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Lindsay Lohan battery case strong enough for prosecutors to consider charges, detectives conclude

Riverside County authorities investigating battery allegations against actress Lindsay Lohan have determined that there is enough evidence to forward the case to prosecutors.

The case "will be submitted to the district attorney’s office as the investigation determined Ms. Lohan violated several aspects of her probation, including the battery. A copy of this investigation will be forwarded to the Los Angeles Probation Office," the Riverside County Sheriff's Department said in a statement. "It is expected that this investigation will be sent to the district attorney’s office later this week."

Lohan left the Betty Ford clinic this week and returned to Los Angeles. But allegations that she pushed a technician at the Betty Ford Center last month appears not to be going away.

The technician, Dawn Holland, initially sought a battery charge against the actress. Last week Holland's attorney, Keith Davidson, said the technician had decided that she no longer wanted to pursue prosecution and that as a recovering addict herself, she sympathized with Lohan. Davidson sent a fax to Riverside authorities saying she no longer wanted to press charges and would not cooperate with the investigation into the incident at a halfway facility run by the Betty Ford Center.

But Palm Desert police are continuing to investigate the case in which Holland initially had alleged that Lohan had hurt her wrist as she tried to yank a phone out of her hand.

The battery case, if proven, could violate Lohan's probation on her earlier drunken-driving case.


Decision on Lohan assault investigation could come this week

Lindsay Lohan free to leave Betty Ford Center this week

Lohan's alleged assault victim no longer cooperating with authorities

--Richard Winton

Photo: Lindsay Lohan. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

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They're not prosecuting Mel Gibson, but they want Lindsay Lohan's head?

What is wrong with the crazy law enforcement in LA?

It sounds pretty sexist to me.

I don't think we'll ever see a happy ending with Lohan. Her quest for her drug of choice is so strong and those she faces for help are all easily deceived. I just hope we don't find her on the Autopsy Table at Mission Road.

You want to talk about wasted money in government.

Law enforcement -- that's where we waste tons of money.

We don't have jail space for DUI offenders in LA because the system has to babysit thousands of relapsed drug users every day.

And here's someone who doesn't want to prosecute -- and nonetheless, the police are volunteering to spend down the local and state budgets in her name.

Prosecutors may want to depose Ms. Holland and ask whether she's been in contact with Lohan since being fired from the clinic and, if so, whether she was given anything in return for her stated desire to drop the case.

If you have the last name Lohan your life will= failure

Lohan has got a serious problem and needs to do some serious time. If this was a common person, the system would not care, and why so much news is being placed on this loser is beyond me. She has not given anything of worth to society. So give her, her time in prison, and kick her to the curb like the system would do with any other loser!

I still say she was going through withdrawals. It's a part of the illness. Leave it to the authorities to play on this!!

Another waste of taxpayer money on a spoiled, alcoholic brat. Send Lohan to Arizona and let them deal with her. WHY are the Riverside County "Authorities" continuing this inquisition? The county is underwater financially and yet the "authorities" are continuing an investigation even though the other brat involved in this situation has since stated she does not want to press charges.

This kind of stuff happens in rehabs and recovery centers all the time. The only reason this is a big deal is because it gets press. How about a press moratorium on LL?

Battery is an offensive touching, assault is an attempted offensive touching. The generally deminimus nature of such an event triggering a criminal charge generally tends to an overreaching and abuse of the system to perpetrate and exercise utter power and authority.

Yeah, they're gonna help Lohan to stay off the sauce and the drugs by putting more legalistic pressure on her despite her accuser's withdrawal. And it isn't even election time!

If Lohan does not go to jail for battery assult it will only testify that justice is not blind or balanced - if in need of an answer ask Cornelius Dupree Jr. who thankfully was released from jail after serving 30 years for a crime he did not commit...obiviously, justice was givin with a racial slant, of course if Mr. Dupree was a celebrity he would be given an Oscar for absurd behavior and fits of crying to help the judges...put Lohan in a regular cell like the one Mr. Dupree spent 30 years in and than Lohan will grow up and behave like a mature unspoiled adult.

