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Michael Jackson hearing: Conrad Murray texted, used cellphone when he should have been monitoring pop star, prosecutors say

Dr. Conrad Murray was talking on the phone and texting during the period authorities say he should have been closely monitoring Michael Jackson’s vital signs, according to records prosecutors displayed in court Thursday.

In the approximately five hours before Murray discovered that his famous patient had stopped breathing, he had 11 phone conversations on two different phones. A trio of back-to-back calls lasting 45 minutes led directly to the moment when prosecutors say the physician realized Jackson was in cardiac arrest.

The records were presented on the third day of a Superior Court hearing to determine whether prosecutors have enough evidence to try Murray for involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s June 25, 2009 death.

Prosecutors have accused him of an “extreme deviation” from the standard of medical care by, among other things, administering the surgical anesthetic propofol without proper monitoring. There are no witnesses to the treatment Murray provided Jackson nightly because the singer did not permit employees upstairs in his mansion, but a prosecutor said in his opening statement that the phone records are circumstantial evidence that he was distracted and not paying attention to the singer.

According to testimony from a phone company representative, Murray sent or received five text messages on his iPhone in this period. His phone conversations on that phone and a Sprint cellphone included calls with his practice in Las Vegas, a clinic he runs in Houston, an employee and another doctor. All told, he spent close to an hour and a half on the phone in the five-hour period.

The records also show the frantic call Murray, 57, placed to Jackson’s personal assistant after he found the performer lifeless in the bed and a two-minute call with his girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez, apparently made while Murray was riding in the back of an ambulance with his patient.

He also sent two text messages just within a minute or two of the time when prosecutors believe he saw Jackson was stricken. Harry Daliwal, an AT&T area manager, testified that it is possible to recover the contents of text messages, but that he does not know how to do so.


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-- Harriet Ryan

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The phone evidence must be fabricated; there is no way to have a 45 minute conversation on AT&T's network with the iPhone, since most calls are dropped around 10 minutes.

Ummm...yeah, the content of the text messages might be kind of important don't ya think? Say, Sheriff Andy, ya might want to send Barney to retrieve that info eh? (insert Deliverance banjo duel music here)

"Murder most foul, as in the best it is;
But this most foul, strange and unnatural."

--Hamlet Act 1, Scene 5 by William Shakespeare

Dr. Murray was being paid darn good money to monitor and take care of Michael's health needs. Making phone calls and texting during the time when he was supposed to be on duty are not acceptable for any reason and are irresponsible especially when you consider the powerful and dangerous drugs that were being used and how they were being administered. I just hope that all of the truth will come out and that people will step up to the plate, show character to do the right thing, take responsibility, and that justice will prevail. I have my doubts however....only time will tell.

doctor clown actor?


What is this conspiracy theory?

People are leaving out the fact that MJ was an addict who paid a Dr. to dispense his drug of choice. Yes, possibly manslaughter , but not murder

If anything, this doc was motivated by greed and Michaels' need for drugs.

This irresponsible doctor is toast, I hope. He should never touch another living human being , ever again. It's just sickening.

Who Cares; The doc dident do it.....

Dr. Murray can now be called, Dr. Toast.

Some of the commenters need to gain some sense. MJ didn't die a drug addict. None of the medicine in his body was addictive neither was Propofol, which Murray admitted to giving. All MJ wanted was to sleep. People need to stop making it seem like MJ was some crazy drug addicted who would pay anything to get drugs.

Dr. Murray was hired to help MJ. Murray did so many wrong and illegal things. Everytime he gave MJ Propofol he was taking a risk and he knew it. Four years is not enough. He is a doctor he's suppose to know not to do CPR on the bed, he should have immediately called 911, he never should have been treating MJ with Propofol in the first place, he lied to the police and paramedics, he didn't watch MJ properly, he didn't have the right equpment, etc.

