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Should lawmakers get new state cars amid budget crisis? Tell us what you think

Talk back L.A.Amid California's budget crisis, should lawmakers be receiving new cars? Patrick McGreevy of The Times' Sacramento Bureau reported that lawmakers have spent at least $259,000 in taxpayer funds on new sport utility vehicles and other vehicles for themselves in the last year. McGreevy notes these lawmakers are now considering major cuts for the state budget:

Newly elected Assemblyman Luis Alejo (D-Salinas) is taking delivery of a 2011 Ford Escape Hybrid, worth $37,269. More than $32,000 went to buy a 2011 Ford Edge for freshman Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks), a "tea party" activist and the Legislature's most strident conservative. And Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani (D-Stockton), who was reelected, is now behind the wheel of a 2011 Ford Mustang worth $24,657.

What do you think? Share your views below.


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Try your luck at balancing the state budget

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No, they should not get anything new. Some citizens can't pay for medicine or see a doctor. The elderly will now have less hours or no hours for someone to come in and care for them and have to be placed in more expensive placements.

All of California's legislators should take a 25% cut to their office budgets.
They got us in this mess approving bills that had no budget impact but did have a budget impact and look at the mess were in now.

No furniture, no cars, no nothing..............................................


What, there are no used car lots in Sacramento? How can these legislators appreciate some of the problems of those of us who can't afford a new car? So these same people are going to vote to eliminate services for the rest of us now that they have theirs. Their constituents should rise up in anger.

all the tea baggers are being exposed as the hypocrites that they are.

and obviously, no one should be getting new cars in govt. right now.

absolutely not, and the cars they have bought already should be returned. they should be using old cars until they are at least 5 years old

If these public servants (they are not Gods, even though they act like they are) need a vehicle, just check one out from the motor pool. They don't need a vehicle that fits their "position" in life.

why are they driving cars bought on my taxes? i did NOT authorize these purchases! drive your own junker, like every other working stiff!

Personally, they should not be buying vehicle with state funds. I'm driving a 2001 vehicle with over 100,000 miles and I hope to keep it running another year. They can cut budgets for the low and destitute, but drive around in a 37,000 vehicle? There is something rotten in Sacramento!

Budget for something modest and make it a law that they must drive vehicles that are 5 years old or older and not purchase anything unless their vehicle has exceeded 100,000 miles like the rest of us.

Enough of this, I'll cut budgets for the poor and hard working folks, while I drive a luxury vehicle on the taxpayer money. We already are taxed higher than anyone in the country.

Lose the new vehicles and if they don't like it... fire them.

We should dock the value of these vehicles and any perks from their salary.

No, they should not be receiving new cars!

Nope. No reason for a new car. If anything, we should rewrite the rules so the representatives can tele-commute from their home offices and dismantle Sac-town.

Is it really surprising that our public officials feel free to spend taxpayer dollars for their own benefit? Every public dollar spent should come with a detailed explanation of how this benefits the people of California. There is a distinct lack of accountability for public funds. Sure, a car might be a legislator perk. Let's remember who makes the laws and puts in the perks for themselves and their friends. Any other worker who takes a job in a distant location does not obligate the employer to pay for commute costs or other associated costs. Certainly the employer does not have to pay for accommodations such as per diem. Legislators are different. We, taxpayers, are the employer and yet we are forced to pay for these perks. Any firm knows how to trim costs such as perks when revenue is down but not the government. Just keep taxing and spending while the rest of us live within our means.

Absolutely NOT!!!!!!! ENOUGH is ENOUGH. This is an absolute outrage!!!!

They shouldn't get cars, phones, etc. Buy your own and deduct any business portion on your tax return. They are not entitled to special perks, ever.

This article really is a bunch of nonsense. Instead of analyzing policy, decimated Capitol bureaus just try to sell papers with another cliche article slamming Legislators.

Next in the Times: Why should we allow Legislators to eat chicken? Cream of Wheat or plain old gruel should suffice.

Should Legislators be allowed to wear suits? Sackcloth works just fine.

Why should Legislators be allowed an allotment of paper on the taxpayer dime? Email works just fine, as do carrier pigeons.

If any of those complaining lived a day in the life, they'd shut up. Fast. 20 meeting requests, all over Kingdom Come. But let's force them to break down in bad neighborhoods. That'll larn 'em.

Thanks for letting us know about the cars. We'll remember this while voting in June to not continue the temporary tax increases now in effect.

When will the PIGS stop eating? If new cars are top priority to these PIGS maybe they should get a new Laptop, Cell Phone, Bank Account, House, Flat screen...... Thank You California PIGS for you’re great decision making on our Budget deficit.

Teabaggers get new cars? Anyone who voted in these tea bag clowns ought to have their head examined.

We need to start a recall petition and remove all these hypocrites from office! Despicable!!!

two words....ABSOLUTELY NOT!

It's fine with me. Auto sales are still slow, and we need to support the enormous corporations, the ones "too big to fail". Buying American cars means jobs for Americans, and is just an extension of the massive Federal bailout of the auto industry and is a part of the overall Stimulus Program. Of course, California suffers, which is why my comment is actually dripping with sarcasm and I truly believe that these cars need to be returned and these people can simply be given mileage reimbursement to drive their own cars.

Why are the cars listed all Fords. I smell a rat.

They should not be rewarded until they fix the state, period.

There are no cuts in browns budget only a temporary slowdown in spending As soon as the tax passes they will find billions and the spending will start up. The gov has hijacked billions and sepent the state in Bankruptcy and soon it will continue

This is a problem that is endemic to elected officials: they all have entitlement issues with someone else's money.

They should all get a 25% salary deduction with NO car and other perks. But no one does anything. This is why we should NOT INCREASE any taxes b/c these monies are going towards their perks.


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