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Police consider graffiti about killing Jerry Brown a 'terrorist threat,' seek links to earlier vandalism

One of two threats scrawled on Orange County walls.

Both Santa Ana police and Gov. Jerry Brown's security detail on Friday are trying find out who wrote graffiti on two walls threatening to kill the new governor on Valentine's Day.

The graffiti, which threatened the governor and included a Nazi swastika, was discovered Thursday and is considered a "terrorist threat." Authorities are also probing any links to earlier graffiti in the area threating to kill Catholics.

"At this point," Cpl. Anthony Bertagna of the Santa Ana Police Department said,  "we have no clue, other than it's Valentine's Day."

One of the scrawls said, "We gonna kill Gov. Brown 2/14/11," and was discovered by a resident about 7 a.m. on a block wall on South Greenville Street near Alton Avenue, Bertagna said. The threat was sprayed with black paint.

Later in the day, a Santa Ana police officer spotted the second message on a block wall on Segerstrom Avenue. Painted in red, it said, "26 more days 4 Brown." A swastika was painted next to it, Bertagna said.

Santa Ana police contacted the California Highway Patrol, which is responsible for protecting the governor. Bertagna said investigators were checking the governor's schedule to see if he was planning to visit the area on Feb. 14, which is Valentine's Day.

Anyone with information is asked to call Santa Ana police at (714) 245-8390.

--Robert J. Lopez

Photo: KTLA


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The Swastika is backward and was added with black paint?.......Santa Ana is filled with Hispanics! Something smells afoul!!!

"We gonna kill Gov. Brown 2/14/11"- Sounds like ebonics!! hmmmm?

Interesting concept/theory Peter, but it isn't new. I came up with that theory also about graffiti done by Police in order for gangs to kill each other MORE.

good to know that there's so many experts on swastikas. . . it's a bit funny that a liberal concludes it's tea party dudes, and the right wingers implausibly state that it's left wingers. . . i mean, really? do yu guys just cut and paste your opinions from the same reactionary rhetoric we've been dealing with for around ten years? yet we never seem to question why this rhetoric "all the sudden" appeared on the scene after 9/11? (and yes, it wasn't like that before 9/11) true patriotism is quite rare anymore. . . .

All of your opinions are dumb.

This act was committed by some, uneducated, morally corrupted ignoramus.

It shows the wisdom of California's reasonable gun laws that most California crack-addled hate-filled pea-brain vandals are armed with spray paint cans instead of Glock automatics.

Looks like an LAUSD student's handwriting to me. What else could explain the lack of an (s) after day-that was added and the days as 27 (changed to 26). Someone probably used a calculator and corrected it. I agree with the observervor's rationale that the swastika does not look German-more Aztec. I wonder how many of these type of grafitti writings has been unreported over the years-this is probably not the first one.

Santa Ana is in the O.C which does have many nazi skin head white people so im 80-90% sure it was a nazi skin head white guy who did this. The O.C has about 80-90% Hitler worshipping white power advocates skin heads gang members that are a real problem that expect welfare handouts. That problem should be delt witha a.s.a.p

krvonl has pointed out a very important clue below. This is not a swastika by definition. It is pointing counterclockwise. Swastikas point the other direction. Whoever did this did not know what everyone who is white power (and most who aren't) would know. Look to blacks or mEx for creating this graffiti!

I think this is just an early plug for Valentine's Cards from "Wallmark" Cards salesman.....just a thought.

..or...those are not swastikas, but rather windmills, and this is all nothing but a bunch of hot air over nothing.

P.S. I agree with a former poster that graffiti should be a felony that brings with it some serious jail time. It is a massive crime against society, just as illegal immigration is.

Two points here, the first is that the actual violence and threats are coming from the right - Loughner, Oklahoma City Bombing, right-wingers carrying guns to pro-Democratic rallies (Democrats are for gun control so I don't think they'd be carrying semi-auto rifles when they "can" to protest the Democrats).

Second, in reference to the swastika being the wrong way, most of the people involved in this far-right movement aren't very educated. They're leaders and organizers are (Koch Brothers, et al) but their people on the ground are not. In order to see this proven you really don't have to look too much further than the racism and bigotry they espouse.

This is sad that the right is developing and nurturing this kind of violence. When have the GOP leaders stood up to denounce the racism, hatred, and bigotry from their followers, not to mention the blatant lies their members espouse about marxism and communism.

OHNO!!! Now there's only 25 days left!!! OMG!!! RUN!!!

There are so many incidents of right wing violence the past 20 years - a lefty wouldn't have wasted their time. Wishful thinking from the free republic crowd.

People must understand this may be a set up for marshall law and as a californian myself I advise all californians to keep an eye on their local law enforcement officers. I don't believe for one second a gang or a group of political haters would go to the extreme and I believe Californians are upset with Brown cause Jerry Brown follows the Jimmy Carter Philosophy. So in reality Jerry Brown is Jimmy Carter during the 1976-1980 administration, but only in present day.

Crazy that these fringe right wing groups are telegraphing their intentions via gang style graffiti. Oh and that's a Swastika, it may not be a right facing Swastika that the Nazis used, but it is a left-facing Swastika that the Aryans and the Indus River Valley people used over 5000 years ago. It was a symbol of good luck and prosperity, it also had religious connotations.

Remember the movie "Cops" with Sean Penn spay painted a kids face (that was funny), why don't we spray those thugs with paint like they do to our property. Then will see how they like!!!Oh wait then the ACL or someone else will sue us for damages, go figure...

Its also the Native American symbol for a " Rolling Log " Think native Americans are behind this?

It does not say "killing"
and as for some comments about "Republican or Tea Party persons"
I don't see any connections there.
Maybe those crazy imitate movies

And killing Jerry Brown would accomplish what??? nothing... it would change what??? nothing... geeeez there are some real stupid people from the shallow end of the gene pool out there. the person that did this probably huffs more of the spray paint than they use.

I am not a Democrat and did not vote for Jerry Brown, but he is our leader at the state level and we should all rally around to support him. We all must vocally denounce violence and even threats of violence. There is no place for that kind of behavior in our society and we should not tolerate it. If the perpetrator is found, he/she should be punished severely. If the law does not allow for serious punishment, then the law should be changed.

LoL @ the latino gang comment. That is as ignorant as the idiot scribbling non-sense on these walls.

that symbol is:

sauvastika, and is sometimes associated with misfortune and bad luck.
In Japan of the Middle Ages was manji, a sign for great luck and protection against evil powers, although the "manji" I have seen might have been misrepresented by copying the mirror image of .

maybe if we could find a teacher to go and grade it for these idiots....
give him/her a big red pencil.....slash here...circle there....c- at best..

Whoever did this , in the wake of recent events in Arizona, the authorities should treat it as a terrorist threat. Whether the perpetrator is a 14 year old Hispanic ,or a 40 year old suburbanite, that person should feel scared , because ,yes, they are coming to get you.

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