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Michael Jackson hearing: Family members weep as more details emerge on pop star's death

Michael Jackson's brother Jackie and their mother, Katherine, arrive at the Criminal Courts Building in downtown Los Angeles for an involuntary manslaughter hearing for the pop star's personal physician.

With Michael Jackson lying lifeless in a bed, his doctor ordered a security guard to remove an IV bag of medication resembling the anesthetic blamed in the pop star’s death before calling for an ambulance, the guard testified Wednesday.

Alberto Alvarez told a Superior Court judge deciding whether there is enough evidence to try Dr. Conrad Murray for involuntary manslaughter that the physician first told him the singer needed an ambulance urgently, but then instructed him to gather up medical vials and an IV bag in larger bags.

“I noticed that inside (the IV bag), there was like a bottle ... and then I noticed that at the bottom of the bag there was a milk-like substance,” Alvarez testified. The surgical anesthetic propofol –- which the coroner said caused Jackson’s death -- is a white liquid administered intravenously.

Murray, 57, acknowledged giving the singer propofol as a sleep aid in an interview with police, authorities have said.

Testifying on the second day of the preliminary hearing, Alvarez offered the closest view yet of Murray’s behavior after Jackson stopped breathing in a bedroom of his rented Holmby Hills mansion.

The first security guard on the scene, Alvarez said that when he arrived in the bedroom, Murray was doing chest compressions on Jackson in the bed with one hand.

“He said, ‘We need to get him a hospital. We need to get an ambulance,’” Alvarez quoted Murray as telling him.

He said that when he asked Murray what had happened, the doctor said Jackson “had a bad reaction.”

But soon after that, Murray grabbed a handful of medical vials from Jackson’s nightstand and told Alvarez to place them in a bag, the guard testified. He repeated the instruction for the IV bag containing the white substance, but did not tell him to remove another IV bag, he said.

Only then, Alvarez testified, did the doctor order him to call for an ambulance.

Paramedics and emergency room doctors are expected to testify later in the hearing that Murray concealed his use of propofol from them as they worked to save Jackson’s life.

Prosecutors have said other medical experts will testify that Murray did not have proper monitoring equipment for administering propofol, a drug that can suppress the respiratory system.

Alvarez said he did not see any heart or blood pressure monitors in the room, but Murray clipped a monitoring device to Jackson’s finger after paramedics were called.

Deputy Dist. Atty. David Walgren played the 911 call for Judge Michael Pastor.

When Alvarez told the emergency operator that the stricken man’s personal physician was there, the operator expressed surprise.

“Oh, you have a doctor there?” the operator said, adding the doctor would be the “higher authority.”

Alvarez said before they arrived, Murray asked him and another security guard if they knew how to perform CPR. Prosecutors have said Murray was doing it incorrectly by using one hand and on a soft mattress.

Alvarez said the 911 operator told them to move Jackson to the floor to administer CPR. There, Alvarez said, he did chest compressions while Murray gave the singer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

“After the second time, he gave a breath, he came up and said, 'You know, this is the first time I give mouth to mouth, but I have to do it, he’s my friend,'" Alvarez said.

In the spectator’s gallery, Janet Jackson, the singer’s sister, shook her head and held the bridge of her nose with her fingers. Jackson family members and friends filled an entire row in the courtroom for the dramatic testimony.

His mother, Katherine, dabbed away tears as Alvarez recalled Jackson’s daughter, Paris, rushing into the bedroom where her father lay stricken and screaming, “Daddy!”

Alvarez, his own voice choking with emotion, recalled Murray shouting, “Get them out! Get them out! Don’t let them see their father like this.”

The cardiologist, who was tending to Jackson during a comeback attempt, has pleaded not guilty and said through his lawyers that he did nothing that should have caused Jackson’s death.

Under cross-examination, Alvarez acknowledged he had not told police in two initial interviews that Murray had ordered him to remove potential evidence.

“You didn’t think it was suspicious?” asked defense lawyer Ed Chernoff.

“Apparently not, sir,” Alvarez said.

“You thought he was packing up to go to the hospital, right?” the lawyer asked.

“Yes, sir,” Alvarez replied.

Chernoff also questioned Alvarez about his relationship with the Jackson family, which briefly employed him as a guard for the late singer’s children, and his discussions with other Jackson staffers, with whom he shares an attorney.

