorkers can be gruff and outspoken, but Los Angeles is a city full of self-absorbed, uncaring narcissists, at least from the view of my car as I drive to work every day. The most apt comparison I can think of is my kid's daycare, where it doesn't seem to occur to the kids how much better things could be if they just cooperated with each other a little bit.

Have they been to Boston?

This is the second time that the Times has run this story, and asked the same question.

Agree 100%, and have lived here for most of my 26 years. Plan to move up north ASAP, people are much friendlier in the Bay Area.

Obvously they didn't spend too much time in Miami! Talk about rude.

How does one measure rudeness?
I've found that treating strangers with courtesy begets courtesy.
Treat service people like waiters, bellhops, et al with courtesy and they can't do enough for you. That applies here and overseas, too.
I've found some really rude people working as dealers in Vegas and Laughlin.
Make some really trivial gambling faux pas and they make some kind of snarky remark as if they didn't know that their income -- and tips -- are tied to their treatment of people like you. Ever notice how some dealers get more tips than others?

I agree we are the rudest. We are taxed and nikel/dimed to the extreme to pay for the state/city/county pensions. That tends to make us unfriendly becuase it seems everyone is out to get us with fees/taxes.

This survey is bogus! Denver is rated ahead of L.A. in weather. B-O-G-U-S!

I grew up in Boston, and I've lived here in LA nearly ten years. If the Angelenos are rude, I don't know what that makes my old home town. I'm still thrown sometimes by what -- to me -- is the excessive politeness here.

I'll never forget the day I got distracted by my phone and wound up crossing an eight lane intersection right through a red light. The cars with the green light just stopped and waited for me to get my act together. Nobody even honked.

In Boston? There probably wouldn't have been any pieces big enough for a funeral.

I had to laugh that Las Vegas wasn't ranked higher. That city should be number 2 since everyone you meet there is from Los Angeles.

No way! Boston is #1, NY#2, Philly #3. In Boston, even the people in the so called 'hospitality industry' are rude.

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