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Michael Jackson hearing: Pharmacist sent large amounts of anesthetic to Dr. Conrad Murray

The owner of a Las Vegas specialty pharmacy testified Monday that he sent large quantities of propofol to Dr. Conrad Murray in the three months before Michael Jackson died from an overdose of the surgical anesthetic.

Pharmacist Tim Lopez said Murray never mentioned the pop star was his only patient at the time and instead led him to believe the 255 vials of propofol he requested were being used for patients at a Los Angeles clinic.

In reality, the four shipments Murray placed, including a final order 10 days before Jackson stopped breathing, went to the Santa Monica apartment where Murray’s mistress and infant son lived.

Lopez said that when he volunteered to personally deliver an order during a trip to Los Angeles, Murray told him not to.

“He said just Fed Ex it the way we normally do,” Lopez recalled.

Lopez took the stand at a preliminary hearing to determine whether prosecutors have enough evidence to try Murray for involuntary manslaughter. The 57-year-old doctor has pleaded not guilty. He has acknowledged using the drug as a sleep aid for his famous patient, a chronic insomniac.

Defense lawyers have suggested in court that the amount of propofol Murray gave Jackson was not enough to cause the singer's June 25, 2009, death. Under questioning by a prosecutor, the pharmacist said Murray asked several times for advice on what the doctor might take to boost his energy and “wakefulness.”

Jackson usually had Murray work an overnight shift at his rented Holmby Hills mansion, according to other witnesses. Lopez said he created a capsule of three over-the-counter products -- caffeine, ephedrine and aspirin -- for the doctor, who later said it had helped his problem.

Judge Michael Pastor also reviewed data gleaned from Murray’s iPhone. Screen shots of the doctor’s e-mail inbox show he and others involved with Jackson’s planned comeback concert series were discussing the singer’s health in the hours before he died.

In one e-mail displayed in court, a London insurance broker trying to secure a policy in case of cancellation asked Murray to provide details about the singer’s care and to respond to media allegations that Jackson suffered from lupus, cancer and other ailments.

The doctor e-mailed back that he did not have authorization to share the information, but wrote, “As far as the statements of his health published by the press, let me say they are all fallacious to the best of my knowledge.”


Dr. Conrad Murray's private life in the spotlight

Paparazzi, fans hampered paramedics from getting stricken pop star to hospital

Conrad Murray texted, used cellphone when he should have been monitoring pop star

-- Harriet Ryan at L.A. County Superior Court

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It's hard to believe that this drug is 'controlled' by the government and a single doctor can order of 250 vials without raising suspicion. Sounds like the same approach the MMS took when approving the operations of the Deepwater Horizon rig.

this is why pharm companies are only supposed to ship to the address on the DEA license! The supplier might be in hot water with the state pharmacy board for this, as well they should be.

Did anyone find the empty viles and fingerprint them to see if any of this was "self-administered " by M.J. himself ?

i am confused! People have been saying at first that Michael Jackson commited suicide. Then now they are saying Michael Jackson didn't kill himself. Now they are onto the doctor. This is so confusing!!!

No one orders 255 vials unless they plan on killing the guy!

The authorities are incorrect in prosecuting Dr Murray for involuntary manslaughter. I am surprised that everyone is so blind. He needs to be tried for second degree murder. Why? Because he deliberately murdered Michael Jackson because the Jackson's had destroyed his life and business. They had agreed to pay him a very luctative salary on a monthly basas which they never did.So he got back at them the only way he could.He sacrificed his business and his life to take care of Michael Jackson and they destroyed him both personally and financially.I think the involved parties should look into how much money the Jacksons were behind in payments to Dr Murray

A busy surgery center can go through 250 vials in a day, all ordered by a single doctor. Murray's order raised no flags because there were none.

Doctors are not bound to a single facility; restricting medication shipment to a single DEA address would destroy physcian flexibility and availablity....or do you want every doctor to have 10 DEA licenses as routine?

Prosecutors playing "doctor" is bad medicine. And it will make for very bad law. But who said justice is about truth? It is about the DA getting the headlines and the leeches getting the money.

RIP Michael.

A boutique pharmacy? Hmmm... sounds very Hollywood.

COMMENTERS Seem to Have some Good insights. Conrad Murray may have made up RX from another doctor, maybe even one of past Michael Jackson Physicians. Unknownly Pharmacist sold retail under deception of Conrad Murray. Even Retail Pharmacy takes Address of Patient, when RX is Presented. So do Licensing authority demand sales directly to address on license, NO Other.

Conrad Murray may be smooth, yet, Vengence Is Obviousd, ANY Doctor, Physician or Office health would assult Non Paying Patient, Securing Michael Jackson Bedroom over months may have lead to Cell Phone calls to Accomplice or lookout. however, Conrad MURRAY May be Extortionist Crime Gang & NO AMA Medical Doctor At All. THUG Is Polite Word. Entire Method Conrad Murray Practices Is Intent on Consequence Free Homicide 1 Enviorment, set Up Step by Step over Time.
Firt Degree Murder: Intentional Malpractice of CareGiver. Thru False Credentials.One Patient Whom Dies as Result of Care, IsNOT Proof of Medical Competence.
Shot From Back, in one sense seems as victims are supposed to "believe" docter knew ?best. Rubbish of Practioner, At Best.


This medication is used specifically to induct and maintain anesthesia/sedation for surgical or true intensive care purposes. This is NOT and NEVER to be used as a sleep aid. It matters not who you are or being a chronic insomniac... This doctor so deserves to lose his medical license. Period!!

Jackson hired this doctor to protect him and monitor him. From everything I have read if Murray had really been monitoring Jackson and had pulled the iv as soon as Jackson begin having trouble he would have revived, because propofol leaves the body quickly.

From what I read it was AEG that was supposed to pay Murray, not Jackson.

one word: IDIOT.

Just imagine injecting putting someone under with the anesthetic that preps you for surgery - FOR RECREATION!!! Imagine this drug being sold outside of use at a hospital or clinic . . . Do they even use it for plastic surgery or dental work? I don't think so.

$150,000/month quack.

I want to know what part AEG played in this, there is no way they did not know that something underhanded was going on. Murray may even have been following Phillip's orders. Why else was there a meeting held a few days before MJ's death where Murray dressed down Kenny O. telling him not to send MJ home from rehearsal when he was clearly sick? Why was Phillips was also at the meeting? There is something here that does not add up.

Reporters for the LA Times need to do their job and get to the bottom of what really happened here.


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