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Visitors say L.A. is the rudest city in America. Do you agree?

Talk back LA: Visitors say L.A. is the rudest city in America. Do you agree?

Talk back LA Maybe it's all those frustrated people stuck on the freeways -– honking horns and flipping the bird. Or maybe it's the notoriously annoying lines through security and customs at LAX. Whatever the reason, visitors voted Los Angeles the rudest city in America, according to a recent Travel & Leisure magazine survey.

Yup, that's right. Ruder than New York.

The survey measured a number of different categories. Out of 35 major cities, L.A. also ranked dead last in public transportation and pedestrian-friendliness.

But take heart, Angelenos, it's not all bad. We ranked in the top 10 for luxury stores (No. 4), big-name restaurants (No. 6) and weather (No. 8).

Do you agree with the results? Is Los Angeles really that rude? According to the survey, which provides rankings by both visitors and residents, the city is not very friendly. Even residents put it at No. 34 -- that's one spot away from the bottom. Give us your thoughts below.

-- Kimi Yoshino

Photo: The view of downtown Los Angeles on a clear day. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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I do agree. As a true native, I also realize that many of the "rude" people come from other parts of the country. When I worked in Hollywood and the SM Promenade in my younger years, most of the "rude", "odd", and "weirdos" were from other parts of the country(Midwest/East Coast), not natives.

Yes I agree with the result, not only that, LA drivers are the WORSE in the nation, just because, they love their car more then they love their children, oh yes, what Good Restaurant? I like to have their names, and what luxury stores, are you referring to the FAKE RODEO DR.? or FAKE BEVERLY HILLS CITY ! where I the Foreign Nouveau Riche reside! And as to the weather, yes, if you like to breathe EXPANSIVE CAR SMOGS. Those tourists that liked LA must have been coming from remote villages in northern ALASKA.

We spent billions on a "rapid transit" system that doesn't go to the beach or the airport, the two places anyone visiting LA would want or need to be..our city council caved in to the unions and screwed the taxpayers, like usual!!

At least rudeness entails a certain amount of personal interaction. There are a lot of cities where the residents are simply indifferent to one another, including our nation's capital (where there are plenty of rude people as well). So I'm not sure which is worse. As for other cities (the writer did not display the list), several Florida cities come to mind.

Not sure about “rudest,” but I do find that whenever I leave LA (where I live), people in other cities seem kinder and less selfish. Generally, they seem to have nicer manners. For example, if I’m driving on the freeway in another city and I put my blinker on to try to change lanes, someone always lets me in, no problem. In LA, you put your blinker on, and the other cars speed up to block you from moving into their lane. An elderly friend was shopping at Trader Joe’s and a young female shopper had her cart sitting right in the middle of the aisle so no one could get by, either direction. My elderly friend politely asked her if she would move her cart to the side so people could get by, and the young female shopper responded, “I’ll only be just a minute longer.” Selfish, self-absorbed behavior is all too common here. We can do better.

Los angeles grapples with many problems and this takes its toll on the residents, this city has the largest disparity between wealth and poverty as well as the worst public transit system in the world couple that with corrupt and inept civic leader ship (bell scandle and more to come) you get a frustrated and twitchy populace its a miracle that this city functions at all I think the fact that it does is a testament to the inherent humanity that the people of los angeles actually have the people are great the city sucks .

Texas cities are the stupidest

Of course it's true! Think about it. . . how does one get here? By car, they encounter the worst traffic and most awful and rudest drivers I've ever encountered on the 3 continents I've traveled to. Fly here? Have you been to LAX?! 99% of the people working there are miserable! If I didn't marry a native I would have left years ago. Ick. Don't even want to think about my kid going to school here. . .


LOL, I guess the mods didn't like my last statement. Real world no kidding. I was in the Air Force. I have been to over 100 cities, in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa. I can say that L.A. is in the top two cities in the world. Factor in the our temperate weather, diverse culture... I can go on, but you know what I am talking about. I dare you to get a hold of a map with lat long, or MGRS; find Los Angeles latitude, trace it around the world. Would you rather live here, or there. I still enjoy traveling, but L.A. will always be home, warts and all.

Anything to make the tourists go home.....

In my experience L.A. has always been a friendly city.
Steve Rodriguez, what does literacy have to do with friendliness?

Not everyone is like this, of course, but LA has many more than its share of self-centered, arrogant, vindictive people among the wealthier half of the population.

Whattaya mean, L.A.'s the rudest city in America ?!!??! You tourists can go to blazes - or to Boston, whichever is closer!!


