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Octomom Nadya Suleman's 'disgusting' spanking video was a 'joke,' lawyer says

Octomom Nadya Suleman's 'disgusting' spanking video was a 'joke' Octuplets mom Nadya Suleman "regrets her actions" after making headlines again with the release of photos and a video of her whipping a man dressed as a baby, her attorney said.

TMZ posted a video on its website Thursday that shows Suleman wearing a tight, black corset as she chases an adult man in a diaper.

Her attorney, Jeff Czech, released a statement saying that it was filmed as a "joke."

"I personally had nothing to do with it and find it disgusting, unfunny, bizarre and just plain dumb," according to the statement. "I believe Nadya was somewhat tricked into filming the video and I know for certain she no longer believes the video is worth a laugh and deeply regrets her actions."

Suleman is in danger of being foreclosed on because of a dispute over payments to the owner of her La Habra home. She recently appeared on “The Oprah Show” with financial guru Dr. Suze Orman. The two told Suleman she needs to get a job and spend less on personal items like manicures.


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-- Kimi Yoshino

Photo: Suleman in 2010. Credit: Nick Ut / Associated Press

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Suleman has yet to meet a publicity opportunity she doesn't embrace - and not for the money it might bring but, instead, for her distorted obsession with fame. Her lawyer must think we're all idiots to try and spin that nonsense publicly. And let's hope Winfrey and Orman are embarrassed that they lowered themselves to Octomom's level, since for the foreseeable future they're going to be linked to her and that corset and bullwhip.

She wasn't tricked. The adult baby is Tattoo from radio station Power 106 here in Los Angeles. Their friendship has been widely publicized during the morning show with Big Boy for almost two years now.

Baloney. The only thing Nadya Suleman is addicted to is other people's money and the only thing she "regrets" is the tidal wave of criticism this hideous piece of trash has drawn her way. I'd like to ask her: what part of violating your children's home and toys did you think would be funny? And, I'd like to ask her mother: has Nayda EVER, in her entire life, considered anyone but herself?

This is coming from Jeff who? Octomom is a joke and she knew exactly what she was doing. Some people will do anything to stay on the news. CPS needs to get their heads out of their butts and take these kids. She's no good!

She's a freakin joke, but her actions and their effect on her kids is no laughing matter.

that looks just like radio big boy's assistant tattoo!

way to feed pedophile's appetites and bring shame to all your kids,... because they will for a fact see that video one day - taped in their playroom on their toys. Great job.

A JOKE? This woman AGAIN brought a world of hurt and ridicule down upon her 14 CHILDREN! Now those poor kids will be exposed to subject matter they are just too young to comprehend.

Does she EVER think about how her actions affect her family?

This isn't the first stunning lapse in judgement Suleman has made. I hope Childrens' Services are following this "parent" closely, because it is obvious there is no "ADULT" in that role in the home.

I am just disgusted.

Lol so gross.

the video was a mistake, Nadya is always the victim......translation - can't make any money from it, nobody wants to buy it.

..and how does a woman that needs money so badly have a lawyer on retainer???

This octomom shouldn't even be in the news. She is a complete waste of time.

Sick person who needs help or attention monger who is wasting all our time.

She is irresponsible and society is going to give her attention and give her $ for this? My how the world has gone upside down.

Please leave these stupid news bits in the future to the National Enquirer. I shouldn't even waste my time responding.

Unfortunately for the children their Mother is a piece of trash that lacks what it really takes to be a good parent. She lacks basic commin sense and has demonstrated that her values "suck" at best.

loook at the size of those hands!!

That's what I expected to come out as an excuse. Somewhat tricked?
What does that mean?
She looked like she was enjoying herself.
She signed a release.
She mocked Vivid. She said she should go there in a burka.
It's always somebody's fault, not hers.
She wasn't coerced, SHE had the whip.
She knew how to use it!

All the stuff going on in the world people are worried about octomom as if she is strung out on drugs or abusing or neglecting her children. The way tabloids is in her business she is better then me cause i would tell them to shove it up their you know what cause it's not porn and she's a grown women. Octomom don't let them stress you just know they on you so hard because they have no life. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Man, when TMZ comes off as the voice of reason, how dumb do you have to be?

Sorry? Regrets it?

Take a look at the photos and the video.

OctoMoron is smiling and happy. She is enjoying herself. The guy is too.

She is not an innocent little girl. She has been married and been around.
This was NO joke and she knew it.

But, again, after doing something stupid, she just has to deflect the blame.

Sorry Octo (and Jeffie), we the public do NOT buy it.

She KNEW exactly what she was doing....she just does NOT like the consequences.
Like deliberately having the octuplets, this also backfired.

Typical! First, Dr Phil (to INCREASE his shaking ratings) ... encouraged this mentally unstable mother to think she would reap a fortune from the babies.
Then, instead of getting her counseling/therapy she desperately needed -- rather than enabling spending addiction. He used the poor woman - shame on him.

NOW, Oprah did the same thing, TOO. Just to increase her own ratings. She got Suze Orman to give Suleman $$$$ advice AFTER THE HORSES HAD already left the barn. Why NOW - after the fact.

Instead, essentially both smart women gave Octomom the PERMISSION she was waiting for to do PORN and show the "world" her cosmetically enhanced "beauty."

Rather than getting her the mental therapy Suleman needed to function like a responsible adult and parent. How sad -- Oprah and Dr Phil ... you both should feel ashamed of yourselves.

"tricked" into filming the video? Yet ANOTHER excuse for this woman.

It'll never come, but I'll still look forward to the day when Suleman and her lawyer quit lamely blaming others for her poor judgment and put the responsibility for her actions where it belongs: on her shoulders.

Can someone please tell me how you "somwhat trick" a supposedly intellegent (yeah, right) person into participating in such actions. I guess she wasn't getting enough attention lately.

Are you kidding me? She was "tricked?" "Tricked" into EIGHT minutes of "useable" footage?? She was "tricked" into striking pose after pose with this douche? "Tricked" into using her childrens' home and toys as props?? "Tricked" into skin tight clothes that were squeezing her ta-tas out the top?? "Tricked" into signing a release?? The only "trick" here is the tart herself and this pitiful excuse of an attorney trying to dupe the general public into believing that this woman is responsible, frugal, and mentally stable. 5150 anyone?

So then....why did she sell it? Let's be honest here. She filmed it in Sept. & waited ALL this time, dispite being destitute.....(right) Very cleverly waited until AFTER the Oprah show aired...(she knew once this disgusting thing was sold it's bye-bye Oprah) Why does any blame need to be placed on ANYONE but Nadya. She is afterall, a big girl. She's 35 years old, not 22 & not 12. She has embarrassed & shamed 14 innocent children, sir. I believe you care about this family, I do. You have gone above & beyond and I bet the collatoral damage of your association with her has been astronaumaical...However, there comes a point in which well meaning can turn into enabling & that is what you are doing by openly blaming anyone but HER for her poor choices. I pray you keep in mind, if God forbid, she continues doing such reckless & clearly unstable things...what if she does the unthinkable & harms one or more of those children? By association & enabling, will you not have blood on your hands? See what happens when you point fingers, there's 3 looking back at you. No one believed that the very LOVEABLE, well mannered, devoted & loving Christian Mommy, Mrs. Yates would EVER do what she did....

She's a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor kids,someone do something!!!!!!!!!!

She told O "I JUST WANT TO BE ME" Well everyone meet the Octomom being herself, doing what she wants and the hell with her kids. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure her out. She wants to do porn, well she should, just not with the kids.

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