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Michael Jackson case: Dr. Conrad Murray pleads not guilty [Updated]

Conrad.murray Michael Jackson’s personal physician described himself as “an innocent man” during a Los Angeles Superior Court hearing Tuesday in which a judge set a March date for his trial in the pop star’s death.

Click here for an interactive timeline on Dr. Conrad Murray Asked how he pleaded to the charge of involuntary manslaughter, Dr. Conrad Murray began, “Your honor, I am an innocent man -- "

“What’s your plea?” Judge Michael Pastor interrupted.

“Therefore, I plead not guilty,” Murray said.

The physician, who faces a maximum of four years in prison, surprised the judge by invoking his right to a speedy trial, meaning the case would have to begin by March 28.

Pastor remarked on the rarity of a defendant invoking his speedy-trial right but set jury selection for March 28. The judge said his “inclination” was to allow television coverage of the trial, which the defense said was likely to last two months.

Jackson died June 25, 2009, from an overdose of the surgical anesthetic propofol, which Murray told police he had been using to treat the singer’s chronic insomnia.

Murray’s attorneys said at a preliminary hearing earlier this month that there was evidence Jackson injected or drank a fatal amount of the drug when the physician wasn’t looking.

[For the record, 9:49 a.m.: A previous version of this post incorrectly stated the case would have to begin by March 2 for Murray to receive his right to a speedy trial.]

[For the record, 10:15 a.m.: An earlier version of this post incorrectly reported the date of Jackson's death as June 29, 2009.]


Coroner says Jackson's drug dose amounted to 'homicide'

Conrad Murray ordered to stand trial in Michael Jackson's death

Doctor for Michael Jackson expected to plead not guilty in pop star's death

-- Harriet Ryan at L.A. Superior Court

Photo: Dr. Conrad Murray, right, appears in Los Angeles Superior Court where he entered a not guilty plea. Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

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Murray's attorneys "said" there was evidence the victim self administered or self ingested??? How about the sworn testimony by medical experts that it is irrelevant whether or not the victim self administered/ingested? Care to report that? How about the common knowledge that patients under IV sedation have every right to expect medical personnel to keep them safe while under anesthesia? Why do you print such garbage you know is false?

An anesthesiologist said outside the court room today that he didn't care if Santa Claus came down the chimney and administered the drug, Murray is still 100% responsible for monitoring and resuscitating his patient at ALL times.

How about the inexcusable time lapse while Murray was "looking for the bathroom" (his testimony) and calling all over the universe!

Really first he give Jackson a dose of something, then a second and maybe even a third, Jackson is probably in distress at this time, and the doctor decides to use the toilet, but Jackson comes out of what ever he is understand with a needle sticking out of him and decides to drink it instead, yea right i don't know who in their right mind is going to believe that. Michael you will get justices. R.I.P.

Is he going to get out of this with no jail time at all?? Not a chance.

When did we give up on holding people accountable for their actions? Jackson knew the risk ke was taking with propofol - to argue otherwise is rediculous. What is to say the good Doctor would've been successful at resuscitation? No excuse for the Doctor. His financial mess led him down this poor path, which is what this gig was. Now we're wasting our money (I do pay taxes). I see no sense in sending this guy to jail.

The manufacturer of this drug clearly states that it is for use in a clinical atmosphere and is contraindicated (may act adveresly) with other drugs given for sleep or depression. Constant monitoring of a patient under the influence of Propofol is required because it causes cardiac depression at higher doses! So, how does Murray feel he's not responsible again???????

Murray showed clearly he didn't care about Michael's health over a long period of time and he didn't take care of Michael that terrible night. He was desperately interested in hiding evidence and calling all those monsters around than taking care of his patient, of our beloved Michael. What about his kids? He forgot Michael's kids were in the same house? He is facing only 4 years in prison, for killing a person, or worst, letting someone die? This is a nightmare, the worst of all. I can't still believe Michael is gone and I can not believe this guy. Nothing of this should be happening

I hope he doesn't get off totally free, but I'm afraid there is a chance, because they only have to establish reasonable doubt. And there will be a jury panel, so...

Michael Jackson was a drug addict and hired a bad doctor, it was only a matter of time before this happened.