I was born and raised in Los Angeles, at 19 I moved away. I returned 20 years later to find a city filled to the bream with self-centered, image obsessed wankers. The roads are awful, people water their lawns on rainy days, angelenos say let's catch up and never call and the worst thing i have seen is people tossing garbage out of their cars. There are an obscene amount of abandon animals and they put massive garbage cans in the middle of the roads. The town runs on undocumented workers but there isn't wide spread support for a visa/amnesty program.
On the bright side, I have witnessed many acts of extreme kindness. A man in the biggest truck i have ever seen pulled over and offered a meal to a homeless person. A sleeping homeless person surrounded by roses and left with a food basket and smiling workers working on perfect lawns.
LA is a mega-city filled with people from everywhere, it is transient, it is a town where you can fulfill your dreams and even though the traffic is awful, I find that most drivers are courteous.
The shopping is good but a little on trend but if you search you can find some cutting edge fashion. The Rosebowl flea market is here and it rocks and food is super reasonable. The Hollywood bowl is amazing, you can take your dog most places and the city is extremely culturally diverse.
Is LA rude? Yeah a bit but you come here for the experience, the weather, the glamour. So suck it up.

Na, I lived in LA for many years before moving to Miami and Las Vegas.. Miami has LA beat by a long shot.. Miami has some of the rudest people on the planet. They dont know how to drive, they expect you to speak spanish, and when you dont they wave you away. Miami Beach, has shallow party and model types who are as vapid as they come. If Miami wasn't near the top of that list, it's only because people were blindsided by the beautiful beaches, which it definately has!

I disagree. I've spent years living in and going to school in Miami, Boston, and NYC. All have individuals who, in general, are much ruder than people in LA. In fact, rude people here are the exception in my experience. And with respect to traffic, drivers in Boston are the rudest and least competent I have ever encountered. Any large city will have its contingent of bozos, but people in LA for the most part seem happy to be here and it translates into being friendly to strangers. I love it here.

Whats rude about not letting someone change lanes after they signal their intention to do so? /Sarcasm

Yes, 90% of people in this city act like they are gods gifts to the world. me, me, me syndrome

i been to NYC and i have to admit L.A. is ruder. Very user unfriendly city L.A. is.

L.A. actually has really nice people compared to other big cities... I really don't like it when L.A. is compared in the same list as cities like Denver or Raleigh-Durham or Boise... L.A. is much larger and in an entirely different category. Compare L.A. to NYC, London, Paris, etc. and Los Angeles and California in general ends up being much more friendly and nice. People all the time remark at how happy and chipper people in Southern California are compared to people in say, the Northeast/New England... it's all thanks to the sunshine and perfect climate!

If LA only got #8 in weather from these people, they're obviously not qualified to answer any polls to begin with. You cannot seriously name 7 cities with better weather in the USA.

I absolutely disagree; Los Angeles is the friendliest city I've ever visited or lived in, and I've been to quite a few cities. If you want rude, crazed drivers, who NEVER use their turn signals, who routinely flip you off and try to run you off the road, just move to Dallas. I've lived there, and it has most reckless and dangerous drivers I've ever seen, anywhere. There's more traffic on the freeways here, but L.A. is still the best place on earth, as far as I'm concerned.

Most of the rude behavior comes from driving and car culture. If you get out of your car and talk to people, most people in Los Angeles are pretty friendly. And having lived in both places, I can say that people in Los Angeles are much friendlier than people in New York. But you do need to put in a least a little effort yourself. Get out of your car, get off you cellphone, and try communicating with people - it actually works!

Too many Angelenos have a veneer of politeness, but are shallow, self-centered, and narcissistic. New Yorkers are honestly straightforward; when you make a friend in NY it's true friendship. A lot of L.A. folks have no idea what a real friend is--they'll say I'm your friend, but if you want to hang out with them more than once a month, it's like Stop bothering me. Try to start a friendly conversation in the store with people you see everyday, and their attitude may be Leave us alone, you creep. Really! Drivers are impatient; according to them you have no right to cross the street. Customer service is impatient; it's like they are the customer and you are serving them; they're doing you a favor. Also too much focus on outward appearance and economic status, and too judgmental. You ride the bus with the same folks everyday; they give you a grim stare when you get on...you'd better keep your voice low so they can sleep, and don't you dare sneeze or cough! They like it if you hardly move at all. And if little kids don't act like angels in public, people frown at the kids and their parents and make nasty comments.

But with all that, I still LOVE L.A! The weather, the entertainment, the diversity. And a lightness to the whole scene that other places lack. It's a dichotomy; with all the rudeness, the atmosphere is bright and easygoing, with a sort of collective (if not individual) warm feeling from the people, like we're all OK together. Contradictory, but there it is. Maybe most Angelenos are good-hearted under the selfishness?

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