The DA should be going after the sub prime lenders and stop the mortgage meltdown in the Inland Empire instead of wasting the taxpayers money this way.

enough of this already. this former aide at the clinic is only after 2 things:money and fame. she has already proven that she is not trustworthy by giving that T.V. interview and nameing names in violation of her contract. the Betty Ford Clinic PROHIBITS all employees from confirming or denying if a celeb or other person is a patient there. she signed the contract accepting this, then went on national television and named Lohan and somebody else.
I don't know if Lohan did it or not but I do know that I will take the word of a druggie over that of a proven liar.

did somebody seriously just comment on sexism in LA???

haha, just try getting into a club in LA without a woman...

yep, sexism is alive and well. cry for lindsay all you want, but i'll guarantee that she's had far more than her share of lucky breaks, second chances and good times in this town.

Ms Lohan is costing taxpayers too much money. Is there any chance of the state/city to recoup any of the money for court staff/time?

what a shame! she is hot and could have been much hotter if she got her temper control.

@Patricia - "What is wrong with the crazy law enforcement in LA?" Well, this is the Palm Desert police, and there is PLENTY wrong with the LAPD.

However, Gibson didn't assault anybody. Lohan did.

When will we see celebrity drug use for what it is-money for a party habit that goes straight to Mexican drug cartels, 30,000 killed in Mexican drug violence the past three years and massive parts of the country in turmoil.

We give celebs a slap on the wrist and tabloid headline jokes, instead of recognizing the devastating damage this behavior funds.

Seriously, kidnappings, extortion, beheadings-Mexico cannot handle it anymore and it's people like Lohan with glorified public figure status, that are a HUGE part of the problem.

Would Lohan buy t-shirts produced by sweat shop child labor? God forbid. She clearly has no problem buying cocaine from those who destroy far more lives than sweatshop labor ever did.

Linds likes to fight.

I had the bad fortune to end up in the same nightclub as she during her "Hell Week" 3 years ago, at the time of her 21st birthday. Most of the charges she is still dealing with arise from her behavior that week.

I saw her early in the evening, around 10:30, in a bar on Main Street in Santa Monica, where ... she threw a glass at me, another at the DJ, and then tried to get in a fistfight with someone else. The Security at the small club -- delighted to have a "star" in there -- kept making excuses for her, e.g. "her drink slipped; she must have jostled that girl by mistake", etc. etc.

I and the "someone else" were minding our own business at the time. From having interacted with her personally, I regretfully state: None of this could possibly be happening to a person who deserves it more.

"Consider"? Throw the book at this person, for her own good! This will HELP her, not hurt her....

Erica, Mel Gibson DID assault his wife. Beat her up pretty badly.....

I thought if someone drops charges on someone else that authorities should not investigate any futher. Clearly Lindsay Lohan is cleaning up her life and realizes the mistakes shes made and is moving forward with her new life. Its apparent that the technician saw that after she pressed charges and felt bad. Think about it: when someone is in rehab weather it is a celebrity or not slips but realizes the mistake that was made and fixes them. Lindsay Lohan is doing that and WHY CAN'T SHE JUST LIVE HER LIFE IN PEACE NOW AND CONTINUE ON IN HER CAREER?

waste of print. lets focus on things that matter.

Dan Stensland, the War on Drugs has been going on for over 40 years and despite all the death and the gore, people like yourself just want to keep it going and keep everyone believing that some day we're going to win.

Alcohol prohibition gave us Al Capone. How did Capone fund his gangster empire? By selling beer!

Why don't you go picket outside a liquor store with THAT message?

Oh wait -- you don't have to!

Since Americans gave up on the War on Alcohol, gangsters don't run the alcohol business any longer.

After alcohol was made legal again in 1933, Americans no longer got gunned down by beer cartels competing over beer gang turf.

Go have yourself a brewski and think that one over, dude.

Leave that poor girl alone! Let the law enforcement chase gangs members instead, which would be more useful!

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