Alvarez acknowledged that he had refused to speak to a defense investigator who had sought to interview him, but that in a police interview he had said he might sell his story to the media at a later date.


Security guard says Dr. Conrad Murray told him to grab evidence before calling 911

Security guard describes frantic efforts to revive dying pop star

Choroegrapher: Michael Jackson too weak to perform days before death

-- Harriet Ryan and Victoria Kim at L.A. County Superior Court

Photos: ( Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times ) Michael Jackson's brother Jackie and their mother, Katherine, arrive at the Criminal Courts Building in downtown Los Angeles for an involuntary manslaughter hearing for the pop star's personal physician.

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michael was already dead at about 4am and the days before michael died he is already spoon fed and complaining his body is half cold and half hot...why did murray did not rush michael to the hospital upon hearing this complain?????????

more blogs about michael www.blogger.com wiseena profile

Because Michael was detox\ing . Murray was trying to get him off propofol. MJ was a hopeless junkie. His drug addiction and fondness for bedding down with boys cost him his fortune. At least he felt euphoric as he passed, probably dreaming of young boys.


This is just so sad...all of it. And even the bodyguards genuineness need to be questioned. The more time goes on, the more I feel that Michael Jackson had no true, devoted friends around him.

Because your stupid doctor and failed to save MJ: (

The time has come, doctor...

Where in the world do people get information from? Jackson was on stage rehearsing in the days before he died. According to Kenny Ortega, who was actually there, the last two rehearsals were fantastic and Jackson looked like the "old Jackson". He was not spoon fed, he was not complaining about being half cold and half hot, he was by all accounts of the people who were there in good shape.

M J is laughting because he knows he has pulled of the perfect hoax . His mother dosen't know how she feels, but she hates what her grandchildren are having to go through. God bless you M J . I know you are missing being with your children ,but for the greater of good it had to be done.M J you truley deserve all the happiness this old world can give. I pray for you and family daily.

So the security guard said he "might sell his story to the media at a later date" in lieu of cooperating fully with the police? Damn, that says a lot about him. Just out for a buck at the expense of doing what's right. What a selfish and self-serving gold digger.

He should hang!


Ortega testified that a few days prior to his death Michael was sent home by Ortega because he was cold and didn't feel well. The following day they had a meeting at Michael's house and the Dr. was upset because Ortega sent Michael home instead of having him rehearse. He was upset because "HE" was the Dr. Days later Michael recovered and Ortega said he had the best two rehearsal's the two days prior to his passing.

Laura.. stop being slandering a dead man.

Laura, You don't know the man or what truly happened in his life--you join the ranks of people who believe they can righteously judge, slander and convict a person based on accusations.


I really feel sorry for you, and how grossly misinformed and misguided your hatred is. The media treated his trial so poorly, only printing the prosecution's testimony but completely ignored the defense, where it was shown clear as day that the defense barely had a case to stand on. It was ALL lies. The mother was a gold-digger, saw MJ as an easy target, and was trying to get millions of dollars out of him like that first kid did in '93, which in itself is suspect.

If you KNOW someone molested your child, would you take a "bribe" so that person would walk free & do it to other kids? Of course not! But this man KNEW MJ was innocent, but used his own son to extort Michael, who was guilty of nothing beyond being genuinely caring for children & their wellbeing. So of course when Michael's lawyers advised him to settle out of court, the dad took it happily. That's all he wanted. He won. And Michael's reputation was permanently & wrongfully scarred.

Michael Jackson never hurt a child in his life. He was kind-hearted to a fault and wore his heart on his sleeve, and all he got in response were backstabbers and gold-diggers. If he WAS a drug-addict, he was driven to it to cope with the entire world viewing him as a Monster and a Freak.

While Murray dealt the final blow & put Michael in his grave, there are many, MANY people who helped put the nails in his coffin. The news media who cared more about getting juicy headlines to sell papers, and the countless sheep who bought into the madness without bothering to wonder why they weren't getting the whole story.

You're a sheep, Laura. And I pity you.


please tell me you are not a mother. Your example is frightening. Your comments are so vile, so uncalled for that if I knew you, I would be ashamed of that fact.

