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Ted Williams, homeless man with golden voice, detained by LAPD at Hollywood hotel [Updated]

Ted Williams, center.

Ted Williams, the Ohio homeless man whose golden voice made him a YouTube sensation and brought him offers of work, was detained by the Los Angeles Police Department Monday night at a Hollywood hotel.

According to law enforcement sources, Williams and a unidentified family member were detained after police were called to the Renaissance Hotel on a disturbance call.

[Updated at 8:32 a.m.: The sources described the incident as an altercation with his daughter, but declined to provide further details.]

Williams was eventually released, and the sources said the investigation was continuing. The sources stressed it's unclear if any arrests would result from the probe. Sources spoke on the condition of anonymity because the case was ongoing.

Williams was in Los Angeles for several televisions appearances, including "Entertainment Tonight." Earlier Monday, he visited the Lakers.

"It was good. It was the first time," Kobe Bryant told The Times' sports blog. "I had never seen him before, but I had heard a lot about him. It was pretty cool."


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-- Andrew Blankstein

Photo: Ted Williams, center, and his mother, Julia Williams, talk with "Today" show co-host Meredith Vieira on NBC's "Today" show on Friday. Credit: Peter Kramer / NBC

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here is a man getting his life back together and a great chance for a good future only in LA can a person get question and held...after getting to stand straight again...good going LA you should you care again...

You have been given an opportunity and already you are in trouble?

it's obvious he needs couseling and guidence in daily living.

The truth is he is handicapped for Success. One of the reasons people end up Homeless is that they can't or won't follow Direction. He may be real good at what he does, but conflict turns into Anger and Rage.
Having a relative working with him is also dangerous because that's where a lot of deep pain and resentment comes from and it goes both ways. I'm sure she's is really mad at him for the past issues.
Him and his family needs Counseling and He needs a 12 step program so a higher Spiritual Power can free Him from his Past and help Him with the present

I agree with these comments. These people offering him jobs should focus more on offering him counselling so he can learn about the tools he need to face his overwhelming future before he falls again.

His kids and family should understand he can't change his past mistakes but he has the will to make a difference now but confronting him especially when the media and the people offering him work are watching is not the way to go!!

When I first saw him, I thought 'gee what a great story." But then I heard he had 9 kids, a radio career in the past, etc. etc. I think we all fell for the homeless schtick. I assumed he was a vet that hadn't moved on when I saw the cammies.

I wonder if Villaraigosa daughter is going to loose her gravy job she makes about what 70K for what we don't know. Also Rockeys son they are making big bucks. Maybe the times should investigat that.

Its painful for me to witness this gentleman fall from grace so quickly because there are so many parallels between his life and my own.

I lived on the streets of Anchorage Alaska for many years a drugged up messed up heroin addict always looking for my next fix.

But a kind lady took me under her bosom and gave me a spare room in her home and I went back to college and graduated first in my class and ten years later I am a law school graduate and recently appointed district court judge.

I was hoping this fellow's life trajectory would follow my own.

Ay I'm hoping that he didnt fall off the wagon that would really suck I get the daughter is hitting him up for money and shes probably into drugs as well :-( ay yay i hope all this doesnt make hit rock bottom again!

Saw that he has 9 kids. Counting himself, he could start a group called the Williams 10 (twice the number of the Jackson 5).

You can choose your friends, but you're stuck with your family!

Let's hope Ted Williams can continue his path to sobriety and happiness. It is quite transparent that he abandoned his children and family, and understandably, there are some raw and hurt feelings. Perhaps there are some among his children who may not agree with his newfound success. I hope these wounds can be healed and they all can arrive at a measure of happiness and gratitude. Who among us are not happy for someone who has fallen so deep into despair, and, with the grace of god, he dug out from the dirt and disease that claimed him. There very well may be a bumps in the road with Mr. Williams from time to time. I for one hope he can navigate his way safely with the grace of God to a higher life.

it was a family dispute. probably had something to do with his daughter trying to extract money from him. I'm willing to bet that she was attempting to nickle-and-dime him, and he wasn't going to let her.

Ted and his daughter were detained due to a heated (i.e. loud) argument in the hotel room. His children are pissed because he walked out on them and didn't pay their mom a dime in child support because "she didn't make me." I am angry this dead beat dad is getting all this attention. I hope his ex-wife sues the pants off him.

He was detained for getting into a shouting match with one of his daughters, who isn't all that impressed at his sudden fame. It will take him a long time to mend those fences, I think.

Somebody can't into a heated argument with their child anymore? They will arrest you for anything!

He was detained on a distubance call involving him and his daughter (2nd paragraph)

I figured we'd be reading something like this eventually; just happened sooner than expected. I wish him well, but I'm not optimistic.

I agree with Mr. Redemption. This gentleman has to be re-integrated into society and his family with sensitivity. If the glaring eye of the media is there it can easily spiral out and wreck what we all wish to see..a man with a wonderful voice get a second chance to use this talent constructively in helping others. Be patient with him, his family and allow the inevitably painful healing process to take place. Then let us all enjoy his talent and second chance with him.

This could just as easily be "Little to do about nothing" other than some verbalized emotions considerd the detactment this man has had with family members and that his family in some had with him, as well as an overractive listener who overeacted through their own poor judgement, misperceptions, overraction, and wrongful analysis of overhearing something.

Amongst family members their is bound to be some turmoil, friction, and raised voices, even under more normal circumstances where dis-connection from each other may have occurred, leave alone the length of time and neglect that leaves family members upset, disappointed, and a host of other possible and likely effects these things have, and nothing about this, no matter how the Healine reads, is or was NOT necessarily criminal in nature in reality.

I expect that it is quite possible that some deceptive individual(s) will soon attempt to manneuver to attmept to exploit this man financially in recovery from the past, and his new found positive wealth and potential.

The bottom line is, that we are all on the outside looking in, and using speculation over was about something, nothing, or very little. Reaching a conclusion of any kind, is as careless and irresponsible as may have happened to some of us about much more benign matters, but their are always people sitting around, no matter the subject or person(s), dying to spew a lot of Hot Air based on little, if anything at all, or nothing about something where no one on the other side of this fence really knows a single thing about this matter beyond Media Print "Headlines," but it sure helps to attract advertisers and Readers who love dirt even if their MAY not be any.

Wow!! Talking about jumping to conclusions without the facts. Prejudice and ignorance are still live. in LA. Gee whiz

His kids have rights to that money. There is probably over a million in back child support that needs to be paid for the past few decades. That's not counting interest.

Ted, if you want to get a job/keep a job, you don't need to be getting yourself in trouble. Old habits died hard, I know, but the world is watching. You need to do better.

Cut the guy a bit of slack. He went from the outhouse to the penthouse in just a few weeks. I'm sure that he's having 'issues', and that his emotions are all over the place.

This incident with Mr. Williams was almost a given from the point of his "discovery." Any responsible person would have known that Mr. Williams would need careful guidance and mental health support, especially with the onslaught of media attention he received. People get to desperate places for a reason and their problems can't be fixed overnight. I hope that someone is looking after this man and giving him the help and balance he needs.

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