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Parents wait hours in line to get children at Hale Middle School

A long line of anxious parents snaked around Hale Middle School on Wednesday evening as they waited to be reunited with their children, who had been locked down during the day after a school district officer was shot near El Camino Real High School.

About 1,000 parents, some of whom waited three hours or more, stood in line before entering a multipurpose room, where they wrote down their child's name. The parents then met their children in another room and had to wait in another line and show their IDs before being allowed to leave.

"Whoever is in charge needs to rethink this," David Bates, who waited for three hours, said of school officials overseeing the process. "They are not prepared."

The process at Hale was in contrast to that at nearby El Camino Real, where hundreds of students poured onto the streets at once as a lockdown was lifted.

"This is the LAUSD. What do you expect?" said Art Bykov, standing in line at the middle school.

Some parents, like Samuel Oliva, said the district was doing the best it could and were just glad their children were not harmed.

"If he's safe, I can wait all night," Oliva said of his 12-year-old son.

More than 9,000 students were locked down during the day as hundreds of police officers combed a seven-square-mile area looking for the gunman.


Lockdown orders lifted at several Woodland Hills schools

Woodland Hills search area one of largest in recent LAPD history

LAUSD to review whether all high schools are following district’s weapons-search policy

-- Ching-Ching Ni at Hale Middle School

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This is absolutely inexcusable! And that students were shut in rooms, no food and the trash can as a toilet is beyond inadequate. Deasy needs to work on a new plan for all sorts of emergencies, since the district has never been prepared for any of them.

Ridiculous, how this turns from a School Safety officer being shot point blank in the chest (Seems public no concern for his/her family), to a bunch of ungrateful parents who take advantage of the free schooling their child gets from LA unified (not to mention it's a daycare for some parents), and then complain that the authorities don't have a clue how to handle an active shooter because it inconvenienced their day. Now if that shooter had got on campus and shot their child they would still complain that enough wasn't done. Funny how everyone forgets Columbine!

Serious... deep... waste of tax dollars, and preferable treatment. Lots of murders in L.A., and this was overkill.. to the point some kids probably haven't eaten all day, traffic nightmare, overpayed cops doing nothing! This city is going down..

1000 parents?? But they never manage to make it to parent-teacher conference night. I get 15 on average.

And they wonder why the smart kids are leaving the district in droves!!!!Actually, this is probably good practice for the future criminals attending LAUSD, I'm sure this won't be the last lockdown for many of them!!!!By the way, how well did this lockdown work? Did they catch the guy? When is the last time a criminal shot a cop and ran to a school to hide?

Something doesn't make sense. 9,000 Students. No middle school in lausd has that many students! If they transported students from other schools to Hale for safety...then lausd did a excellent job...yes, you are going to have angry parents, but with that many students to process...many of them not from that school...no wonder it went into the night hours!!! Good job TEACHERS, ADMINISTRATORS, and CLASSIFIED PERSONNEL!!!!!

This story is like torture of uncharged prisoners held without trial, indictment, habeus corpus or any other rights, like prisoners of Nazi torture camps at U.S. facilities at Guantanamo. It is so weird it is unbelievable.

Children were held in lockdowns at 9 schools until after dark because some nutty criminal shot at a cop and then got away? That is insane and completely unbelievable. I mean incredible. I am sure it must have actually happened because so many "news" outlets have the story basically the same.

How can this happen? I guess part of it is the people with money have their kids in private school and they are the only ones who influence public policy anymore. If the poor people's kids schools are arbitrarily turned into holding camps because one cop is injured and no one in authority is held to task for it I guess it's because the feelings of poor people don't count. I hope that is wrong, but the way that mess unfolded seems to say exactly that. I hope I am proved wrong and whoever made those terrible decisions is fired, but I will be surprised if that happens. Are those individuals so delusional that they think the kids don't go home through a city full of crazies with guns every day? I don't think so. They just flipped out because one of theirs, a cop, was shot at, I guess, but that seems too crazy too.

But how do they justify locking down the schools for something that had nothing to do with them. The cop was shot at by a car thief in his 40s. I fail to see how the schools got involved with that?

Ha Sheriff Joe, School is not free and if you think it is. Oh wait your a sheriff getting payed by a municipal thats gets its funds from where. Do you make a product do you install repair sell anything NO. Idiot you get payed by taxes and pulling over honest people for speeding and turning right on red. The real criminals dont pay for there crime. Go to jail 3 meals a day a place to crash free healthcare free medical. Sounds pretty good in our economy right now. So shut up. I pay more intaxes than you problable make in a year I pay my fare share for you to PROTECT AND SERVE ME THE PUBLIC NOT THE OTHER MEN IN BLUE ME IF YOU DONT WANT TO PROTECT ME OR ANYONE ELSE THAN QUIT YOU IDIOT. Yes I dont want your fellow officer hurt but I dont want anybody hurt ANYBODY. If I have to choose than I choose you the guy getting paided to PROTECT AND SERVE.

HA LAUSD Teacher try to make the LAUSD conference at a time when working parents can attend not in the middle of the day. You know my job no well I know yours and at 11.00 in the morning is stupid so is 3.00 Try this 5.30 oh you want to go home and not stay after school well in my job sometimes I have to work late and not get paid for it Im not on a free ride.

What a bunch of self serving, ungrateful people that our city has. I am glad for one that they are not making the decisions on how to protect the children of our city. Everyone involved, from the officers, teachers, administrators and fire department should be commended for a job well done. Only one person was hurt and he will be OK. People like Carol need to go back to fairy tale land and there little happy place. Then we don't have to read the hogwash that spews from your filthy mouth.

It is pretty much common sense that a gunman on the loose would justify locking down schools in the area. Hale is right next to where the shooting occurred. Do you suggest that they should have let hundreds of middle schoolers wander the streets with this man on the loose?

Parent teacher conference is held from 5 to 8 pm but still many parents don't attend and even their own kids say it is because they don't want to go. Notice all the parents did manage to show up for this.


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