Michael Jackson was a loving and beloved father, an adored son, brother and inspiration to millions of people all over the world. Harming children was not something he was capable of doing. It makes me ill that a presumably respected newspaper like the LA Times would lower themselves to print such ugly and unfounded comments as yours but refuse to print my initial comments.

Yes, this is my second attempt to let you know under no uncertain terms that you are completely off base in your accusations.

Laura, I hope you have your facts straight because Michael Jackson did so many charity events for children, visited dying children in the hospital and basically loved them and did whatever he could to help them. His own daughter Paris said at his funeral that alot of people were saying bad things about her daddy and she just wanted evryone to know that he was a good daddy that loved and took care of them. His cook varified this on tv. Mcauley Culkin stated that he visited MJ's house when he was little and filming Home Alone and that they had a blast and he was never molested. The only people that accused him were people who had been coerced by their parents for an obscene amount of money to pay medical bills that they could not afford.All of these people happened to have cancer as well. Get your facts straight. How can you judge someone based on the lying media our country has who will say anything for a story. Mj has other superstars that validate he was no child molester. Give me a break and look at the mans life. He was just an adult who was still a kid at heart because he never got to be a child when he was one. Thanks to his horrible father who beat his children. Got rich off his own children. What a loser Joe is.

Laura - Your statements are untrue and I wonder where you are sourcing your information? It is obvious that whatever the source it is incorrect, I suggest you take a while to read the real facts or ask someone to read them for you.
The facts are as follows:
1. People vs. Jackson (full case name: 1133603: The People of the State of California v. Michael Joseph Jackson). On June 13, 2005, the jury found Jackson not guilty on all charges. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People_v._Jackson
2. The Autopsy report shows
"The mannor of death is hommicide".
Michael Jackson Autopsy Report

False accusations such as your statement above show no regard or respect for either the dead or thier living relatvies, perhaps it would be wiser if you should consider both before making such comments in the future?

This is a personal response to Laura. Michael Jackson was not a junkie nor a pedophile. You make yourself look stupid when you spew ignorant words from your mouth. Michael Jackson might have had a dependence to prescription pain medications because he was, after all, a victim of chronic pain, thanks in part to major corporations like Pepsi Cola. he also had chronic medical conditions of which it would be a major waste of time listing for you. However, unlike a street junkie, he only took meds prescribed for his conditions by his doctors. If he was over prescribed, then blame the medical professions for that. He was never a drug addict. As far as pedophilia goes, it has been proven over and over that Michael did not abuse ANY children, boys or girls. People who continue to thrive on still perpetuating that lie should probably look into their own closets and deal with their own delusions and get some help. Apparently your mind in inundated with thoughts of this yourselves. See somebody please and leave Michael Jackson out of it.

I believe Murray was negligent but no more negligent than the Jackson family and the people who surrounded MJ and allowed the destructive behavior that ruined Michael Jackson for the last 25 years. Mrs Jackson's tears do not move me. She cared little about her son and the dozens of boys he entertained in his bedroom for years at the Encino compound. .

Murray is a piece of poo, ever notice how many immoral people MJ surrounded himself with. As the old sayings go, Birds of a feather flock together or like attracts like.

Why did they or you have to say janet touched the bridge of her NOSE, pyschology is here at work manifesting itself in a indirect way of it's statement, so I guess I will too-Merlin Santana, tupac shakur, barry white, diana ross, etc.

Now you try and firgure it out.

I remember the day Michael died. It was the day after my 50th birthday. I grew up with his music and beautiful dance moves. Everything he did was for good of the planet and mankind. He did it all with love, but unfortunately he was not treated the same way. He was just a human being with the same feelings, same physical pain with lupus and accidents and many other human beings. The only difference was God gave us the gift of Michael to remind us to love one another and forgive our trespasses. Who are any of us to judge? I believe there is a higher power that will do the judging. Take a look at your own families, are they perfect? I am a fifth grade teacher in the state of California. I talk about Michael and spread his message of love and tolerance. Yes, believe it or not, that is a teachers job too. We have so many children who are not loved and who have learned not to be tolerant, that my friends is why we have a bullying problem and violence in this world. Remember while you are putting down someone else, you are bullying as well! Michael has a great supportive family. His children will be loved and will survive because of the love they shared with their father and his family. I am an adopted child and know this to be true! Peace Bev


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