There will so much smoke, the truth will be impossible to recognize. Get ready for "O.J. II The Sequel".

"I am an innocent man"....wow...now did Murray go out eat and then to the mall after this?
Does he realize that he killed Michael Jackson....a human
being, a father, brother, son, superstar, and humanitaritan?

if you're under a doctors care, the doctor is "responsible" so put him away!!!

Michael you should of been taking care of yourself and none of this would of happened. Let this be a lesson to others who want to use Propofol to cure their insomnia. That's what happens when you have to much money you do things poor people can't do.

According to Murray, he administered the Propofol at 10:45a and went to the bathroom at 11:00a. He was gone "2 minutes" and came back (11:02a?) to find MJ "not breathing". Then he made a series of phone calls from 11:15a to 11:51a and called paramedics at 12:21p which wld be 1 hour and 19 minutes after he found his patient in respiratory arrest. Hmmmm! Now that's the kind of medical care we should all aspire (expire) to. He's guilty as sin and he knows it! And so does anyone else who can read, think and do basic math.

From the L.A. Daily News today:" Attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr., who represented Jackson in his child molestation trial six years ago, said of Murray: "I can't be objective in this case. While I respect that defense lawyers have to do their job, I firmly believe he's guilty." EXACTLY....

Let the guy have his day in court. The comments in here may all be true but the guy has to be convicted in court not just on what was reported in the news. I hope you all are not on his jury. I'm usually not defending the LA Times reporting but this report is about as non-bias as you get. Let the prosecution present their case and then let the defense present theirs.

1. A man buys a ton of a drug that needs to under hospital supervision when administered. 2. He gives to his patient when no one else is in the room. 3. Leaves the patient alone while on the drug. 4. Patient dies while under his care.
Why would anyone think he was responsible?????
4yrs is not enough.

this should be a malpractice case, not murder.

I've worked in the emergency department for 8 years as an RN. We give patients propofol when reducing fractures, dislocations, cardioverting, etc... In EVERY instance there is an RN, a Physician, and a respiratory therapist at the bedside until the patient is alert. We have suction equipment, airway equipment, and monitors on the pt while administering. This clown had none of the above. For those that don't know anything about propofol, it is short lived. If the patient stops breathing and you have the proper airway tools, you breath for the patient while the meds wear (length of time is dose dependent. Had this guy had the right resuscitation equipment and knew how to intervene, Michael Jackson would still be the King of Pop and not moonwalking in some casket. I saw an initial report where they listed versed, ativan, and valium in MJ's toxicology report. This physician demonstrated a very cavalier attitude toward chemicals that can cause respiratory depression, failure... and lead to death. How could anyone doubt that he was negligent?

This fellow saved countless young boys from harm, why is he being persecuted?

Posted by: Dave | January 25, 2011 at 11:26 AM

Last time I checked...Michael Jackson was found innocent by a jury of his peers...time to move on Dave!

m.jackson is the one fully responsible!.truth hurts because so many people loved him...but in reality they did not love him,they loved his MUSIC! his music was a gift from GOD. all of his talents were not his.what was his was his choices in life. he choose to be a life long junkie! he choose to be a child molester! he choose to hang a baby out of an upstairs window...the law has double standards and money would not allow him to be held accountable! the doctors fault was taking the job for the money.jackson knew and didnt care about the risk.he didnt do the homework and finding who was really dedicated and knowledgeable to administer this drug.i believe jackson in his greed, woke up and took more. the doctor is not responsible for that!jackson like so many other addicts cant get enough of drugs and this is his legacy he leaves behind! he is a disgrace to do this to those children.he was a very selfish person not to take them in consideration! but then junkies dont.they dont care about others, they only put on a good front,everything else is phony..he alone is guilty.the doctor should never get his license back and she should get a slap on the wrist and pick up his life.
m.jackson should not be allowed to distroy the doctor's life from the grave.it was a disgrace for all of the those people world wide to hit the streets and pay that much tribute to a mortal man when the same people do not go the extra mile to pay that much homage to the Lord who created them!

He killed a Child Molester!! Thats not a crime!!! Thats helping the police

Can he serve his time with Carona? Sounds like a real nice place.

There is no way that this 'Dr' is going to get off. Somebody has to pay and he is it.

He's every drug addicts dream doc.

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