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'Octomom' Nadya Suleman's fertility doctor should get five years' probation, judge recommends

Click to read the recommendation in Kamrava's caseA judge has recommended that the Beverly Hills fertility doctor who assisted Nadya Suleman in conceiving octuplets be placed on five years' probation by the state medical board rather than have his license revoked, according to documents released Monday.

But Dr. Michael Kamrava could still lose his license if the medical board determines that he was grossly negligent in his treatment of Suleman and two other female patients: a 48-year-old who suffered complications after she became pregnant with quadruplets and a 42-year-old diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer after receiving fertility treatments.

DOCUMENTS: Read the recommendation in Kamrava's case

Kamrava treated Suleman for more than a decade, helping her to conceive all 14 of her children.

Suleman's medical records show that Kamrava used 16 of Suleman's eggs to create 14 embryos and implanted a dozen of them on July 19, 2008. The babies were born nine weeks premature and remain the world's longest-living group of octuplets.

Administrative Law Judge Daniel Juarez found Kamrava committed gross and repeated negligence by twice implanting Suleman with multiple embryos in 2008. However, the judge found Kamrava was not incompetent or negligent in his treatment of Suleman from 2002 to 2007, as a prosecutor had argued.

The judge found the evidence presented during Kamrava’s administrative hearing failed to establish that his "IVF care and treatment showed an absence of qualification, ability or fitness." The judge also found it unlikely that Kamrava would repeat his mistake of implanting a patient with an excessive number of embryos, given the national publicity surrounding Suleman's case.

Juarez also found Kamrava negligent, but not incompetent, in his care of the two other patients involved in the case.

The judge recommended that Kamrava, who is currently licensed, be allowed to continue practicing medicine under the supervision of a monitor or while participating in a training course. He also recommended that the doctor complete an ethics course.

The 46-page proposed decision was issued Dec. 20, but by law, it did not become public until a month after it was received by the medical board.

The board is expected to consider the proposed decision when it meets Thursday in Burlingame, according to spokeswoman Jennifer Simoes The board has 100 days from receipt of the proposed decision to decide whether to adopt it. If the members choose not to adopt the decision, the case would be scheduled for oral arguments before the board at its next quarterly meeting, on May 5, Simoes said.


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-- Molly Hennessy-Fiske

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He should be made to provide financial care for these kids as well. Rather than it fall on the state!

The good doctor is as responsible for those eight babies as much as any father. He should have to support them all without one penny of public assistance until they are all eighteen. What he and Octomom did was totally irresponsible; now it's time to take full responsibilty.

PROBATION????? HE should PAY FOR ALL those hospital/care bills, instead of taxpayers!!!!!! This 'practicioner' does nothing but HARM....what is WRONG with these sniveling Jurists???

Please tell me that she works. How can anyone in this recession afford 14 children? I would bet that she was counting on the kindness of people to help her. Correct me if I am wrong but she is single right? Only in America.


He should be made to support the Octuplets for the next 18 years.

surely he should have his license revoked on the ethical violations alone?

Are they serious, this guy gets to KEEP his medical license and NOT pay, in any way for the malpractice he perpetrated? How about paying CHILD SUPPORT and MEDICAL BILLS for the 14 kids he created with Octo-pussy? Why should we pay for his experiments?

He should also be forced to pay a portion of Octomom's $800,000.00 Kaiser bill that the CA taxpayers had to pay!

Octomom is living off the CA taxpayers. How could that lunatic with 14 children ever find a job?

This Doctor should be paying all expenses for these kids. The County of Los Angeles and The State of California does not need to waste more money on a " Welfare Queen " that it was quite apparent that this person will never be able to support her self.

She is given a house , draws the equity out off is and defaults on the new loans and the lender starts Fore Closure proceedings on the house and a owner in The Porn Industry pays the bills , she sells used clothes from these kids and other garbage through garage sales etc..... What a role model (sac )

When these kids become around 12 or 13 the State will get stuck for the costs off incarnation , or better yet they kill someone that can drive a car this Doctor should pick up the bill .

He either did not care when reading Her history as a loser or was just to greedy
who knows ?

In 2008 due to lack off work I was forced out of CA by the cost of living, I am a native and it is true story's like this that makes everyone laugh or considers Ca a State of Nut jobs or loons.

I never noticed this as that State is over populated and this is ( God I hope ) a isolated incident . I also understand that he had some patients that he admitted to County Hospital as these Parents could not afford the costs .

This doctor should be paying for these kids too ( If This Is True ) .The County Hospitals have no money and it is burden on Taxpayers that should not be paid by the Taxpayer .

I am dyslexic and I try to proof read all sentences and use spell check at times though I miss something at times.

jail time

We should implement a mandatory one-child policy, with severe consequences for non-compliance. For example, an extra child requires a fine equal to the present value of the state's future expected educational, health and social service costs. If the fine cannot be paid, the parent undergoes a forced sterilization procedure, and is barred from receiving public services henceforth.

How come everyone has to own up to some accountability here but the mastermind , octomom? It was her idea, her insistence on twelve FRESH embryos, her spending hundreds of thousands on back to back IVFs and plastic surgery while managing to qualify for low-income assistance like food stamps, SSI, and Medi-Cal. Why is no one going after HER for fraud at the very minimum? Workers at the hospital lost their jobs for looking at her records, her Doc may lose his license for doing what she insisted on with her own eggs and embryos, her parents have had to declare bankruptcy etc etc but the sociopath behind all of this has not even had her hand slapped. Nothing but money and fame for her,...exactly as planned.

Well said and I agree with you completely.
She is the world's village idiot.
I wonder if that's what she had in mind for fame.


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