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Visitors say L.A. is the rudest city in America. Do you agree?

Talk back LA: Visitors say L.A. is the rudest city in America. Do you agree?

Talk back LA Maybe it's all those frustrated people stuck on the freeways -– honking horns and flipping the bird. Or maybe it's the notoriously annoying lines through security and customs at LAX. Whatever the reason, visitors voted Los Angeles the rudest city in America, according to a recent Travel & Leisure magazine survey.

Yup, that's right. Ruder than New York.

The survey measured a number of different categories. Out of 35 major cities, L.A. also ranked dead last in public transportation and pedestrian-friendliness.

But take heart, Angelenos, it's not all bad. We ranked in the top 10 for luxury stores (No. 4), big-name restaurants (No. 6) and weather (No. 8).

Do you agree with the results? Is Los Angeles really that rude? According to the survey, which provides rankings by both visitors and residents, the city is not very friendly. Even residents put it at No. 34 -- that's one spot away from the bottom. Give us your thoughts below.

-- Kimi Yoshino

Photo: The view of downtown Los Angeles on a clear day. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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Yea, that's right! What's it to ya?

Socially incorrect in behavior? Yes. Threatening? No.
Welcome to La La Land.

Yes! Part of it is because we have one of the lowest literacy rates of America's larger cities!

at least we're not all sad sacks!

Angelinos are no ruder than any other big city. In my experience however, we are more oblivious to how our actions impact others, but once roused from our stupor, are generally friendly. The car culture in LA may also impact visitors' perceptions of LA. Otherwise friendly people can be aggressive and mean when navigating increasingly terrible traffic.

Yep, I agree with the survey. I live in LA for 20 years now and the people are just so rude here. I, myself, find myself being rude to others for trivial matters and it's just sad. I am trying to be nicer, but with the rude folks around me I end up giving up. I don't know what it is, but people here walk around feeling they're entitled to everything and anything. Yeah, our traffic sucks.

I don't travel a lot, but I've been to a few places in the US.... and I believe it. Ruder than NYC... yep. And it's probably because public transportation sucks... therefore, people are isolated in their cars.

New Yorkers are by FAR more rude than Californians

Clueless? Yes. Rudest? No...I can name several cities that rank pretty high...but out of politeness I won't.

And what percent of LA area residents came from New York?

Nope, they basically got it right. This is in fact one of the least friendly cities you can be (as someone whose lived here my entire life, I can say so from personal experience). They also got it right about Houston; their crack about the "intellect" in Texas notwithstanding, the hospitality there is quite high. I also had a very nice experience in Phoenix. The customer service at businesses there makes what you get here in L.A. look like a joke.

They're rude only when behind the wheel of their cars. When they become pedestrians, they are as nice as can be.

Oh come on, we're ruder than New Yorkers? DID A NEW YORKER CONDUCT THESE STUDIES?

I cannot disagree more. I have lived in the south,NC, TN, and VA for the last ten years before I moved here two years ago. Unless you're a native, there is not such thing as southern hospitality. Just a bunch of meanspirited, biblethumpers who believe that they have cornered the market on morality. LA is a tremendously large city yet, people offer seats to the elderly and disabled, willingly give directions when asked and flip the bird a lot less than people in most of the smaller cities I have lived in. I love this town!

yeah I agree as I clearly remember biking down l.a steets and somebody threw an apple going 32 miles and hour out their truck window but they ended missing as I quickly broke way by inserting a simple matrix maneuver. GO LAKERS!!

i have heard the opposite from people i have encountered. i dont think LA is any more rude than people elsewhere. you have rude people, you have nice people. you have all kinds of people here. an abundance of rude people? i doubt it.

Oh. One thing that Socal needs to know is that the police here shoot and kill a lot more people far more too often than anywhere I have ever lived and I have lived in nine cities in the last ten years. They are far too trigger happy and could possibly benefit from better training and better screening before they are given weapons.

I'm Italian and I've been a tourist in New York and Los Angeles. I think NY is by far ruder than LA! And also, I would rank LA #1 for weather!

No! Visitors need to visit Bakersfield before making that decision.

I disagree strongly.I was there last year and nearly everyone I met was very nice and helpful.The only problem I had was on an emergency room visit to a hospital I won't name.The "nurse" was rude,crude and downright socially unacceptable.And a crappy nurse to boot.I loved it there,loved the people.I would move there in a heartbeat if circumstances allowed.

NO I do not agree!

I moved to LA from Michigan in 1985 and now have lived overseas in Portugal since 1997, which put me in LA for the better part of 12 years. I met so many wonderful people that are still friends, rarely encountered anyone that was disagreeable or rude. What makes LA great is the people from everywhere in the world come together and somehow make this a melting pot where values from other places meld into one big family. Like all families there are up´s and down´s but in the end they are still family. I love LA !!

It is sad but true...I travel all over the world for my job. The lack of civility, drivers who are impatient and have a lack of common courtesy (do you know what merge & yield mean?), to snobbery from Santa Monica all the way up the 10 fwy to DTLA. The worst part is the lack of education of all citizens and their un-willingness to speak the common language. When In Tokyo, I at least try my Japanese, When I'm in Italy, Morocco, or Thailand, I make very attempt to speak the local language. Here in L.A. even the locals refuse to try and speak their new land's tongue. Disrespectful & Rude

Yes, LA is the rudest city in America. All large cities are not rude, and NY people are very friendly, more culturally astute; yet they are blunt and to the point. There is more game playing here in L.A.
San Francisco is a very classy city, and the people are more friendly there.
If you don't believe this; travel to various cities throughout the world and compare. Vancouver, Canada is one beautiful city where you don't feel like a stranger.
Yes, it's LA LA LAND; and if you are not an actress, producer, director, writer or someone in the film industry; or a sports person; many folks do not want to be bothered. So they miss out on meeting a variety of people throughout the world. I call this superficiality. Many of these same people have never been out of L.A. It's very sad!

If you are not wearing a Clipper or Laker jersey, I am going to be rude to you. I don't want to hear about the Celtics, Heats, The Suns... the traffic is bad though.

It depends on what part of town you're in.
San Francisco is worse in my book.

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