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Oprah Winfrey, Suze Orman take up 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman's financial problems


Oprah Winfrey is getting involved in the financial problems of "Octomom" Nadya Suleman.

Winfrey announced on her website that personal financial expert Suze Orman will appear on Friday's show to discuss Suleman's financial woes. "Controversial 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman says she's financially destitute," the statement said. "Now, Suze Orman intervenes."

The owner of Suleman's La Habra home has threatened foreclosure, claiming the mother of 14 children has not been making adequate payments on the property.

Suleman has acknowledged she has money problems but has vowed to stay in her home.

Suleman, who made international headlines last year when she gave birth to eight children, said in an interview in October that she's rejected numerous offers to earn cash by posing nude. "It's gross in every way," she said.

Last month, a porn industry executive said he might purchase the home so that Suleman and her children could continue to live there.


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-- Shelby Grad

Photo: "Octomom" Nadya Suleman in 2009. Credit: Associated Press

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Why is Suze Orman involved? Octomom is broke. She has no money to organize, invest, or spend. She needs a big pocketed patron to help her survive. I'm sure Suze Orman or Oprah can open up their pocketbooks to buy the property to keep her from living on the streets.

And undergoing fertility treatments to have more children when you can't even take care of the ones you already have isn't gross????

No one cares about the Octoskank! And the last time I checked on Oprah Windfrey and Suzy Orman, neither one were licensed to speak on financial planning subjects.

If you needed surgery for a condition, would you be satisfied with someone who just read a bunch of medical books to do that surgery? Or would you want someone trained in the surgical specialty you need?

Gee, maybe I should pop out a dozen or so kids and get my bills paid! NOT

I'm thoroughly sick of hearing about Suleman.

Our society has become so twisted, assigning celebrity status to people for doing the most idiotic things--like, oh, having FOURTEEN children you can't afford because you don't work and have no money.

Why is everyone helping out this woman who decided to have 14 children???? it was her decision, at the time she had all these children she was not working and living at home while her parents took care of the first batch of kids, the decision she made was stupid you don't have that many kids or any kids if you can't afford them, and cleary she can't!! I do not feel sorry for her I do feel sorry for the children though in all of this

There are so many DESERVING people out there that need help it really infuriates me that this scamming, self-serving "mother" has so many people who are willing to lend a hand. She knows that someone will always step up to bail her out. The children need parents that love them for being kids, not meal tickets and Suleman can go live in a cardboard box if she does not want to work like the rest of us. She is a lousy roll model as a parent and a person. I have one child because I knew I could support her by myself if need be and I have NEVER had a backup financially. I was married but that does not necessarily mean the responsiblity is shared, sadly. I really believe rewarding people like Suleman only creates more just like her.

it's great that Oprah and Suze are offering Nadya advice on managing her finances. But what they don't realize is that Nadya didn't seek Oprah out for advice. Simply put--she wants your money Oprah. Lots of people have given her lots of money and things. She wants more. She actually wants to live out her dream life and she found a way through 14 kids. She counts on everyone being sympathetic to the children. When in reality those kids are no more or less worthy than any other poor children. All of us are the product of the decisions our parents made. The difference with Nadya is that she wants to pick the house, car, private school, personal trainer and anything else she wants for herself and her children, she just wants someone else to pay for it. She always has. She chose the hospital and everything with no regards to her inability to pay. And while demanding and expecting all of this she's shown no concern for any of the casualties she's left in her wake. What about her parents, the donor, the hospital, the taxpayers, student loans, and the list goes on. I don't lack compassion, I just don't believe that to continue to give Nadya is the answer. So far she continues to confirm to herself and everyone that she can manipulate everyon to get what she wants. Therefore there's no lesson to learn or reason to change the way she does things. She claims she's too proud to accept welfare or food stamps. But she already has. But she has no shame in begging total strangers and hoping the wealthy will grant her every wish. She doesn't want Section 8 housing or food stamps because that's what most poor people accept until they can do better. Nadya wants a life of privilege that most people have to work and sacrifice to obtain. What's a shame is that she's getting it without work or sacrifice.To continue to enable her is to breed a culture of Nadya's.

She needs to give all but one of the children up for adoption. This luantic is'nt capable of raising children properly.

Way to go Oprah! Let's keep rewarding dangerous, irresponsible behavior!!!

The Octomom is totally irresponsible.

Somehow it is not surprising that someone else has to take care of this woman and her litters of children. She was certainly irresponsible in having so many children she could not take care of. I feel for the children. It is not their fault that they have such a mother...

