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Truck driver pleads guilty to hauling tons of marijuana smuggled into U.S. in tunnel

A 29-year-old Oceanside man pleaded guilty Thursday to hauling nearly 20,000 pounds of marijuana to distribution locations in California after the pot was smuggled into the U.S. through a narcotics tunnel.

Carlos Cunningham admitted in federal court in San Diego to driving truckloads of pot from a warehouse in San Diego near the tunnel's opening. He faces a mandatory prison sentence of at least 10 years.

The tunnel was discovered Nov. 2. Federal agents seized 28,782 pounds of marijuana inside the warehouse. Mexican authorities seized 9,878 pounds of marijuana at the tunnel's entrance inside a home in Tijuana.

Driving a tractor-trailer, Cunningham made multiple stops throughout Southern California, authorities said. Cunningham was arrested at the Temecula checkpoint along Interstate 15 while driving north to make deliveries.

--Tony Perry in San Diego

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Was this a problem caused by marijuana or marijuana PROHIBITION? The vast majority of problems attributed to marijuana are actually problems directly and completely caused by marijuana PROHIBITION!

How many more lives have to be ruined by marijuana PROHIBITION before We The People step up and legalize marijuana?

When was the last time you heard of alcohol dealers getting into a shootout? I bet it was when alcohol was PROHIBITED.

Why is the most useful plant known illegal? It’s illegal because corporations that buy politicians fear competition from superior, safer and more environmentally friendly hemp products and because the Government loves to oppress jail and steal from the people! Alcohol, tobacco, petroleum, cotton, timber, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, just to name a few, all see marijuana as unwanted competition. The best way for We The People to regain our Constitutional rights and liberties is to demand a complete ban on corporate lobbying. We are supposed to have Government of, for and by THE PEOPLE, not of, for and by corporations! Corporations are NOT people!

Marijuana does not cause aggressive behavior. Marijuana does not cause dangerous driving. Marijuana does not cause cancer, brain damage or any serious health problems. Marijuana prohibition does not keep kids away from marijuana, illegal dealers don’t ask for ID. Marijuana is not a “gateway drug”, there is absolutely NOTHING about marijuana that causes people to use other drugs. Marijuana is not addictive. In fact marijuana is one of the safest substances known! Marijuana is SAFER than many foods we consume and give to our kids all the time! Exactly what good is this prohibition doing and who is benefiting from it?

When was the last time you heard of the cops being called to break up a fight at a marijuana party? NEVER! When was the last time you heard about a marijuana consumer beating his wife? NEVER! The cops and the politicians know marijuana is no threat to society but they keep screaming their fear mongering marijuana lies at every opportunity. Did you ever wonder why?

THE LAWS PROHIBITING MARIJUANA ARE NOT A RESULT OF ANY HARM FROM MARIJUANA. THEY ARE THE RESULT OF LIES, GREED and racism. Read the well documented proof of that and a lot more marijuana TRUTH in these two articles: “MARIJUANA AND HEMP THE UNTOLD STORY, Thomas J. Bouril” and “WHY IS MARIJUANA ILLEGAL, Pete Guither”, click the links to those articles on this webpage:
Internet Explorer web browser: http://jsknow.angelfire.com/home
All Other Browsers: http://jsknow.angelfire.com/index.html

No matter which side of this issue you’re on PLEASE read the two articles linked above. It’s almost certain you’ll learn things about marijuana and marijuana prohibition that you never knew before.


Legalize marijuana and stop funding criminals, gangsters, illegal aliens and terrorists with hundreds of Billions in tax free $ every year. “When you fund something you get more of it” (Ron Paul). Does anyone really think we need more criminals, gangsters, illegal aliens and terrorists?

Neither state should permit a building to be constructed close to the border fence. It was a tunnel large enough for a truck to drive thru. The Border Patrol may have never noticed its construction while it was in progress.

Glad to see the Feds put a stop to the illegal importation of Mexico cannabis.


Bob: Under what Constitutional authority does your construction ban proposal fall under?

The problem lies with cannabis *prohibition,* period. Cannabis is not a big deal- it has been consumed safely by humans for ten thousand years, and legalizing it will end the incredible stupidity of our government's war on a plant far more benign than alcohol or tobacco. Why can't we learn our lessons from the failure of alcohol prohibition?

This may seem like a lot of pot, but it's still just a drop in the bucket. We're talking about thousands of pounds when there are many thousands of TONS of Mexican marijuana smuggled into this country every year. Guys like Carlos Cunningham are a dime a dozen. He just pled to something that will put him in prison for a minimum of ten years. Our prisons are full of guys like him, but it does nothing to stop the flow of marijuana. Mexican pot is still plentiful and super cheap because there is so much of it despite all we seize and the excessive costs involved in smuggling it and transporting it around our country.

Legalization is coming. It is inevitable. When it happens the people transporting it will be no different than the people who drive Budweiser trucks. It will be grown on huge farms like other crops, produced for a good bit less than $100 a pound on average, and we'll be able to keep the prices up close to where they are today with taxes and excises. Will generate tons of revenue that way. The people who transport it like Carlos Cunnigham, and everyone else who works in the industry, hundreds of thousands today no doubt, will be paying income taxes on the money they earn.

Pot is already easily available everywhere. On government surveys now more teens are reporting that they smoke p[ot that report smoking cigarettes. It's already about as easy for them to get as alcohol. Over 50% of all Americans under 65 have already tried it. It won't be much more available than it already is when we sell it from stores. Most people who want to smoke it already do. Many billions of dollars are being made every year in the marijuana industry by Mexican drug cartels. It's their bread and butter, and the huge infrastucture they have in place for marijuana distribution helps them move all their meth and cocaine and heroin, etc., and because these drugs are all coming from the same people up the line pot smokers are far more likely to be offered drugs like meth or cocaine than they would be if they bought their pot at regulated stores similar to liquor stores. We aren't doing a lick of good keeping it illegal. We're actually doing a lot more harm than good. It is time to legalize it and regulate it like alcohol and turn it into a legal industry.

Do not forget the DEA hands out 10 billion a year in grants for efforts to fight drugs. Why do you think they zealously train cadets to go after drug offenders and take photos of a big stash with a bunch of smiling police- department just made a bonus for next years budget... Then you look at how the largest chunk of the DEA's budget is allocated to fighting marijuana and they are the ones who decide if marijuana is schedule I or not. Yea no conflicting interest there- or when a puppet comes out and spews a bunch of associative confounding factors to keep a ignorant stygma on marijuana- drug czar or cop in a dog suit take your pick they are both just looking after their own budget whether they know it or not.

Its not about the crime prohibition generates, its about the money it generates.


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