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Villaraigosa says he will lay off more city workers if parking garage deal is abandoned


Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa sent a letter Monday urging the City Council to move ahead with his plan to get budget revenue by leasing nine parking garages to a private company, saying he will lay off more employees if the deal is abandoned.

Villaraigosa’s letter was issued two days before the council heads behind closed doors to discuss the parking proposal, which would give a private company the opportunity to run the garages for up to 50 years.

Business groups in Hollywood, Westwood and downtown have criticized the plan, fearing that a private company would hike rates and drive away customers. Villaraigosa said in his letter the city can no longer afford to manage parking garages and insisted that “the era of free parking in Los Angeles is over.”

“We must accept this economic reality, and move on to the business of providing the services our residents require,” he wrote.

Villaraigosa’s letter was sent while the council’s Budget and Finance Committee was weighing a plan to impose an array of new cuts, including 10 additional furlough days on certain civilian employees. For some workers, that would bring the total to 36 for the year.

During that meeting, several residents and business groups spoke out against the garage plan.

David Ewing, who resides in Venice, said the city’s plan was part of a larger nationwide trend in which public assets are snapped up by investment banks. “They’re coming around, picking up assets at bargain basement prices,” he told the panel.


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-- David Zahniser at Los Angeles City Hall

Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

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Yeah sure you will Tony. The do nothing mayor will just transfer employees to other municipal entities like DWP instead.

Selling permanent assets to make a payroll is utter stupidity.

Once again, our esteemed Mayor is threatening everyone if he doesn't get what he wants. Didn't we recently just go through this with the propsed DWP rate hike? Mr. Mayor: I did not vote for you. I do not think you are capable of effectively running this city. I think your plan to lease public assets is sheer stupidity. I cannot wait to vote you out of office.

what a fake phony, cheating, liar. He just wants to line the pockets of himself and his friends.

You're making excuses for your failure Villaraigosa (I know that's not your real name)

Sell the family jewels, borrow against the 401k, pull the kids out of college, skip the doctor visits, lease our garage to a private company for 50 years...anything to avoid laying off those union guys or cutting their pensions. After all, the City exists for the unions. Right?

tony gosa in nothing but a lame duck, NOTHING good for los angeles!! best thing he COULD do is leave the country and go HOME!!!!

Hope he lays off some of his useless retinue. If not, why should we sell off our childrens' assets for a one time gain caused by a mismanged city run by a clueless Mayor.

“the era of free parking in Los Angeles is over.”

Antonio Villaraigosa is the worst mayor in this city's history and we've had some terrible ones. Idiot.

It costs $4 to park downtown for one hour on the street. The era of free parking is over? This guy cares more about keeping bureaucrats' butts in leather chairs than he does making life liveable for Los Angelenans.

It is time for the tax payers to fire the Pint Size Mayor before our credit rating hits rock bottom. He is not firing any of his deputy mayors, friends, and family.

I'm not sure why the city doesn't raise parking rates now without having to lease the garages to anyone? Why give the profits to private enterprise? Could they be campaign contributors? Layoffs or transfers to the DWP? DWP would then get to raise it's rates for "green energy" initiative. Wash, rinse, repeat.

He can go and resign while he is at it!!

Attention City Council: Call his bluff! I'm sure the city can hire some kind of efficiency expert who can figure out through some kind of pricing algorithm or other technique for the city to run these garages at cost or hopefully with a slight profit. Selling them to private concerns for 50 years may help Villaraigosa's personal future as a private equity/hedge fund consultant, but it will leave a trail of higher and higher fees upon LA's cash-strapped citizens.

he needs to resign as well after he is done laying off ppl

How incredibly short-sighted of him. What a tool.

Dear Mayor Villa (raigosa--wife's surname since both are legally divorced),

Please do not lay off hundreds of clerks and senior clerk typists as well as accounting g clerks. We will all take work furloughs as many as you like.

city worker

Our politicians all have the same ideas about balancing budgets, but none of it has to do with cutting their salaries and benefits and retirement $$$. Brown is going to layoff workers that probably do more work in one day than he has done in a lifetime, raise DMV fees, sales tax, state income tax, cut services for the poor and disabled. How about creating JOBS!!!!!!!! There will be no employed people left to pay all these taxes because California is running all types of business out of the State! Our entertainment industry was the top of the heap and now few want to film in our wonderous state. The really pathetic part of this scenario is much of the entertainment industry moguls are Democrats that back the ideology that is wreaking havoc! Production companies to Romania, Hungary, Canada, South Africa, etc. and in the states to the South and midwest. CREATE JOBS and we will again be the California of old!

For all of you who do not know what is going inside the city departments. The employees do not make as much as you think. There are only two departments that generate their own money are DWP and airports. The rest of the departments are dependant on the city budget. Now as far as the mayor laying off workers there have been major layoffs. But what you need to ask the mayor is why does he still have a full exempt staff who are not on furloughs? Why does the city council still get their full pay but keep voting for civilian layoffs. Or why are their sworn personnel in civialian positions get sworn pay? Start asking your mayor these relevant questions before you mock him threatening to layoff the civialian workforce who are already on two furloughs a month and suffering just like the rest of the Californians.

Why not lease the garages to a business who could make them PROFITABLE??

50 years! Villaraigosa short sighted as usual.

He doesn't need to layoff or furlough any employees. The City is sitting on over $400 million in federal ARRA stimulus funds intended for infrastructure, that if not used, may have to be returned to the feds. This is playing politics with City services, clear and simple. Meanwhile our City deteriorates before our eyes. Want to see proof? Check it out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/15113857@N05/sets/72157625475270199/show/with/5261792863/

Once againthis idiotic mayor has failed in his duty to serve the people.
This man is the most repulsive moronic mayor we have besides the last three.
Do we have ourselves to blame?

He was a tool before he got the job.....

I cannot wait to vote you out of office.This Man is far to long in Power.Like Schwarzenegger,its time to replace this person.

For his own mistakes with budget, he is, the mayor, and I will keep this clean, messing over more city employees. This guy was so pro city employee once. Wonder who got in his pocket? Must have stuffed it very well with personal green. It's time for this mayor to go, once and for all.

Here is a good idea Tony....lay them off anyway then you have a "surplus"...a word no doubt, you'll have to look up.

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