When is enough ENOUGH already!?? The last time she was on the Oprah show, she went on to explain how she had the remaining 6 frozen embryos transferred because she couldn't afford to store them and couldn't stand the thought of destroying them. We are now aware due to the investigation of Dr. Kamrava that she demanded 12 fresh embryos and still has 29 frozen embryos remaining. There is no solution to supporting a family without a job. She cannot rely on the media for revenue... the public is outraged at her reckless behavior. Her plan to become rich and famous backfired and nobody will ever support a child abuser. Give those 14 children their last hope of life... adoption!

This woman needs a psychiatrist much more than a financial advisor. I remember back when the media reported her moving into that house, and I knew back then that this was going to happen. Those poor kids. One can only hope they don't grow up to be like their mother, but I'm not holding my breath.

I'm embarrassed to hear the comments on here. Obviously the people reading this story feel compassion is so 90's and decided judgment better fits a person's life than mercy. Treating all people with love is tough. You can be taken advantage of sure just like in any relationship but there's the principle of it to remember. When we lose sight of having a heart like all of the critical, cynical trash pouring forth in these comments I'm reading, then we become a beast feeding on inhumanity and butchering ourselves. 3 cheers for being gracious and all of you feeling that self righteous urge to post negative witticisms just don't. It shows what an Octomoron you are. At least Oprah is wise enough to know the woman needs not just money but wisdom to know how to live and take care of others.

Leave it to Oprah to keep the freak show going

So far, no interviewer has ever called Suleman out on her lies about her cosmetic surgery, eyelash extensions, sleeping only two hours a night, and the 12 implanted embryos. What "financially destitute" person goes on shopping sprees at high-end stores, takes frequent trips to Disneyland, and makes daily runs for fast food? I hope Orman will demand answers about how Suleman plans to repay her student loans, and about when she will have her child's cleft lip repaired. Someone needs to play hardball with her. Perhaps this intervention will lead to those unfortunate 14 children finding loving, capable homes. At the very least, Suleman's lies need to be exposed.

Wow, a single mother with no discernible income, and 14 kids, is having financial problems? Too bad we didn't see that coming when she gave birth to the last 8 of them...oh, wait...

like i always say, "the american people are the most stupid people on this planet." to continue to subsidize this social misfit is the height of stupidity and, yet, some folks continue to do so. she made her bed, let her lay in it.

I think it is irresponsible of Oprah and Suze to try to help this sick lunatic. It sends a clear message to the public that stupid choices are rewarded...since when is that a good idea? Didn't Dr. Phil try to help her...and eventually wash his hands of her? This woman is looking to be taken care of and wants fame and fortune without having to work for it. She is a scam artist.
Let the doctor who implanted these babies pay for it, let his malpractice insurance pay for this because this is clearly malpractice.
I never had children because there was never a time when I could afford to have them and provide for all of their needs. I respect myself enough to take care of myself and not try to look to the system to take care of me. I will NOT be tuning in to the show. There will probably be a lot of people tuning in to vent their anger at such selfish stupidity. The state of California taxpayers where I live and pay taxes will probably end up having to pay for this mess.
She and so many others including illegals try to milk the system and get taken care of.

I stopped watching Dr. Phil when he said it was our responsibility to take care of the woman that used state disability payments to fund her fertilization treatments. Guess Oprah's next. Darn

Inconceivable! Although this train wreck makes for great reality TV and talk show topics, Octomaniac does not need anymore publicity than she has received. If they truly want to help her then they should do so without all the media coverage. Clearly she needs to get advice from a psychiatrist first before she can truly begin to conceptualize and process the financial advice they are looking to give her. I do believe Dr. Phil tried to help her out at some point on his show back in 2009, and what did that ultimately accomplish? As the old adage goes, you can lead a horse to the water, but at the end of the day, you can't make them drink.

I can't wait for this expose' to finally air. Natalie was expecting O to write her a big fat check, and instead Suze called Natalie a LIAR right to her face. Zing!

No matter what you think of this woman, the bottom line is the children need help. People should not want these children separated from each other and put in foster care. We have become a society of uncompassionate people. Yes, she should not have done what she did, but those children are human beings. The hypocrisy here is that everyone was excite about her giving birth to the first octuplets until they found out she was single and on welfare. Well, truth be told none of know if we will have to turn to welfare one day...the way the jobs and economy looks. It's Oprah business if she wants to help this woman. God knows she has the money to do it.

She needs to fight her own battles

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