Even if MJ asked/ begged for the Propofol Murray should have said, "No." But he was so money hungry, he didn't care. He's a doctor.

Dr. Conrad Murray should of known better but I say this give that man a Medal for killing a Monster!!

MJ was an addict, addiction kills.

Dr. Murray is on the same level as Anna Nicole's boyfriend. They both enabled drug addicts who were rich and famous. People get so starstruck they give drugs to these people when they wouldn't do the same for some regular person.

MJ was not a drug addict. His autospy reports confirm that, read it for yourself so you are informed before you speak about it. He only had the drugs the dr gave him in his system/liver. The liver will retain drug traces from past drug use if any and there was none. his previous drs prescribed medications for him that he either did not take or only took a few doses. mj had health issues which he like most of us wanted to keep private. read the autospy report for yourself. Just goggle it.

I believe this doctor should go to jail the rest of his life or atleast much more than four years which is what they are talking about giving him. He was unprofessional in his care of a patient who was paying him well and did not monitor Michael correctly. Michael had 3 beautiful childfren that he loved dearly. He was fixing to go on his This is It tour. He was not thinking about killing himself. He does not ever need to practice medicine again. This is an outrage. The greatest entertainer of all time is dead because of this mans negligence.

What a bunch of ignorant commenters here.

To the one saying the phone evidence is fabricated because calls get drops after 10 min. It's the totals of several calls totalling 1 1/2 hour. Idiot!

And to the other ignorants still thinking MJ died a drug addict: STOP getting your info from the medialoids and do some real research. The autopsy report is PUBLIC and reveals MJ's organs were healhty and the ONLY drugs in his body were the sedatives Murray gave him and ressucitating drugs by medics and other doctors.

MJ was not trying to kill himself. I am so tired of hearing this. This doctor was neglicient and needs to pay. Mj was fixing to go on his world tour for This Is It.

This clown shouldn't go to prison because Jackson was an adult and knew what he was doing...

However, he should have his licensed revoked permanently by the AMA...

After only a few days of testimony, it has already become obvious that the charge of Involuntary Manslaughter against Conrad Murray is too light for the severity of the crime; Murray is the doctor charged with causing Michael Jackson’s death. Michael Jackson fans and supporters are mobilizing to urge the District Attorney prosecuting the case to increase the charges to Murder 2. Fans request that Steve Cooley, L.A. District Attorney, David Walgren, L.A. Deputy District Attorney, and the presiding Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor, elevate the charges against Murray to the more appropriate Murder 2. Given testimony to-date, it is also urged that the charges be added of: concealment of accidental death; reckless endangerment; reckless conduct; conspiracy; obstruction of justice, and any additional charges that may result from testimony in the preliminary hearing.

Second-degree murder is ordinarily defined as "1) an intentional killing that is not premeditated or planned, nor committed in a reasonable "heat of passion" or 2) a killing caused by dangerous conduct and the offender's obvious lack of concern for human life". http://criminal.find...ond_degree.html

Already, testimony indicates that Michael Jackson had been dead for some time before Murray finally called 911. Testimony reveals that Murray, a cardiologist, did not know how to perform CPR; he had no cardiac rescue equipment available, despite having given Jackson a dangerous anesthetic intended only to be used in hospital operating rooms and clinics. Further, Murray neglected to tell paramedics what drugs Jackson had been given, and according to testimony, his primary concern seemed to be concealing medical apparatus and medications, instead of helping Michael Jackson. These and other factors point much more to Murder 2, than to Involuntary Manslaughter.

The preliminary hearing has just begun, and is expected to run for two weeks, yet testimony already indicates that Murray displayed “an obvious lack of concern for human life.” Fans, supporters, and those interested in fairness in the American justice system are organizing for action to have Murray held fully accountable for robbing the world of Michael Jackson, a father of three children, and a cultural and entertainment icon. Petitions are planned, as are internet calls to action, and print-advertisements. The power of these united voices should not be discounted.


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