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Sheriff's Department says East L.A. gang member on parole shot deputy in face

Nestor Torres An East L.A. gang member out of prison on parole was identified Wednesday by sheriff's officials as the person who shot a deputy in the face.

Nestor Torres, 37, was on parole with prior felony convictions for shooting into an inhabited dwelling and possession of a firearm when he allegedly shot Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Mohamed Ahmed, 27, Tuesday night, authorities said.

Ahmed and his training officer were on a routine patrol near Floral Drive and North Brannick Avenue when they saw Torres and a woman inside a vehicle parked in the red zone.

The training officer recognized Torres, and as deputies got out of their cruiser, Torres got out of his car and allegedly fired at the La-me-deputy-shotofficers, authorities said.

 The training officer tried to wrestle the gun away from Torres, deflecting the weapon as it was pointed at his chest. The officer fired at least two shots, fatally wounding Torres.

The woman with Torres, who was unhurt, was questioned and released, police said.

Ahmed was sedated Wednesday in critical but stable condition, said Nicole Nishida, a sheriff’s spokeswoman.

“Doctors are continually assessing his condition to make a decision on how to proceed,” she said.

Ahmed’s training officer, who suffered abrasions and bruises, was treated and released from the hospital.


Sheriff's deputy shot in face, may lose eye

Deputy shot in face; suspect killed in East L.A. shooting

Deputy and his training officer confronted by parolee in East L.A. shooting, authorities say

-- Shan Li and Andrew Blankstein

Photo: Nestor Torres. Credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

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My condolences to the friends and family of the fallen Deputy.
Someone needs to do a study and find out how many of these shootings of police and Sheriff Deputies have these three issues:
The perpetrator was supposed to still be in prison for violent crimes, is a gang member, and is forever forbidden by law from possessing a gun.

I hope he pulls through. God bless our Deputies we love you guys.

God Bless Deputy Ahmed. I hope he fully recovers.

We have the most strict gun laws in the States. Did this peasant buy gun from the store? I bet it was stole or bought in the black market. Stupid politicians just want to get rid of guns from good citizens and the bad guys have the guns.

Another vicious killer......did Arnold release him????

It's a shame he got a lucky shot off that will cost the officer his eye but we should all be very thankful for the training officer's aim and that another cowardly turd is no longer a threat to society.

Why aren't this animals considered terrorist?? They terrorize society. Get rid of them! No Second Chances for these animals!

My brother, an LASD deputy as well, just called to tell me about this horrible tragedy. My brother, too, was shot in the face and left for dead while on duty, by a gang member, a number of years ago-- off work for a year, lost an eye, but continues to put his life on the line every day... A dear man, the "Chaplain in the Hood", had been riding on patrol with my brother that night, and he was killed by the same man. I learned, back then, what a great bunch of men and women work for the LASD, as they were amazing to all of us during those terrible days/weeks/months, and still are. My deepest prayers as well as solidarity in the confusion/grief/fear/anger go out to Deputy Ahmed's family, friends and coworkers. I pray for a miraculous, speedy recovery. God bless you all, and thank you all for your service.

i wonder what sarah palin and the tea party did to make this guy want to kill a sheriff

We need to re-evaluate how we're putting and keeping people in prison. No time for victimless crimes. Maximal time for acts of violence with a weapon.

Thank you Arnold for letting this killer lose on the Streets...I'm sure the gun he used was stolen like 85% of the criminals that commit homicides. This is not about gun control, but making sure that people who use guns against other people get put away for life, or get killed in Jail.

Members of law enforcement are true heroes, putting their life on the line for us every time they punch the clock. Celebrities, athletes, politicians and musicians are mere entertainment. The badge commands and earns my complete respect and admiration. Get well soon, Deputy.

I thought a paroled prisoner had been determined NOT to be a danger to the community? Why not let them serve the entire term, and then some?

Release all non violent drug offenders and do not let violent criminals out early on parole.

I would much rather have a non violent drug user on the street than a violent thug.

I pray for a quick and full recovery and a stop to paroling felony gang members and other thugs. God Bless

And this is why violent gang members need to stay in prison.

I don't know how or why these obviously ignorant gang-members are expected to manage their stringent parole conditions. If the purpose of the corrections system is to release people capable of living as civilized human beings and not animals, then clearly the system is broken. It's a shame that we allow so many unrealistic paroles to occur.

The sad part is that it's probably budgetary issues that create such a surplus of criminals who really shouldn't be out of prison. If Gerry Brown can be just as clear and realistic about the California criminal justice system as he so far has been regarding the budget, then, maybe, there is some hope that we can feel safe walking the streets of this crime filled State. The only question is, how can we build our economy, so, we, as a society, can afford to keep all of the scum like this off the street for good?

This would not have happened if we sealed our border and tightened our immigration policies. Another loophole was that he was allowed out on parole. Complete fiscal mismanagement of our resources forced this guy out early.

My condolences to the deputy's family & friends & may he recover quickly.
And just WHY was this useless piece of scum out on parole?

My question to Villaraigosa and the rest of the lazy city council is, when they know good and well where all these dirtbags and their families live, why are they allowed to terrorize the rest of us who live around them? As far as I'm concerned, they have no rights, yet, here they are, knowing that until they are either shot dead or thrown in prison, they have rights just like the rest of us! Gotta love our judicial system!

What good was this low life clown for society? Nothing but a waste of breathing space. Better him than the deputy. I still feel that anyone who exits the car without being told to do so should just be shot period. If the deputy would have shot him, the ACLU and all these people would have come to this clown's defense that he didnt deserve to get shot and killed. Did the deputy deserve to get shot? At least this clown wont be around anymore to hurt anyone or waste tax payers money while in prison..37 years old and still in gangs? Grow up already..

If only Barbara Boxer had passed her forward-thinking legislation that would prevent everyone from having concealed weapons, this wrongdoer would not have been able to have a gun.
That woman is just always looking out for us.

I have a wonderful idea. Every time a violent person is let onto the streets and kills someone, the very people responsible for letting them loose will be locked up for life. Might these types of paroles stop happening? In LA, SD, SF where there's lots of these violent parolees running around, the average citizen does not have the right to carry a gun to defend themselves (unless you're a movie star or have strong political connections and a thick wallet). Let's state that again: The powers that be will not let citizens of CA properly defend themselves. The powers that be let out violent criminals into the public who are killing people. The state of CA has no interest in protecting anyone but the self appointed "royalty" that is becoming government in this state and in Washington.

I actually went to the scene of the crime today. Dont believe everything you read or hear on the news. People started coming out of their homes because at the same time I arrived, more news agencies were also arriving. There was at least 10 people who came forward to me and the news and stated that the situation did not unfold the way described by the LASD. The so called suspect is said to of never had a weapon, according to witnesses, and it was the rookie officer who shot himself. From what I understood from several people who were outside and witnessed the entire situation unfold, Torres came out of his car aggravated, the rookie officer pulled out his weapon. As Torres lurched at him to attack, the rookie officer began discharging his weapon and was accidentally shot by a ricocheting bullet. The other officer then shot and killed Torres. I'm actually attempting to organize and bring awareness of the situation as I write this.

Anyone questioning how this guy got a gun? In 33 states, ANYONE can purchase a handgun, w/o a background check, w/o a sales receipt, as long as the purchase is “private”. Truckloads of these transactions occur, every day, usually in the parking lots of the many gunshows happening, every day.

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