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Manson follower Patricia Krenwinkel denied parole

Manson followers

Patricia Krenwinkel, who joined Charles Manson's clan in a string of grisly killings more than 40 years ago, was denied parole Thursday.

Krenwinkel, 63, was convicted on seven counts of first-degree murder for her role in the Tate-LaBianca murders that terrorized Los Angeles in 1969.

Among the victims was actress Sharon Tate, who was married to director Roman Polanski. Tate was stabbed 16 times and hanged. She was seven months pregnant. Patricia Krenwinkel

The parole hearing was held at the women's state prison in Corona, where Krenwinkel is serving a life sentence. It was Krenwinkel's 13th appearance before the Board of Parole Hearings.

She will be up for her next parole review in seven years, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.


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-- Robert J. Lopez

Photos: (top) Manson followers Patricia Krenwinkel, left, Susan Atkins and Leslie Van Houten at court on Feb. 11, 1971. Credit: Associated Press.

(bottom) Krenwinkel in state prison. Credit: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

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JTP has it right , we should show her the same amount and degree of mercy she showed her victims.

Patricia Krenwinkle was denied parole for a mass murder spree. The crime frightened folks, made them get guns, even flee. Imprisoned for life in 1971, she wanted her freedom, consideration, maybe a beer. Sharon Tate wanted to continue her acting career, have her baby boy, raise a family and , like the other murder victims of Charles Manson and his murderous band who perished at their hand in 1969, live life long and fine. Krenwinkel did and was conivcted of the crime and must continue her Corona State Prison time. Be punished as the court stated, until she ends up in a grave or cremated. Like her confederate in murder Susan Atkins, Krenwinkel must pay for her sins. In Heaven, Manson victim Gary Hinman plays a tune. That each of the Manson murderer never get out of prison no time soon.

Charles Manson should be granted parole before Krenwinkel, and there's no way that mofo should get out of Corcoran.

Bye bye Patty!

Life means Life...Period.

"The day Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten, Charles Watson, and Charles Manson should be allowed to walk out of prison is the day Steven Parent, Sharon Tate, Wojciech Frykowski, Abigail Folger, Jay Sebring, Leno LaBianca, and Rosemary LaBianca can walk away from their graves.
Posted by: JTP | January 20, 2011 at 10:57 PM"

I think another name should be added to the list of those who can never walk away from their graves: Sharon Tate's unborn son, Paul Roman Polanski, who was just days away from entering the world. He shares his grave with his mother.

I don't feel sorry for her. She should have thought about what she did before her and that idiot Manson killed all those people. Sharon Tate was pregnant and they killed her and hung her. Give her the death penalty along Manson. Why should these killers get any prison time? Death is their punishment.

Shame on her, Sharon Tate and her baby paul never had a chance. She begged not to be killed and still was stabbed to death several times in her stomach. How sad is that. Im proud of American board NOT TO RELEASE ANY OF THE BARBARIC KILLERS. Im an American and remember that horrid day. Unknown to many; also killed, was Steve McQueen's hair stylist and that day, Steve was to attend the small party. Had a pretty girl, not changed his plans, he too would have been killed. Thank God for pretty ladies with an admiration for Steve.

If there were justice in this case, Ms. Krenwinkel would have conducted electricity many years ago. The state has done her a tremendous favor. She has remained out of hell for 42+ years. I would happily pull the switch.

Jorge: I have so many problems with Governor Jerry Brown and his Governorship fromt he 1970's and early 80's. HE was probably one of the worst there was to ever come around. I was shocked he won again. Yes Rose Bird was an idiot and had no buisness being in or near a court room much less being a judge. However, it wasn't Governor Brown or Judge Bird that overturned her conviction it was a US Suprme Court decision in 1972 that did. I thought it was a miscarriage of justice but we need to put the blame where it belongs.

I can understand the anger and frustration of the thought of Manson or his followers getting out. But, lets not let the emotion and fervor get in way of the facts on why they did not get the death penalty. It had nothing to do with Rose Bird. In Feb. 1972 the California Supreme Court, led by then governor Ronald Reagans personal choice for Chief Justice, Donald Wright led the effort and wrote the majority decision abolishing the death penalty in California. This was a good 3 years before Rose Bird ever came to the court.

She is serving LIFE. Life ends when you die. Enough said.

Jailed for 40 years is quite a long time,seems that she was doing the positive change on herself not to get the parole board favours.If she was executed she would not have suffer as much as she did now with over 40 years in jail knowing that she is in any case will never be free like we.IN or OUT she still paid,perhaps even more if she's out and see what she have missed!It seems that her jail accommodation should not be anymore on the tax payer money.On the victims family's side i wish that i would never have to sustain myself a continuous,unfaded feeling of revenge all life even so this crime was so horrific and nothing can change what was done! Would have been better that they went to the electric chair and we would not have to follow all this in the news anymore.I tough they where sentenced to be executed not to die in jail naturally?So in 7 years we back again in the news for this old story?I will put it to my agenda.

I am too young to have lived thru the Manson Murders. However, I have lived thru seeing atrocities that closely parrallel the chaos they caused. The murders, themselves, are similar to what we now see every day... and sometimes we see much worse. The reason we don't hear about it anymore is that that level of killing and that degree of mania is commonplace. A sad comment on our times.
Manson created fear during a time when it was OK to leave the windows and doors open, that gates unlatched and welcome almost anyone as as guest. We don't live in that world.
However, prisons are SUPPOSED to reform and rehabilitate... making the inmate aware of his/her crimes, teaching the incarcerated to be remorseful and produce a citizen that you can return to and integrate into society.
Krenwinkel and Van Houten have done that. Manson has not. Krenwinkel and Van Houten were teenagers/young adults when, during a permissive and drug laden era of our history, they fell into drugs and met up with a charismatic leader. We've seen it happen time and time again... Jim Jones, David Koresh... Manson didn'y remove his followers from an "evil society." He used them as pawns to try and destroy it. This horrid leader had his first round of victims (Van Houten, Atkins, Krenwinkel, Beausoliel, Watkins and the rest of the "Manson Family) commit atrocious acts of violent murder, killing many... Well beyond the Tate-LaBianca victims. The evils that happened came from the mind of Manson.
Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten have done everything, above and well beyond, that other murderers have done in prison. They are not a risk to society. If ANYTHING these two women could be some of the greatest ASSESTS we have showing others, especially young women the dangers of drugs and falling into the "charms" of a truly evil yet strikingly charismatic monster.
Manson is the monster in this picture. Those in his "Family" were victims, as well.

I'd like to point out the error in the above reporting - Sharon Tate was almost nine months pregnant at the time NOT seven....she literally had 10 days or so to go !

I really believe that she should be paroled. She has paid the price for her heinous crimes and was without question a victim of Manson.

I believe they have paid their time and should be let go. There are people who have committed as bad crimes and are free today. they are all in their 60s so I doubt they are harmful. If they were as crazed as the public portrays them they would be doing crazed things in prison. if they arent let them go free. They could possibly have grand children or great grand children why make the kids suffer? there are gun toteing thugs out here way more harmful than these older citizens who roam the streets daily. they are in every city but do i see any of you saying lock them up and it could be you or me tomorrow who gets a random bullet from a thug. worry more about they crazed thugs smoking their crack then these older people who probably cant bend over to pick up a gun anymore.

i hope she rots in jail for wat she did top thoughs people if it was my choice i wouldnt even give her a chance for parole like the state does its stupid all around.

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