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Mel Gibson domestic violence case: Prosecutors closing in on decision

Mel GibsonMel Gibson's attorney met with a prosecutor Tuesday to discuss whether domestic violence charges would be filed against the actor, as officials moved closer to resolving the long-running case.

Two sources confirmed the meeting. The details of the discussion were not revealed. The sources said prosecutors were getting closer to a decision on whether to charge Gibson but that any prosecution was not imminent.

L.A. County sheriff's investigators have spent months looking into whether Gibson hit  ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

Officials have said that case is closely tied to another investigation into whether someone tried to extort money from Gibson.

Gibson and his Grigorieva also are locked in a bitter custody dispute over their year-old daughter, Lucia.

The Los Angeles district attorney's office in October began considering whether to file domestic violence charges related to an alleged attack by the actor-director. But sources have told the Los Angeles Times that prosecutors won't make a decision on the case until the Sheriff's Department has finished its inquiry into claims that Grigorieva or someone close to her attempted to extort money from Gibson.

The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the case was ongoing, said the cases were closely intertwined.

Many of the questions center on the leaking of recordings of Gibson using a racial slur and abusive language during several telephone calls with his former girlfriend.

News of the meeting Tuesday was first reported by Radar Online.


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-- Richard Winton

Photo: Mel Gibson. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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If Mel were not an actor an lived in obscurity like most of th rest of us, da ya thank th prosecutor would even give this th time of day?

Give it a rest Mr. DA, ya got far worst thangs fer yer department ta deal with rather than th mindless rants an ravings of a movie star an his squeeze.

Congrats on posting an HONEST article. Good job.

Well, he admitted hitting her. The question for prosecutors is whether he did so in defense of his daughter; one may use commensurate force in the defense of another.

It is looking like OxyBotoxy's camp are the ones that have done the "buying off" of the DA. Disgusting show of corruption.

He has the best criminal defense attorney in L.A.
If anything she’ll work out a deal where he does community service, and anger management

Mel has fans all over the world waiting for all of this to be settled. They miss this incredible actor/director/producer, and will stand by him.

His fans will show their loyalty at the box office.

If this woman was abused why she didn't leave from the bigginig, and I think she was making him mad on purpose so so she can record him, and abused woman don't do what she did, she think to leave not to record...there is something wrong in this picture, he never abussed his ex wife and he lived happily , until this woman appeared in his life. This woman her purpose was to distroy his life and take his money.

It seems the L.A. Times never misses an opportunity to show its complete lack of journalistic integrity... Please, do your shrinking readership a favor and... stick to real news...

Does this mean no Lethal Weapon 5?

I dont believe it. I hope Mel chooses better next time.

Dear Mel, next time please don't get hooked up while you're in a blackout. I understand how it can happen and I hope you have learned something from this nightmare!!!

Yes, we dont care what the hell Gibson has done..what drugs he has taken, what woman he is divorcing, what rants he is currently on.....WE JUST WANT HIM ON SCREEN or behind the camera. Let the man display his talent and forget about all this domestic crap. It doesnt matter!!!!

if she is doing something wrong it will show up. it seems she is doing a good job of biting the hand that feeds her and her daughter. question ?what is her motive? mel has never not givin robin what the family needed . he would not deny his own child. mel gibson has been a loving father for years in australia the public saw him love his family,he was known for that. then someone who wants to have all he has and has not put the time in but wants the cash and so soon after they met. mel you blew it you let go of the best friend you ever had in robin. stick close to your family mel . hold fast while the winds blow .they are worth more than this.

Cannibals, that's what this whole saga reminds me of ~ cannibals eating the flesh of another ~ Oxskanka 'eating' to get her name in the news & get power via defeating another, the public by continually venting what is really their own pretty much screwed up world views (i.e.from 'he's a great actor, leave him alone' to 'he's rich & famous, sock it to him'), the press by accepting the continual flow of illegal leaks & posing under 'freedom of speech' as their excuse in this sorrowful assault on a man who actually needs privacy, help and plain old human compassion & understanding.

If he were the man next door he might get at least some of that; perhaps someone might listen to the facts and not their emotions; perhaps the news would not be so very willing to quickly publish every new lie, slant and slur put out my her money machine; and most certinaly, 39 different attorneys would not be so quick to sign on to this terrible stinking ship of fools. If he were the man next door ~ the police would have been free to make a careful finding based on the facts of the case; unhampered by the need to tread ever so softly in order to avoid both the wrath of fans or the implied threat of eternal harressment from a crazed attention hungry adept manipulator of the media.

The attorney's are just ~ despicable ~ they obviously don't care what happened, who did what nor what will become of the children involved in this case. What these lawyers, 'the defenders of the law' want, the only things they want, is to SPIN the facts to make the case for their client, they want to get their name 'out there' and of course there is the smell of the money that will come to them regardless of the outcome of the case. Isn't that something? No matter who 'wins' ~ they get paid ~ by MEL. WHAT???!!?!?!?!!? Lunacy, absolute lunacy all the way around. If that is not the case, then they perhaps can donate their entire legal fees in a charity? Yea, right ~ te "honey, pack your bags we are going to buy the Bahamas when this is all over" charity.

I don't know for sure what happened and neither does anyone on fthe face of the but Mel and Oxskanka, because we were not present when whatever happened, happened. But what I do know is the blood-letting needs to stop ~ there are children involved. Give a care, for crying out loud.

Listen, the witches howl for gosh sakes.
Mel Gibson was taken and they made a ploy for his money, plain & simple. I am a witness to a premeditated murder by Nicolas Cage. I saw the knife in Nicholas Cages' hand. Mel is a good fighter. May he win his case in court. Oksana deserves her child to be cared for. Mel does not deserve to be raped by their fun ploy. I know a lot about those evil spirits. Greedy devils! I am on Mel's side. May the D.A be on Mel's side. God bless you Mel.

May God bless America and Mel Gibson. They made a ploy to get his money, plain & simple. May the D.A. know that Mel has been privately harrassed and almost murdered by Nick Cage and the witch coven in Hollywood. May he go free.
They just wanted his money. May he be exonerated of the charges.

Poor guy. He just lost his top and..... yeah, he sounds a little nuts but we've all had tough times. His true friend Danny Glover stood by him.

P.S. I am really looking forward to seeing him bounce back in The Beaver.

Mr.Gibson will admit he hit his former partner.He will serve time in a county prison in california.He will come out of prison a better man.Australia he came from some years ago,he will return there.Then MR.Gibson will produce a blockbuster film.People will say he did his time,time heals a wound.Bye bye from a BRAVEHEART FAN.Rob Fisher.England.UK.


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