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Octomom Nadya Suleman's 'disgusting' spanking video was a 'joke,' lawyer says

Octomom Nadya Suleman's 'disgusting' spanking video was a 'joke' Octuplets mom Nadya Suleman "regrets her actions" after making headlines again with the release of photos and a video of her whipping a man dressed as a baby, her attorney said.

TMZ posted a video on its website Thursday that shows Suleman wearing a tight, black corset as she chases an adult man in a diaper.

Her attorney, Jeff Czech, released a statement saying that it was filmed as a "joke."

"I personally had nothing to do with it and find it disgusting, unfunny, bizarre and just plain dumb," according to the statement. "I believe Nadya was somewhat tricked into filming the video and I know for certain she no longer believes the video is worth a laugh and deeply regrets her actions."

Suleman is in danger of being foreclosed on because of a dispute over payments to the owner of her La Habra home. She recently appeared on “The Oprah Show” with financial guru Dr. Suze Orman. The two told Suleman she needs to get a job and spend less on personal items like manicures.


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-- Kimi Yoshino

Photo: Suleman in 2010. Credit: Nick Ut / Associated Press

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Is this the average four point ho in child development from Fullerton behavior?

Nayda Suleman was not tricked into doing this video. Both her and the attorney need to stop insultng the public by feeding us lie after lie.No one believes them anymore. It does sound like Jeff C wanted to make it very clear he had nothing to do with this vile video.
When will someone step in and help these children? All the focus has been on Octomom's antics, mean while there are 14 children living a nightmare. Feed like animals, caged like animals, Christmas pictures with some of the children missing, the list is endless.
Where were the babies during the filming of this piece of garbage???? Were they home hearing a man crying, screaming, talking baby talk? Imagine being almost 2 years old, hearing that all the while caged in their cribs. How long will it be before the older kids are teased at school? how long will it be before CPS steps in, or a repoter with some guts to investigate this woman and reveal ALL!

Either TMZ got this sorry material DIRT cheap or someone is trying to hide money/resources saying zilch was made on it. Is someone trying to hide assets so someone can still receive public funds as needed and still have spending spree dough? Maybe the public isn't as stupid as a certain attorney might believe.
She only regrets it didn't rake in more money and again she is exposed for something other that what she tried to portray= that she realizes what a total wipe she looks like. The genie is out of the bottle and the ding dong bell can't be unrung. Nice try at damage control-almost.

If Octomom is THAT easily tricked all the time, I truly question her ability to make sound and reasonable decisions for her 14 children!

Why should Octomom get a job? And spend less? She bragged that she defrauded taxpayers by taking out student loans to live off of. She has no intention of repaying the loans. She should be kicked out of her house. But I am certain that she will continue to live off the taxpayers and good people like Oprah.

Im glad that she isnt obese or the media would really
tear her apart if she was and also if she was really
unattractive they would just have a hayday and also if
she tries to even make herself attractive that makes
everyone just go crazy...I for one dont care if she wants
to spank a man with a diaper on or if she wants to look
pretty or if she wants to have 100 babies ok she can
do whatever she wants I just dont care got it hahaha!

the kids must have been in their crib/cages and heard the whole thing. No one takes all the octups out at once. The twins were probably there too. The others MAY have been in school.

-- classless act of cat and mouse with Steve Hirsch. Playing hard to get in porn lingo. Besides, for someone who craves attention on the level this woman does I'm sure this whole thing was a real stim.

Is she on government assistance already, are we paying her already?

"Somewhat" tricked as opposed to what, "fully tricked"? Now THAT strains one's "believability". She, has, however, been "turning tricks" becoming the publicity whore she is.

She has 14 kids to feed and no money. I'm sure many of us would do the same dumb videos if we needed money. Don't be so quick to cast stones.

On the new TMZ video she is swinging one tup (seemingly the only one she tolerates- it's the only one she is ever holding during public appearances) manicly while chattering away like a deranged chipmunk. She looks completely tweaked.

Well, let's face it...we have always known that Octoman has absolutely no common sense.

Hey Nadya - your 15 minutes was up a long time ago. Go away.

This is just one more grain of sand on the enormous beach of decisions Octomom has made that show that she totally lacks common sense, that she's totally self-absorbed and has no feelings or regards for anyone other than herself, and that those 14 children need to have a loving parent or parents that will be positive influence on their lives. SAVE THE CHILDREN FROM THIS IDIOT'S FUTURE MISTAKES.

I agree with Nadya - yes, this was a "joke".

Just go all the way already, don't be joking around with this bull. You've already taken it there, sign up with Vivid if they'll still take you. You're morals are already jacked up letting Tattoo whale around your own home on your kid's toys in a diaper that covered half his butt at times.

Please... you're NOT better than that, at least make some GOOD money while you're at it, again "if" Vivid would still take your sorry behind.

There are many smart Times readers, and I admit, I'm not one of them. So could someone explain why this is a Times story?

She regrets her actions all right. She regrets that she didn't charge more for them when she first leaked the images to TMZ or whoever it was that got them first.

Seriously, the child welfare office can't take these kids away from her fast enough. If this fiasco on top of everything else she has done doesn't qualify as child endangerment then what does?

1. She spent years taking in state disability supposedly for a back injury.
2. A back injury which apparently didn't inhibit her from having 6 children in as many years.
3. A fertility clinic didn't take into account her financial or mental or parental status before stuffing her uterus with so many embryos. (Lesbian moms with jobs and stable relationships and homes still suffer bias) go figure.

4. So she makes headlines by having all eight children born (a first!) when usually one or two dies in such litters. Several of her children, outside of the oct set, have disabilities.
5. This woman defrauded and defrauded and she's on the news more for being broke, than for being in jail for the monetary fraud she committed on the state.

She's a sociopath. Period.

What attention seeking does to people.

This is a lame excuse ""I believe Nadya was somewhat tricked into filming the video and I know for certain she no longer believes the video is worth a laugh and deeply regrets her actions."

It's so stupid to buy this kind of reason. :-)

What a looser she is ! How much did they give her for this 500$? Lol

The only way Nadya Suleman can afford her children is if they are raised by the State - hence the boundary violating video. Then she'll have yet another excuse to be in everyone's faces and pockets whilst pretending she wants them back.

The Woman needs to let the children go to families that will love and take care of them. She is not into her kids, just herself. Where's Gloria when we need her???

Disgusted in La habra

Narcisstic Personality Disorder at it's finest. This person disgusts me. What an abomination.

i have no clue who this woman is but get over yourselves. so someone has a fetish. grow up and mind your own business. her name kind of sounds like that octomom person? well if she is maybe she's maybe money with it an not living off of your tax dollars. give it a rest and stop putting your religion in front of others. from A REPUBLICAN who can't stand religious zealots.

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